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Post by Chris » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:11 am

Momaru wrote:Excellent show guys. I especially liked Chris's interview with the Funimation rep. It was very professional and he asked really good questions. I've heard his profession has something to do with journalism, and it definitely shows in this interview. What was that weird thumping noise in the background during the first segment though? It kind of sounded like someone taping a table over and over again.
Glad you liked the interview. I am a reporter by trade, so I guess I can't ever ask anyone questions and not be in reporter mode. As for that noise, there was some strange thing going on next door. I think it was an event with costumed barbarians. Seriously.
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Post by hawk of endymion » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:59 am

Chris wrote: As for that noise, there was some strange thing going on next door. I think it was an event with costumed barbarians. Seriously.
I think they were the same people who were banging stuff during the MAHQ panel.
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Worst Anime EVER!

Post by Kishiria » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:25 pm

A travesty called "Urda: Third Reich". Netflix has it. It was only 30 minutes so I rented it because I wondered if it lived up to its horrible, horrible reviews.

It did! It's all CG animation, badly done so that it looks like a mid-80s video game. Our protagonist is a former Nazi superwoman who has to battle the she-wolf who raised her. In the middle of this drops an American space shuttle from I think the mid-21st century. It ends up featuring big boobs as well as sweet, sweet loli for all the pedobears.

Just awful.
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Post by skyknight » Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:48 pm

Looks like a lot of fun happened down there in the South, while I was walking through sub-zero temperature up here in the Hockey State.

I personally have NEVER attended any kind of convention, either a Transformer, GI Joe, or anime, but I do hope to find the opportunity and time to attend one in the future.

Unfortunately a human mind can produce either masterpiece or cream of the crap, not limited to just anime, but TV's, movies, and novels.

And growing up in Taiwan, I actually got the chance to see many anime, good and bad, and some that never meant for pre-teens :)

M.D. Giest, YES, I saw both volume and man it is the crappiest anime you would ever see; there's boobs and blood, but the storyline and characters just kills this anime, no need to spend any second of your life on this anime. And there are plenty of bad ones that I just don't know the title.

I did see TF: Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory while in Taiwan, and yes the storyline was much more mature than the 80's TF; BUT Beast Wars was much better, though Beast Machines went into an unnecessary direction, and the Unicorn trilogy was just good, not great.

With regards to Code Geass, I did agree it was rude to spoil the ending for audience; as much I didn't like the direction/plot of R2 (which IMO, was getting close to being a car wrack), I do reserve the judgment for others to decide once they finish the series on their own. But you guys did bring out one thing that I didn't like about R2: the leap from ground-grunt battles into over-the-waters SUPER robot battles.

And yes I do think Patlabor is one of the most underrated mecha anime series, I saw that also in Taiwan, though it featured some adult humor that I didn't understand at the time. But it is definitely not for those seeking a HIGH-octane mecha series. Has the entire series been release on DVD for North America? Other underrated anime, how about sports anime, Slam Dunk (more realistic the Eyeshield 21) and Hajime no Ippo (what was the sales for NA DVD???), hey not a bad way to encourage people to know more about sports!

And thanks to Chris for the interview with the Funimation rep, as it was disheartening to see Genon and other various studios shut down in the last 2 years, they have been improving with their releases, and I do hope they can work it out with JP reps on continuing delivering great anime.

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Post by Kavik Ryx » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:06 pm

As with Kishiria and Urda, I had the misfortune of watching Mars of Destruction to see if it was as bad as everyone vehemently say it is. It turns out they were correct. It's 25 minutes that amount to nothing, and if I read correctly, little more than a glorified VN commercial. If the characters and fights were as bland as they were in the OVA, the visual novel can't be much better.

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