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Post by LightningCount » Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:34 am


Good job with 08th team, guys.

08th Team served as a good transition into UC after Wing when it was broadcast on CN's Toonami. I'd seen random episodes/parts of 0079, 0080, and 0083 (and read the Blue Destiny manga before), but this was the first UC anime series I saw from start to finish. I especially liked the way they cut the Miller's Report movie into the series on Toonami.

As for 08th Team's content, it's in my top 5 for Gundam series. (I think 0080 is ultimately the better UC OVA series, but this is a close second for that category). It's got an interesting cast. Sanders was my favorite; especially the first time he has to stand up to the Apsalus. I don't agree that the villains were boring, though. Even putting Norris aside, Yuri and Ginias have commanding screen presences for who they are. The series also has good, strong female characters like Aina and Karen (and Miller). The relationship between Aina and Shiro is indeed a little forced, but it still feels pretty genuine by the end. I think it was Soul Bro who brought up that war and/or being trapped in a near-death experience in space could cause the bonding to occur.

The Shiro-centric vs. team-centric at the end...Well, it could be a director thing like was said. On the other hand, the team is still involved for a little while in the Norris fight, draining him of ammo at least. And, sometimes it seems Norris sort of let Shiro win because of Aina...sort of. Plus, I think having the team out of the way in the end allowed for the Shiro/Aina conclusion to hit home with more resonance. (IE: the series starts with Shiro and Aina, and it ends with them). And the team running to find what happened to Shiro seals the deal.

The more down-to-earth atmosphere and jungle setting was interesting to see in Gundam, and it had superb animation to carry it out. 0080 and 0083 before it didn't look like they spared much expense when it came to animation budget, and 08th Team did a good job making itself feel like a modern day equivalent. The production values blend for these three OVA series, even though their styles vary, which I applaud. The sound score is also amazing–especially the song that plays during the Norris city duel! The plot with the Apsalus helped bring credibility to the whole idea of mobile armors, in that you kind of got the see this strange enemy weapons platform/project develop and change over the series.

I agree with your thought that it should have ended at episode 11, though. It left more to the imagination and concluded with a great 2-part fight. I've felt in the past this series has an uneven middle and has more slapstick mixed in than I'd like (w/ Eledore & Michel), but I didn't notice these things as much the second time through. However, the last time I watched it, the first episode's dialogue between Aina and Shiro did seem a little goofy. It's been a while since I've watched the whole thing, though. I'm due to see it again. You're right that it did a good job redesigning the 0079 tech. I love the Zeon water suits, so seeing a reduxed Acguy in there was a treat. The presentation of the GM Sniper was nice. Was there ever any use of GM Sniper 1 before this? I only recall GM Sniper II from 0080 and GM Sniper III from Rise from the Ashes on Dreamcast. Anyways, I wonder if this interpretation of a mecha sniper influenced Gundam Dynames (from 00).

I've never understood the whole EZ-8 thing. It seems like an upgrade, yet it's supposed to be a makeshift repair or something. Still, glad it was in there to add another defining visual element for the OVA.

I'd really like to see more UC OVAs like this in the future. Blue Destiny or Rise from the Ashes side-stories would be great to see animated...especially after the teaser that is the Journey to Jaburo's animated opening on PS2 (I think that's the game that has it). I really like Yu Kajima's team and their story.

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Post by Seraphic » Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:32 pm

Do you guys know I put on the last episode of Gurren Lagann every time I wash the dishes? It always takes about that long, and if anyone ever thinks I look teary, I'll just excuse myself saying I got soap in my eye. It's a strange tradition, but I really enjoy it. Chores have never been more epic. :P

(I also put on Karas: the Revelation for longer affairs.)

As for the show itself, it's not something that I was hyped into. I became interested because of its unusual title, and the topic for TTGL that used to thrive here back in the day. Granted, I never read a word of the thread, but knowing that the discussion wouldn't die made me curious. I was also spurred by all the GL humor showing up in the random image thread. I started watching the show not expecting/demanding the greatness that I heard, but I'll tell you, I got that sort of impression all on my own. I'm thinking of recommending the show to one of my professors who is a Physics Historian. Believe it or not, I think a person well-versed in physics can (better than most people) appreciate the giant break in physics that is Gurren Lagann. =) And for those who care, physics is absolutely NOT ABSENT from Gurren Lagann. It actually plays a very important role.

(I also recommended the show to a writer friend of mine, Zapenstap. Hopefully the show doesn't completely warp her subtle and emotional writing! Haha. I told her she would shed manly tears. She insisted that she could only shed "womanly tears," but I'm still convinced Gurren Lagann could prove otherwise.)

Areku, I really appreciated your insight on Kamina. It was something I missed entirely watching the sub, but I got a glimpse of it in the English dubbing. Maybe something was just translated differently?? I don't know. I was thinking on the matter myself before, but only you could put it in words so well.

D_G, I get where you are coming from in praising Rossiu and disliking Kamina. I always knew that I liked Rossiu, and I was both moved and relieved to see how much his actions against Simon tore him up. But I also think your dislike of Kamina is somewhat misplaced. I know it is only natural to like people similar to yourself and disdain people who are apparent fools, but you know, I think Kamina is not deserving of that.

I think what I have is a strong appreciation for different sorts of people, and especially ones who are distinctly unlike myself. I can appreciate people who can do things that I know I would never be able to do personally. It takes a whole 'nother kind of person to have that kind of energy--that kind of courage and charisma. Kamina is a person that inspires others to step up. He has this energy about him that makes others want to live and strive for better things. And on top of that, he's a very emotional person, and cares very intensely for the people he is close to. He is nothing short of a good person. Why speak ill of him?

That's just my personal philosophy when it comes to understanding people. Of course, you have every right to not agree, but I feel that this is the best approach in making peace with others and oneself.

And sorry for the large departure, but I'm looking forward to listening to Soul Bro's segment on FSS soon. (I have it downloaded.) I found the complete series back before the new year, but I couldn't afford it, even at a measly $30.... Hopefully it's still there when I'm back on my feet.

I think I can connect well with the series because when I was younger, I got all of my model kits from this Hong Kong Mall place in Houston. In a glass display case was this enormous and breathtaking kit of the Knight of Gold. I had no idea what the thing was, but I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It must have been two feet tall! I only learned later on in studying mechanical designers that it was named the Knight of Gold. Such an awesome name. I hope I can really see it in action eventually.

*EDIT: Woops, I forgot about 8th MS team. :roll:

I like the OVA a lot, and like Zechs, I thought it was the most appropriate transition between UC and its alternate storylines. The fight choreography and the mortality of the characters was very well done. I can't help but feel a strong kinship with Norris Packard because I have also swatted a jet fighter out of the air with a sword. (In Armored Core: Silent Line, at least, haha! You try it! It's really hard!)

I was recently asked by a group of people looking to get started into Gundam which series I would recommend first. I offered 8th MS Team as a starting place because 1: it's short, so you get a good impression of Gundam without long periods of boredom or weirdness, and 2: it's awesome.

I thought Miller's Report was bad, but CN's hybrid episode of it was surprisingly good. They should have made it like that! The "last episode" should be dropped entirely. Shuddering Mountain pt. II was a fine cut-off point, thank you.

And yes, I have this strange infatuation for the Ez-8 I can't explain. It's just so weird, and so awesome! :P I probably like it best for the fact that it keeps a machinegun instead of using a beam rifle like every Joe Schmoe Gundam out there.

*edit: added more to my anecdote about Zap.
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