The Meisterfication of King Arthur

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Re: The Meisterfication of King Arthur

Post by eanetdude » Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:42 pm

I have a person for consideration to be one of Soul Bro's men. He doesn't fit Chris' definition of "my man" (a weak-willed loser). He does fit Soul Bro's definition (an everyday person who rises to the occasion.)

I found this tidbit, from Gundam Unicorn's entry on TV Tropes really interesting:
The unnamed Stark Jegan pilot who nearly owns the Kshatriya in the first 6 minutes of the first episode.
Not only did he manage to hold his own against the Kshatriya, but the Stark Jegan's HGUC manual implies that he was one of the guys that attempted to help Amuro push back Axis three years prior. The guy was a true hero.
And this, I found from a fellow forum user on, that truly represents the definition of what a Soul Bro's man should rise up to:

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Re: The Meisterfication of King Arthur

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:05 am


As a reference to the 00 movie: Smashstein Chairscoot.
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Re: The Meisterfication of King Arthur

Post by Dollow » Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:47 pm

I still think in the 00 movie and when Saji throw the chair at zombie Ribbons, was an amazing moment, I clapped for not only him but SBR too. Heh
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