Phase 4: Don't Make A Right (14th)

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Woah!" Mike's legs jump up, then salutes. He had zoned out for the past few seconds, although it registered that he had to leave. Stumbling, he walks out of the office.
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-Captain's "Office"-

Harken watched the pilot go and after entering some of the important bits into a terminal got up. He had to get the Flight recorder data for his report. as he exited his office he saw Lt. JG Loonis from the Marcini. Harken knew he didn't have time for a prolonged discussion like he wanted but He did stop to speak with him.

“Loonis, you and your team will remain aboard the Turkle till we return to Ptolemaeus Base. I'll take care of the paper work about Lt. O'Donnel for now get some rest."

with no time to speak properly Harken then proceeded on to the hanger


Nakamura returned to the hanger before Harken and searched out each member of his team relaying the Captains orders to rest. However, there was enough bite in his voice to let his team-members know that what had happened during the battle was inexcusable, and would be addressed at a later, more appropriate date.


Harken entered and rather than call him away form his work searched out the head mechanic. Upon locating him the two had a short exchange followed by the mechanic handing the Captain a disk.

(Several hours later)


Captain Harken entered the bridge to find the crew had been switched with the second watch. He proceeded to the Coms officer and asked,

"Do you have the reports from the other Captains?"

"Yes sir."

With this the officer handed Harken two disks the Harken had handled report from both his troops and the Marcini so the disks he received were from the General and Scanlan. All that was left was for Harken to turn the reports in to the Rear Admiral and he could then get some rest of his own.

-Admiral's Quarters-

Harken entered to find the Admiral playing a Cello. Harken couldn't say he expected much else. Harken cleared his throat behind the Admiral and saluted when the admiral turned to see where the noise came from.

"Ah Captain Harken!! I don’t suppose that you’ve come to give a serenade for my lovely cats?"

To his credit, Harken didn’t even blink at Hiroshi’s widened gesture towards the pictures of all his cats. He merely placed the disks on the Admiral’s desk and took a step back.

Hiroshi gave a rather painful sigh; one a child that knew work he couldn’t get out of was coming.


"Yes sir; I did the report on our pilots and the Marcini's and in addition here are the reports from the Scanlan and General. I trust you will finish your own report before we reach base."

"I don’t wanna!!!"

Harken turned and left without question; in spite of his Admiral’s rather insipid behavior, He was sure the he would dot his i's and cross his t's; after all even the most skilled strategist still had to obey protocol.

But he’d check up on him in an hour; just in case.


12 hours later


After getting some sleep Harken and the first shift returned to the Bridge just in time to begin landing procedures. Once they had authorization they began to move into the recently constructed docks. Several mechanics watched the ships coming in.

"Aren't those the guys that caused the mess over in Copernicus?”

"Actually I heard they started another fight with ZAFT."

"I know they're newly formed but are they really that stupid?"

“Stupid warmongers; they’re gonna get us all killed!”

-Ptolemaeus Base-
-Conference Room 1-

Sitting around a table were various senior staff members, all of whom were ranked Rear Admiral or higher. At the head of the table sat the man in charge of all O.M.N.I.'s lunar fleets, Alan Mathers, his Fleet Admiral's badge beamed on his collar almost as proudly as the man himself. All the reports from the engagement had been forwarded to them already and they had taken enough time to scrutinize them with disgust and, to no small extent, fear.

A blond vice admiral spoke first "This is unacceptable! Some one has to take blame for what happened!"

another Vice Admiral with brown hair and green eyes spoke up "Relax Admiral Torring; yelling will not solve anything."

"Then what do you propose, Admiral Henken? The public backlash of one of our fleets initiating combat with ZAFT is bad enough, but they also let the unidentified fleet that attack Copernicus escape!"

"we need a scapegoat; someone to blame for this mess, someone to give up to those damn Coordinators, but who?"

In response Mathers threw two personnel files on the table both of which read "Hiroshi" and spoke.

"We'll use them; The Fleet Commander and Lead Pilot. I'm sure we can twist this to fall into their laps. The captain of the Turkle can take over Sahashi's position; he’s a traditionalist, so he’ll be more easily controlled then that insane loose-cannon.”

That Hiroshi wasn’t called a ‘fool’ was not lost on anyone present. The chamber fell into silence until Torring once again spoke up.

"I agree."

Consent upon consent from the other senior staff soon followed, concluding the meeting with the burial of two men to save their military and political careers. Seeing no objections, Mathers concluded the meeting.

"Very well, then. Torring, you will hold the Court Marshal. Make sure it looks official and that they take the full brunt of the blame. Also feel free to make 'alterations' to official records."

with that the meeting adjourned and the representatives left.


A beeping indicated an incoming communication from the Ptolemaeus control room and one meant for the captain or higher ranking officer. Harken answered to find Vice Admiral Torring on the other end of the line.

"Captain Harken, you along with the Rear Admiral, your Lead Pilot, and the other captains of the 14th fleet are to report to room 463C at 1715 hours."

"Yes sir!"

with that the call ended as Torring hung up. Harken felt very uneasy; things would have seemed fine except for them asking for Nakamura.

'Why would they ask for a pilot, or rather Nakamura in particular?

In fact, now that Harken was thinking about it, why were they asking HIM to inform the admiral, and not the admiral himself?

“Something the matter, Harken?”

Harken turned around to see Admiral Hiroshi, donning a bathrobe and pink-bunny slippers. Blinking a bit, Harken relayed Torring’s message, only to have his suspicions increased by Hiroshi’s narrowing eyes.

Mentioning something about better getting in full uniform, Hiroshi turned and quietly walked off. Harken couldn’t help but get the feeling he was seeing a man willingly walk towards his own execution.
Ptolemaeus base
-room 463C-

The group led by Hiroshi approached the door and knocked. A gruff voice beckoned them in.

The room was filled with folding chairs facing a screen and large table. Behind this table sat Torring and two Rear Admirals.

“So good of you join us.”

The tone of Torring’s voice suggested that it was anything but.

“Rear-Admiral Sahashi Hiroshi…”

“Hiroshi Sahashi,” Sahashi corrected, “Please don’t disrespect my family name just because you have a most unfortunate one, ‘Toe-ring’.”

Nakamura whirled on his uncle with wide eyes, and even Harken’s jaw dropped a bit at this blatant disrespect shown by Sahashi. The throbbing vein on Torring’s temple indicated that he was…perhaps used to this glib side of the Admiral was a great stretch, but experienced in receiving would be accurate.

“Very well, ‘Hiroshi Sahashi’, would you and your nephew kindly sit towards the front, while the Captain’s be seated in the back?”

As everyone else moved to comply, Hiroshi gave Torring a hard stare before sitting down beside his nephew. He gripped the boy’s hand and gave a reassuring squeeze before dropping it; that did more to assure Nakamura of the severity of the situation then anything else.

"Now that you're all here we will begin this inquiry and the Court Marshal of Hiroshi Sashashi and Hiroshi Nakamura."

Harken and the other Captains were shocked; Sashashi sighed in resignation, while Nakamura was torn between springing to his feet to demand an answer for all this and blaming his uncle; he settled for staring almost blatantly ahead.

What followed from there was a ruthless review of the previous day's fighting, making sure to point any and all errors toward one Hiroshi or the other; some of them were errors that were actually committed. By the time everything was over it had been made to look like Sashashi had been bribed to help the terrorists escape and Nakamura was complacent in the plot, to the point of willingly endangering the ship.

“These are serious charges, Admiral. Do you or anyone here have anything to say in yours or Lt. Nakamura’s defense?”

Harken half-rose out of his chair, and the other captains were debating whether it was worth it to do the same when Sahashi turned around and gave a small shake of his head. Harken swallowed both his loyalty and morality…and sat back down.

Torring practically gloated the final sentence.

"Very well, I think we fully understand what happened at this point. Hiroshi Sashashi and Hiroshi Nakamura, You have both been found guilty of aiding a terrorist group in raiding and escaping Copernicus City. You are both removed from duty and under arrest. Your punishments will be determined at a later date. Captain Harken Edo as of now you shall be in charge of the Fourteenth fleet, do you have any objections?"

Harken had stood up to provide just that but another, more stern look from Sashashi told him it wouldn't do any good so rather Harken just responded stiffly.

"No sir."

"Very well, this meeting is adjourned. Return to your ships and await further orders."

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