TARRRPG Chapter 4: African Assault

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Post by Strike Zero » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:34 pm

- Osprey -

The aide had nearly made it to the Captain's office. He skidded to a halt near the door and ran through it just as one of the pilots was making his way out. He slammed into him full-force and both of them went tumbling head-over heels into the captain's office.

"Sorry... sorry!" the aide gasped as he scrambled to his feet. "Captain!" he suddenly said, approaching Ryker's desk. "We have a situation! That female Fandom officer that came on board... the one that Gai had shot and killed... she's gone! She was dead, but now her body's gone missing!"
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Post by Wingnut » Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:16 pm

- Bian -

"Kayla Ryder you say?"

Bian took out a document that was none other than the list of targets Kylern had just mentioned. Bian may have broken off from the Fandom, but he still had people in key areas of the Fandom willing to help him. Getting information such as this to him was one way they helped Bian's cause.

"Yes, she is mentioned on the Federation list. There is a Kyle Ryder here as well, who they say is her twin brother. He is currently at a Federation base in North America training pilots, but is heading back to the rest of the Gundam team with a new ship. Perhaps that would be a place to start looking to get some answers to your questions."

- Wingnut -

He had just walked out the door when someone came around the corner and crashed into him, sending him to the floor and lying in Ryker's doorway.
Looking back at who had run into him he saw a man telling Ryker something in a loud voice. I thought it was supposed to be a pretty girl that runs into the hero like that. Wingnut's thoughts then turned sour as that meant that either the rules were different in this universe, or worse, he wasn't the hero.

Ryker however had heard what the man had said very clearly.
"What? Find her then. Someone had to have taken her. Seal off the hanger before they can get away!"

"Yes, sir!"
The aide returned and left the office, jumping over Wingnut as he went.

Brushing himself off as he stood, Wingnut turned to Ryker. "I hope that was important."

"It was. Get to the hanger and make sure no one leaves the ship."

Wingnut nodded and headed off to do just that.
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Post by Kylern » Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:25 pm


He was absolutely amazed at the fact this man had everything so wrapped up. Was there anything he didn't know? So after sitting rather stunned at the fact the Commander/Doctor had been not only a step ahead of him but rather a mile ahead he decided to speak again.

"So... Basically I need to get in touch with this Lt. Ryder (He knew the guy for various reasons). That would be rather impossible because more than likely they would shoot me for being an enemy. The Federation won't let me walk up to their newest ship and knock on the door without getting shot." He gave a sigh... This was going to be a long day ahead of him. He honestly just wanted to warn Kyle that he was being targeted by the Federation but that would be difficult. What was more difficult would be getting through this damn war with his mind intact. If things got worse he might make it hope suffering from shell shock or some other war-stricken mental illness.

"Sir can you please give me a direction and a job to do. I want to help end this war but with the Federation bringing a new ship along with these god forsaken orders things will get worse. Especially if Fandom decides to act before we do." He offered this piece of insight in hopes Bian would give him the next waypoint. Despite the fact his piloting skills were iffy he believed that with the White Knight nothing could stand in his way.
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Post by Lowind » Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:14 pm

"Commander Leon. It is good to know you are okay. Oh regarding Kayla... The last we heard of her was she storming into the enemy vessel for "peace talks". I am inclined to doubt it. If you asked me, she thought that that Mike had killed you, and it doesn't take much to guess that she was trying to avenge you." Lowind said. "Good girls have a rather quick expiry date when they are on the evil side, huh."

"At any rate, I personally witnessed the Gundam Astrea being thrown out of the enemy craft moments before self-destructing. I suppose we will have to prepare for the worst."


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