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Name: Stan Loonis
Faction: EA - 14th Fleet
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: November 10
Place of birth: California, North America
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 225 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Lt. JG on the Mancini
Favourite Animal: Jackrabbit

Appearance: Tall and lean, Stan tends to slump a little so as not to tower over his teammates. Dusty blond hair and soft green eyes, he is rather attractive, although he doesn't realize it. He wears his uniform most of the time, even when off duty.

History: Stan grew up in California, a pretty normal kid. His father worked for a military contracting company. After his mother died (when he was 13), he and his father grew quite close, while his older brother Greg became angry and distanced himself. Out of highschool, he and his brother both joined the EAF, since they didn't have the money to go to a good college. His brother gained in ranks quickly, being quite aggressive and outgoing; Stan was on a slower track, not trying to make waves or stand out too much.

Stan hasn't talked to Greg for a while, mostly due to a heated argument over coordinators. Greg took a hard line, calling them "freaks" and "baby killers," while Stan took a more moderate line (as usual) saying that while he didn't agree with genetic manipulation, they were still people.

Stan scored a few kills during the war, something that has never sat well with him. He still talks to his father on occasion, although his dad hasn't replied to his last message for a few weeks now.

Stan was assigned to the new 14th Fleet due to his 4 year track record of unfailingly following orders and always carrying out his missions. He is older than some of the higher ranked officers, mostly because he hasn't sought out any promotions.

Personality: Stan is pretty laid back, trying not to attract undue notice. He takes calculated risks in battle, but he is not foolhardy.

Goals: Having been assigned to Moon Patrol, he's looking forward to a quiet assignment. Combat coming naturally but not sitting well with him, he hopes he'll make it through this without killing too many more people.

Other: He is an avid reader, and pores through books in his free time.
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Name: Michael Langley Alvaaron
Faction: Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty/Coalition
Race: Coordinator
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: October 26, C.E. 49
Place of birth: Maius City
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 179 lbs
Desired rank and position: Green Coat serving on the Helga
Favorite animal: Phoenix

Appearance: His dark blue-grey eyes look weathered and beaten despite his youthful appearance, but his skin looks healthy enough. His silvery-blue hair is always cut in the whiffle style. Well known for rarely speaking except when answering questions. His body frame is in good shape, with a noticeable six-pack abdomen, muscled chest and toned arms and legs. Michael’s back is covered with several burn scars as a result of his proximity towards Junius Seven during the nuclear attack, which destroyed the colony.

History: Born in Maius City, Michael L. Alvaaron quickly took up an interest in mechanical engineering at a young age and attended several schools where he developed an aptitude for repairing complex machinery. After graduating from one of the finest mechanical engineering schools in Maius City, Alvaaron decided to see if he could cut it in the military.

At age 20, Alvaaron quickly became interested in the new-model mobile suits rolling off the lines. Immediately signing up to become a mobile suit pilot, he trained with a standard ZGMT-01 GINN Trainer against his fellow recruits, and proved to be an impressive pilot. Graduating eighth in his class, he was assigned to a small defense force guarding the Junius PLANTs. Turned out to be the wrong assignment by February 14, C.E. 70. Barely managing to escape with his life, Alvaaron underwent several weeks of radiation therapy to clear him of any harmful radiation-based diseases.

With the Bloody Valentine War in full swing, Alvaaron was sent back to the front lines as a standard GINN pilot. He was involved in several engagements against Earth Alliance forces, where he largely engaged the enemy’s command ships and managed to sink them by attacking the critical points. Quickly, Alvaaron proved himself to be a skilled ship killer.

As the war dragged on, Michael Alvaaron began to grow tired of the continuous fighting. When the new model Strike Daggers appeared on the battlefield, Alvaaron found them to be a true challenge worthy of a warrior’s teeth. He fought at Porta Panama and Victoria before again returning to space.

However, by the Battle of Jachin Due, Alvaaron became convinced that the leadership of ZAFT had become morally corrupted; sure, Alvaaron had been resentful of Naturals, but he would never wish their extermination. When Patrick Zala unveiled the GENESIS gamma ray laser cannon, Alvaaron was suddenly forced to make a choice: turn against his countrymen, or remain on a side filled with a lust for genocide. Instead, he was pressured into fighting with the threat of execution.

Fighting against squads of Strike Dagger units using a GuAIZ, Michael just aimed for any thing that would hamper their advance. After an hour of combat, the breaking point for him was witnessing the harmony in teamwork utilized by the opposing force against both sides…the Three Ships Alliance. Seeing them work together towards a common goal, Alvaaron was inspired to finally rebel against ZAFT. Literally throwing his weapon into empty space, Alvaaron retreated to a safe distance until the battle ended and he returned to assist in cleanup efforts.

This action of defiance, however, did not go unnoticed. Michael Langley Alvaaron was arrested for desertion and detained for a court martial. However, before a trial could begin, Michael Alvaaron received a pardon from the PLANT Supreme Council on the condition that he serves on a mobile suit team for reevaluation. Agreeing with the terms, Alvaaron was assigned to the Granzi Mobile Suit Team.

He spends most of his time in the simulator, eating alone in the mess hall, reading technical manuals or romance novels, exercising in the ship's gym or spending time in the ship's small chapel, just for some alone time.

Personality: Michael is the physically strong and silent type, but he is more than willing to rely on his teammates to get the job done. Knowing that arrogance can be a pilot’s downfall; he never underestimates his enemies. His social mind is less developed, however. His traumatic experiences during the Bloody Valentine War have stemmed his social development.

Goals: Return to Armory One, undergo reassignment and continue to protect both Coordinator and Natural alike

Other: If he had a voice actor, I’d have him voiced by Harrison Ford. He’s just that much of a badass with a heart of gold.
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Name Carrah Corker
Faction ZAFT
Race Coordinator
Sex Female
Age 24
Birthday November 1
Place of birth October City, PLANT
Height 5'7''
Weight Unknown
Desired Rank and position ZAFT Red, Helga
Favourite Animal Sugar Glider

Appearance: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, cute, very ideal numbers on 3 measurements.

History: She has always been the most popular girl around, thanks to her parents being affluent. I mean, who gets nominated for Homecoming and Prom Queen AND win both? SHe even won the beauty pageant. Seriously, it sounds so haxx.. She's even the president of her class in high school and in college. She has a huge following of girls on her class (and other classes below), and she doesn't mind. They tried to keep up with her in the ZAFT Military as she scored among the highest scores.

However, Carrah felt that she really doesn't have close friends, just a bunch of fanboys/girls, and it turns out to be true. She later learns that there were rumors going around in ZAFT that spread like a San Bernardino wildfire: That she does "special favors" for her superiors so that she can be a lead character. (read: sleeping around with superiors).

Outraged, she distanced herself from everyone for a good while. On the First Bloody Valentine War she managed to shoot down a few Strike Daggers and managed to keep her CGUE scratch free. However, even if her achievements backed up her ranks she felt that the stigma is still there, thus remaining the semi self-isolation.

Personality: Very easy to talk to, friendly on the outside, but it takes a while for her to actually trust someone. Fierce on the battlefield.

Goals: To keep doing her best to show that she is deserving of rank, and, if possible, find the little a-hole who spread that rumor and beat him/her to a bloody pulp.

Other: She is your go-to girl when it comes to cooking pasta.
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Post by Ascension » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:21 pm



Name Matthew O'Connor
Faction Atlas
Race Caucasian (Irish)
Sex Male
Age 36
Birthday July 4th
Place of birth Dublin, Ireland
Height 5' 10"
Weight 200 lbs
Desired Rank and position Commander, pilot of Team A's Doppelhorn Dagger L and leader of Atlas's MS forces.
Favourite Animal Leprechaun

Appearance: His head is topped by a shock of red hair. His green eyes sparkle with joy when he speaks of the judgment of the sin of the Coordinators.

History: Matthew O’Conner’s parents were staunchly opposed to the genetic modification of humans on religious grounds. He took their beliefs to an even greater extreme. They believed that the burden of the sin of genetic manipulation lay with the parents and the doctors, and that the Coordinators themselves still possessed human souls. He, on the other hand, has convinced himself that Coordinators are not at all human, and that they have no hope of salvation. Since their very existence is a crime against nature and against God, he views any action which leads to their deaths as free from all blame.

When the ZAFT invasion of Earth began during the First Bloody Valentine conflict he immediately leapt to action. He trained as a Spearhead pilot and served through the rest of the war. Many of his comrades were killed in action, but he always survived, no matter what odds he faced. He attributed his survival to divine intervention.

Soon after the war he was recruited by Blue Cosmos and began training as a mobile suit pilot. He soon displayed his skill with the new weapon and this, combined with his obvious zeal, led to a series of quick promotions.

He, like all loyal members of Blue Cosmos, was dismayed by the outcome of the war. The “peace” tried his patience. The inhuman devil spawn were being allowed not only to live, but to commingle with the children of God! He forced himself to wait, to avoid making any stupid moves until Blue Cosmos was ready for an organized move. He reminded himself that God works in mysterious ways.

Then he recieved notification of Atlas's plans, and a personal invitation from its founder to take the reins of the new faction's MS forces. He eagerly accepted. Now he thirsts for another war. It is time for the judgment of the Coordinators. It is time for God’s wrath to descend upon the PLANTs. It is time for the enemies of God to be eradicated.

Some find it curious that he has been tapped to lead despite his relative inexperience with mobile suits, but it is for his fervor that he has received his position, not for his experience.

Personality: He is a racist of the old-fashioned sort, a close-minded zealot who hates anything and everything “different.” He disguises his racism with religious trappings, but he has a tendency to ignore any mention of God’s love.

Goals: The total destruction of all Coordinators everywhere.

Other: He has a tendency to paint a Templar cross on the shields of his MS.
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Name: Chien Hsu
Faction: Atlas
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: February 28th CE 49
Place of birth: Kaohsiung, Republic of East Asia
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Ensign, stationed on the Nosi
Favorite Animal: Gentoo Penguin

Appearance: The unkempt jet black hair covering his head and hanging over his ears and brown eyes would give some the impression of a slacker, but he’s usually to busy to care about vanity. The same can be said for his uniform’s constantly disheveled state. Many years of inadequate sleep have left dark circles around his eyes as well. Some would say that his eyes look as though fire was building up behind them because of how intense he can get. This is how he looks

History: Born in Taiwan, Chien grew up during the “Coordinator Boom,” and though his family harbored no ill-will towards Coordinators he couldn’t help being bombarded with the Anti-Coordinator propaganda. For a long time though he took the propaganda with a grain of salt, that was until ZAFT invaded the Earth and took over Taiwan for the spaceport in his home town of Kaohsiung. His family was killed during the initial invasion; Chien was spared only because he was away for school at the time.

Soon a resistance formed among the population, fueled by several members of Blue Cosmos. Chien was quick to join despite his complete lack of military training. He and the others were trained in guerilla warfare tactics; all they received for equipment was a weapon, ammunition, an explosive device of sorts and a blue armband. The Blue Cosmos members began to indoctrinate the resistance members in Anti-Coordinator sentiments and before long Chien and the others had no problems with the idea of killing a person solely because they were a Coordinator or gave aid to Coordinators.

His missions mostly consisted of attacking “Soft Targets,” such as cafes and markets where Coordinators usually congregated. Collateral damage was usually high. The resistance soon became unpopular among the people of Taiwan because more natives were being killed in the attacks then Coordinators. After a massive crackdown in which most of his compatriots were killed or captured; he went into hiding with the remaining members, including the Blue Cosmos agents. When the war ended and Taiwan was returned to the Republic of East Asia, Chien and the others weren’t going to be welcomed with open arms. They’d have been lucky if they got jail time, but they’d most likely be killed on site. With the aid of the Blue Cosmos organization he left Taiwan for good.

After receiving formal training, including Mobile Suit piloting, he was recruited by Atlas by one of the Blue Cosmos agents that had worked with the resistance.

Personality: Chien has no qualms with taking the lives of Coordinators or those that support them. Despite this he isn’t an emotionless drone. He’s known to joke around sarcastically with his fellow pilots and has even pulled the occasional practical joke. He does however overly enjoy making things explode, which he explains as giving him a rush like no other.

Goals: To make all Coordinators pay for ruining his life. He secretly wishes that everything could go back to the way things were before and to raise a family, however he knows that this is not a likely end for himself.

Other: While he may not seem like the type, Chien was studying at culinary school before the war and is quite a good cook.
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Name Briana Waters
Faction Atlas
Race Natural
Sex Female
Age 78
Birthday July 23
Place of birth Berkeley, California
Height 5' 7"
Weight 155 lbs
Desired Rank and position Leader of Atlas
Favourite Animal Whales

Appearance: She seems like a woman who was once beautiful, but the years have left their mark on her. Still, there is a near-constant twinkle of mirth in her eyes, and she carries herself well. She wears her grey hair in a ponytail and dresses simply, in natural fabrics. She sews her clothing in her spare time.

History: Briana has been with Blue Cosmos since its ecoterrorism days. A prolific writer, pamphleteer, and folk singer, she has labored all her life to help stamp out all misues and abuses of nature... coordinators included. She claims to regret the need for force, but has found it necessary.

She has been jailed many times for her radical beliefs and actions, but she has never and will never give up her hope for change. Through it all she has never ceased writing and speaking out about mankind's continuing abuse of nature.

It only stands to reason that a person of her stature would attract a significant following... and it only takes a spark to turn a crowd into a mob... and it only takes training to turn a mob into an army. In CE 50 she formed her own paramilitary group, Atlas, in response to the formation of the Zodiac Alliance. While Atlas functioned with the support of Blue Cosmos, it was legally distanced enough from its parent faction to give BC plausible deniability of involvement in Atlas's actions.

In CE 53 Atlas claimed responsibility for George Glenn's assassination. While it was later found that the assassin had no connections to Atlas, the news was already out, and the group was able to gain noteriety from the event. Since then Atlas has carried out a sporadic campaign of arson attempts, bombings, assassinations, and the like, but has proven adept at avoiding capture.

Atlas's activities waned during the Bloody Valentine War as Blue Cosmos funneled its resources into the Earth Alliance instead, but now, with the end of the war, Atlas has risen once more, and, through extensive recruitment drives, has expanded to an entirely unprecedented size. For the first time Briana has the resources at hand to do more than just a localized bombing. She has warships. She has mobile suits. She has a fleet.

And so was Operation Double Helix born. An attempt to purge the tainted genes of the coordinators from the human race... permanently. For this she would need more than a fleet. She would need a plague. And for that she needed a geneticist.

But come on, how hard is it for someone with a fleet of invisible warships to kidnap a geneticist?

Personality: Briana is probably insane, but she's charmingly insane. She's a warm, grandmotherly woman who seems to truly love the Earth... and truly hate the coordinators.

Goals: The cleansing of both Earth and space, and the solar system's return to its natural state. Ideally this would involve the destruction of all space colonies, not just the PLANTs, but first things first...

Other: Despite her advanced age, she's still quite skilled with the fiddle.
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Name: Zach Brant
Faction: ZAFT/Coalition Forces
Race: Coordinator
Sex: Male
Birthday: August 15th C.E 45 (Age 27)
Place of birth: Januarius Two
Height: 5’8
Weight: 170 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Black Coat, Captain of the Cynthia
Favorite Animal: Cats

Appearance: Closely cut brown hair, rarely seen though as he always wears his officer’s hat. Has a very short beard, so short it looks like a five o’clock shadow. Always seen in an impeccably clean uniform, that fits him snuggly. Is an avid weight lifter and is very muscular.

History: Born on Januarius Two to 1st generation Coordinator parents. Growing up he had no natural friends, so he never saw the drastic divide between coordinator and natural. Graduated school in the middle of his class was considered “apathetic” by his teachers.

Instead of pursuing a civilian job like most of his classmates he decided to go into the newly created ZAFT military. Completed basic training with medium marks, and was noted as being “un-energetic” by instructors. Due to this it was felt the best course of energizing the young green coat would be as a CIC operator in a Laurasia-class ship.

It was here he found himself during the outbreak of the First Bloody Valentine War. During the first opening space battle, the Laurasia-class ship he had been serving on, bridge was hit. He had been in the secondary bridge when it happened. The entire command staff of the ship was killed. Through his leadership the ship had survived, he had staved off the destruction of the vessel and even managed to sink one Drake class ship.

He immediately received a battle field promotion to Captain and was given his own Laurasia-class ship the Vision. He took part in many of the drop operations during the war. The Vision fought in the final battle of Jachin Due and survived with moderate damage.

After the battle Zach decided to stay in ZAFT. Due to his combat experience and having survived the war he was assigned to Captain a new Nazca-class ship the Cynthia. Before he even had time to acclamate himself to the ship, he and it were whisked away to serve as the flagship for the newly created Granzi team

Personality: Man of very few words. Gruff and to the point when he does talk. A patient leader who believes in hasty decisions in the middle of combat. Feels that you can speak one thousand words with a glance. Fair to crew serving under him but will not allow personal issues to get in the way of the mission at hand.

Goals: To save the Coordinator population, willing to risk his ship and crew to do so as well.

Other: Although he will not show it in a professional situation, he is a romantic and wishes to find love.
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Name: Adam Trask
Faction: ZAFT
Place of birth: Junius Seven
Height :5'10"
Desired Rank and position: Lieutenant on Cynthia
Favorite Animal: Cats

Appearance: Thick bodied with messy medium length black hair. Brown eyes with casual uniform.

History:Born on Junius Seven in C.E. 47, Trask was away on military service when the Bloody Valentine Tragedy occurred. He was outraged, as where many of his fellow Coordinators. He through himself eagerly into the war taking part in the First Battle of Jachin Due, the Second Battle of Victoria and Operation Spitbreak. After this final battle, he found himself growing tired of war, and of loosing comrades and friends. As such under the Joule Team in the Second Battle of Jachin Due, following his commanders lead he readily defected the Three Ship Alliance, and its mission of peace.

Personality: Fairly laid back, as he learned that being too hot-blooded gets either yourself or others killed.

Goals: To protect the peace won at Jachin Due

Other: Loves to read high fantasy novels, especially those published pre-C.E. and is an avid collector of first editions.

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Name:James Russell.
Faction: Earth Alliance
Age: 30.
Birthday: November 22.
Place of Birth: Atlantic Federation, Virginia.
Rank:LT JG, abord the Turkle
Favorite Animal:Pereguine Falcon

James has blonde short cut hair and blue eyes. Also he has caucasion skin. He almost always is in his custom crimsion uniform. When he isn't he wears a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and a black coat.

James was born to a quiet family in central Virginia. He was always facinated with robotics, especialy mecha. Big ones, small ones it didn't matter he just loved them. So once the military started to use them and he was old enough he signed up, much to the dismay of his parents.
As a military man he was an average recruit even failing his final exam at the Flight Academy the first time. After failing he train incredably severly to pass often streching his body close to total collapse. When he retook his test he passed with flying colors, breaking the previous record by several minutes.

A veteran soldier who has served the Earth Alliance for many years. Serving in Bloddy Valintine Wars, James has made quite the name for himself and his fighting style. A quiet man whose chivalris atitude is somewhat out of place in this day and age. He veiws himeself as a knight defending his home. This has never stopped him from completing his orders to the best of his ability.

He fights for his nation but, fights honorably, which conficts with some of his superiours.

Wears a medallion with his family emblem.
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Name: Seth Naiman
Faction: Atlas
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Birthday CE 46, September 19
Place of birth: Earth
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 197
Desired Rank and position: Lieutenant; Pilot of A-Team Aile Dagger
Favorite Animal: Wolf

Appearance: Tall and lean. He has long, dark hair usually tied back in a ponytail, as well as short bangs. Always stoic, he never has much of an expression on his face. He is usually seen wearing a slate-grey Earth Alliance uniform.


Seth led an average life until the age of six. On his birthday of CE 52, Seth's parents were killed in a terrorist bombing. With no other living relatives, he is adopted by a woman who happened to be an Atlantic Federation officer and extremely prejudiced against coordinators as a whole. He spent several hours a day around her and the Federation bases she worked at, and every day he would hear the same thing: that coordinators shouldn't exist, that coordinators are an abomination, that coordinators must be eradicated. Never knowing anything else regarding the matter beforehand, he decided that it must be true and committed himself to do whatever he could in order to accomplish it.

But, how to do it?

The answer came when he learned about the Atlantic Federation's mobile armor corps. Signing up as soon as he came of age, he trained vigorously until he finally he was considered one of the best the Atlantic Federation had to offer.

When the Bloody Valentine war began, he proceeded to fight as a pilot for the Earth Alliance Forces. He turned out to be very successful at fighting ZAFT's new mobile suits and participated in several battles on Earth and Space.

All along the way, he saw countless friends shot down along side him, fueling his desire to rid the world of the Coordinators even more.

When the Earth Alliance rolled out the first Strike Daggers, his battle record automatically landed him a spot at one of the unit's controls. His transition from Mobile Armor pilot to Mobile Suit pilot went smoothly and thanks to the abilities of the Strike Dagger, he found himself to be even more efficient on the battlefield than ever before.

But, all his efforts in the end proved for naught. The end of the war came about after the fierce battle of Jachin Due, and the Earth Alliance and ZAFT signed a peace accord. Most were weary from all the fighting, but Seth merely found himself at a loss as to what to do next. His answer came when he learned of Atlas. He decided after much consideration to join them, knowing that the best chance of accomplishing his mission lay with fighting as one of them.

Personality: Quiet and stoic. He doesn't avoid people, but he's not one to make conversation either, nor does he ever get emotional on the battlefield.

Goals: The eradication of coordinators, any way he can.

EDIT: Fixed some horrendous sentance errors.
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His Theme
Name Hector Cesar Sanchez
Faction Z.A.F.T
Race Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 18
Birthday January 23, 0054
Place of birth December Three, PLANT
Height 5'7
Weight 150
Desired Rank and position Greencoat, Mobile Suit Pilot any team but rather be on the Helga
Favorite Food Chicken, White Rice, and Red Beans or if it must be an animal a Alley Cat named Blacky

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, Haircut is number 3 on the machine with hairline in a dark Cesar, Bright Green Eyes, Slim Muscle build, Light Brown Skin, Green Uniform with untucked uniform shirt open showing under shirt, carries a knife at all times

Son of Gloria and Freddy Sanchez. He is part of a small minority group in the over all number of ZAFT to still have some religious belief, let alone speak his family native language Spanish. He has always grown up carefree and lazy. All his child hood he was always look out when he and his friends were up to there misdeeds. In his teenage years he was a delinquent. He was part of a gang that were notorious for stealing, mugging, and pickpocketing. Pickpocketing was Hector specialty until he pickpocket the wrong person. He was quickly apprehended and sent to juvenile detention for three months for it.

After getting out he continued to act up and do what he did best. Being from a poor family he always felt neglected and decided to act the way he is as a defense mechanism. In high school there was a teacher that never gave up on him and always harassed him to do his best. Till Hector found his calling in the school singing class and messing with Machines.

After high school seeing that college was nowhere near in his future he enlisted into the ZAFT military. There he became a pilot. But because of his half ass way of living and laziness has yet to advance or get anywhere near getting a new rank for years to come. He has been rated top marks in marksmanship, average in close quarters, and a little below average in melee. The mobile suit he has most time in has been the ZAFT workhorse Ginn with. His first sortie came at the age of 17 in the later weeks of the Bloody Valentines War before the end seeing very little combat. To him he wont complain not getting much combat time. He has manage to assist in shooting down two Daggers, with one Moebius and Dagger kill in which he manage to get a lucky hit with his machine gun before being damage by a Moebius and grounded till the very end of the war.

Where he did get a chance to sortie out in the last two days of the war during the Second Battle of Jachin Due but his mobile suit was quickly put out of commission by stray fire from a ship. He and the ship he was assigned to retreaded after the first initial hour of combat due to heavy losses and returned home. Still considered a rookie pilot Hector has not been doing much but lazing around and taking naps during patrols.

Personality: Acts Lazy and Bored, Troublemaker of sorts, Not Pro War but not Anti-War, Womanizer of sorts, avid porn lover, perverted to the EXTREME, nice person once you get pass his eccentricities, a opportunist(do anything to win and survive), loves to sing and whistle Spanish music

Goals: Not much really just to fight, eat, sleep, and get paid

Other: Golden Crucifix with Jesus Chain, Blessed Beads, and Portable gaming, music, and movie device in back pocket
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Name Winry Moesta
Faction ZAFT/Coaliton
Race Coordinator
Sex Female
Age 21
Birthday March 28, 51 CE
Place of birth Febuarius Two, PLANT
Height 5'4"
Weight 125 lbs
Desired Rank and position Greencoat MS pilot. Any ship is fine.
Favourite Animal Whale shark

Appearance: Blue hair that reaches down to her chin, with green eyes. She wears the standard greencoat uniform. Some would say that she is pretty, but she doesn't see this. However, she doesn't care anyway.

History: One of many female Coordinator pilots in ZAFT, she started life as the loved daughter of one of the technicians who helped develop the Mobile Suit. She questioned whether the emnity between Coordinatos and Naturals was really the way to go. At some point in her life she heard the phrase "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." Taking this to heart, she threw herself into studies of history, intending to eventually become a history professor when she grew up and got a job.

At her father's urging, however, and looking for a way to pay her college expenses, she agreed to join the ZAFT military late in the Bloody Valentine Conflict. Her status of being the daughter of one of the techs responsible for developing mobile suits put her on the list of Mobile Suit pilots. However, she graduated from training too late to actually participate in any battles. She was assigned to the Granzi Team immeadiately following the end of the war.

Personality: As she is interested in history, she tends to make references to historical figures and events. She loves nothing more than engaging in meaningful discussions about history, and has decided that should she survive long enough to marry, her husband must be as obsessed with history as herself. She is a very perky woman, and tries to make friends often. If given the chance, she will even befriend Naturals.

Goals: To survive her stint in the military, and eventually teach history at a respected college.

Other: Likes watching historical movies.
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Name John Dou
Faction ZAFT/ Coalition Forces
Race Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 20
Birthday 27th April, CE 52
Place of birth Aprilius Two
Height 5'8"
Weight 187 lbs
Desired Rank and position ZAFT Green, Helga
Favourite Animal cat

John looks pretty average and has the kind of appearance that people would normally not give a second look if they happened to pass him by. He is, however, rather thick set and has broad shoulders. His hair is short and black, and he has narrow eyes with black pupils. His face is quite round and he has a squarish chin while his nose is low- bridged and blunt.

As his name would indicate, John is pretty average as far as Coordinators go and his history is nothing unusual either. He was brought up in an ordinary way (for a Coordinator) by ordinary parents (his mother was a teacher and his father was a technician), went through school with rather average performance (apart from a few unexpectedly brilliant scores in language related subjects) and enrolled in the military due to lack of interest in furthering his education.

He did find that war was his thing, however, and that simulator battles were really fun. He also discovered that he could shoot with stunning accuracy if he focused on his target to the point of zoning out, although for obvious reasons his superiors actively discouraged such behavior. He is one of the pilots lucky enough to have escaped the battle call up to this point, but that may means that he isn't too well prepared for the chaos that is to come.

He'll do fine, really. Just average.

John is normally a calm, cheerful and happy individual who has a tendency to be introspective at the oddest times. He also likes battles and although he prefers Mobile Suit combat to fisticuffs, he will not hesitate to join the latter if he is convinced that he will not be penalized for it.

Nothing special, merely to survive in the army as long as possible to make a living for himself in an interesting way. However, he isn't one to turn down a promotion (assuming he ever gets one, that is...).

As mentioned, he has the 'ability' to increase the accuracy of his shots dramatically by tuning out everything else. However, his situational awareness is basically zero at that point.
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Wow, this took 48 hours longer then I thought it would.


Name: Hiroshi Sahashi

Faction: Atlantic Federation

Race: Japanese

Sex: Male

Age: 41

Birthday: Oct. 11

Place of birth: Gibraltar

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 224 lbs.

Desired Rank and position: Rear Admiral, 14th Fleet Commander

Favorite Animal: Kitties!

Appearance: His face would indicate that he is much younger than he really is; his graying tan hair and dull brown eyes are not so flattering, though they do give him a distinguished air about him. Over his military uniform he often wears a shawl, and instead of regulation boots he wears a pair of bunny slippers. Due to 'cultural demands' he was able to grow his hair out long enough to form a pony tail that travels down his back (in reality he thought it made him look cool) and he wears Ben Franklin glasses to aid his failing eye-sight.

History: The second generation of a family that migrated from Japan to Gibraltar, from a very early age Sahashi came across as happy go-lucky with a let-be-what-will-be. His father, a man large on discipline and military service, was not so understanding of what he saw as laziness and failure on the part of his oldest son, and had the boy sent to military academy.

It was there that Sahashi revealed his special talent for leadership and learning, graduating at the top of his class and surrounded by peers who had become, for the most part, grudging followers. Grudging followers who'd slap him upside the head at any given moment, but followers none-the-less.

During the war, he did score several notable victories, but his is most widely known as a defensive strategist who minimizes his own casualties while maximizing those of his opponents. He earned the nickname of 'The Lunar Wall' for turning back several attempts to invade the moon after the Endymion Incident. At least, by ZAFT and his contemporaries. To his subordinates, his somewhat affectionately called ‘Old Granny’ for always putting them first, even if the situation demands for a few sacrifices.

Now promoted to Rear Admiral, he is holding these 'war games' to promote camaraderie and for the crew to establish relationships.


To those who don’t know him, Sahashi comes across as a flighty, overly-cheerful, absolute nut-case. To those that do know him, Sahashi comes across as a flighty, overly-cheerful, absolute nut-case who just so happens to have great natural and learned leadership abilities.

Obviously not large on discipline of appearance, Sahashi nonetheless expects what his final orders are to be carried out. While not too keen on traditional punishments, he often thinks of ones that reflect his personality (a favorite is to lock people in the stocks, to be subject to anything and everything the crew’s imagination can come up with, from tickling to throwing rotten eggs at the unlucky participant…how Sahashi got a pair of stocks, no one wants to know).

Also, he’s a flirt. Like a shameless flirt. Like, if it has two breasts and no Adam’s apple, he’s on it like white on rice. Women have been given permission and in fact encouraged to physically abuse the Admiral if his advances are unwanted.

He does not hate Coordinators (when he learned his home was invaded and occupied, he was more sad for the inconvenience placed on his family than angry at any perceived audacity from ZAFT) though he sympathizes rather than condemns those that do, attributing it to possible feelings of inferiority.

Most of all, he loves and cherishes each and every one of his subordinates; he'd give his life for any of them, even his bratty nephew.

Goals: To open a military academy that accepts Coordinators and Naturals, to progress to a period of understanding, love and PEACE!~! mentioned, he's nut-case.

Other: Possesses an incredible empathy that he can usually tell a person’s intentions, if not necessarily their motivations. This trait has earned him as many enemies as it has friends.

EDIT: He's also a beautiful cello player, and often holds 'concerts' that are really just him playing in front of pictures of all of his cats (23, last he counted).


Name: Hiroshi Nakamura

Faction: Atlantic Federation

Race: Japanese

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: Oct. 11

Place of birth: Gibraltar

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 134 lbs.

Desired Rank and position: Lt, leader of the First Squadron on the

Favorite Animal: The kind you cook, kill, and eat. Animals are disgusting.

Appearance: His face has a sternness about it that for some reason attracts the more flighty members of the opposite sex; he has his black hair done up in a Samurai-esque pony tail, and his uniform and flight soon often make him look overly skinny, hiding a muscled body that has endured training in Kendo, Jiu Jutsu, and Judo. Every aspect of his uniform is crisp, clean, and presentable for an inspection at a moments notice.


Like his uncle Sahashi, Nakamura was born in Gibraltar. Unlike his uncle though, he was there when ZAFT invaded, conquered, and occupied. To the Natural population, the occupiers were less then cordial to say the least, especially upper-class, outspoken Naturals like the Hiroshi family. The things he saw jaded him not so much to the concept of Coordinators, but what happens when you let a militia act as an army; he didn't think he'd see any of the blatant abuses of authority or human dignity in a true, disciplined military. Militias were nothing more than armed mobs. He has never talked specifically about any of these, 'abuses', but they were enough to make him sick and morally offended at the mere mention of ZAFT.

After Gibraltar was 'liberated' from ZAFT, Nakamura enlisted in the Atlantic Federation, able to skip the tedious military academy route with a letter of recommendation from his grandfather, who adored Nakamura as his pride and joy, his true successor the gods saw fit to bless him with given his own unworthy children. This earned him a great deal of ire from his peers, who saw favoritism and nepotism at work.

Their ire quickly turned to jealousy, as they saw mere boy easily outperform all who were only above average and less. Though he participated in the Battle of Jachin Due, he saw very limited action, mostly defending his ship.

In the times of peace, Nakamura's skill has grown considerably, and with it his intense desire increase discipline. This has rubbed many an older veteran the wrong way, for some young officer who should still be in high school to be giving high and mighty speeches about their lack of integrity and restraint. This is part of the reason that his uncle made sure to keep the young Nakamura where he could see him...the other reason was because he adores his nephew the same way his father did ever since he learned when the boy's birthday was.

Now leading his own mobile suit team, Nakamura is desperately struggling to get his team ready at a moments notice, whether they wish to cooperate or not.


Silent and retrospective, his air of sternness is not misleading in the least. The few words he says are often either respectful to those of superior rank, or biting and sarcastic to those of inferior.

For whatever reason, this has caused him to be known as ‘cool’ and ‘complicated’, leaving the more flighty members of the female crew to constantly drool over him, and the more-sensible ones to think him a pretentious brat to skilled for his own good. The men of the crew tend to think of him much the same way.

However, quite contrary to his looks, Nakamura has a quick temper, and is not afraid to get physical if someone of equal or inferior rank tries to question his authority; he has been in more then his share of fights, sometimes getting whipped, sometimes the one doing the whipping. This has lead to a somewhat unfair reputation among the crew that he’s one of ‘those’ officers.

He has a love-hate relationship with his uncle; his Uncle loves him, he hates his uncle’s persistence and quip tongue at his faults. However, at the end of the day Nakamura will do as ordered; discipline must be maintained. He has yet to recognize, or at least yet to develop, his uncle's charaismatic ability to attract others to his cause, and more often then not alienates himself.

Surprisingly, his hatred of ZAFT does not lead to a hatred of Coordinators; if his uncle’s pet saying to excuse those jealous of Coordinators, ‘Naturals put in twice the effort to get only half the results’, then it just stands to reason to put in four times the effort in anything one does. After all, it’s not like Coordinators are genetic ‘supermen’, things simply come more naturally to them. To Nakamura, Coordinator performances are a standard by which to set himself against and defeat.

Goals: He is career military; ultimately, he wishes to become one of those 'big-wigs' who have been most lacking on the enforcement of discipline...

Other: Nakamura is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, to the point of where he could hold his own against a Coordinator if worst comes to worst.
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Name Jack Harrington
Faction ZAFT
Race Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 19
Birthday 20AUG53
Place of Birth Aprilius 1
Height 163 cm
Weight 70 kg
Desired Rank and Position ZAFT Red/Flight Leader/GuAIZ R Pilot aboard Cynthia
Favourite Animal
Appearance Blond hair in a high and tight, green eyes, short but stocky build

Jack grew up on Aprilius 1 as the son of Mick and Betty Harrington, a family of 2nd generation Coordinators. Jack was an athletic prodigy, a wizard at ice hockey. He gained admission to a prestigious prep school on an athletic scholarship. His grades weren't great, but they were good enough. Did a little hell raising at his prep school but nothing too serious to prevent him from gaining entrance to the ZAFT Fleet Academy on another athletic scholarship. The Fleet Academy promised him the best deal he had heard, and the other universities competing with them didn't promise him a slot on the team better than third line; the Fleet Academy promised him a slot on their first line; which swayed him to the Academy.

Jack was in his first year at the Academy when the Bloody Valentine hit. he was fortunate enough not to have family on Junius Seven, but he saw the rage many of his classmates had for the Naturals after that. He knew intellectually that not all of the Naturals hated Coordinators, but he couldn't get over his rage for quite some time when he found out his roommate's mother had been killed. He applied for Mobile Suit training and was approved for it, graduating the Academy and entering training just in time for the end of the Bloody Valentine War. At Flight School, his natural athleticism and quick reflexes made him a born pilot, and he graduated in the top 5% of his class and winning the coveted Red Coat. Jack was initially assigned to the Harvan Team aboard the Heisenberg where he did well, eventually being promoted to the position of Flight Lieutenant after only eight months. During that tour, Jack picked up four kills against a remnant wing of Blue Cosmos - three Moebius's and a single Strike Dagger. After his 1 year tour with the Harvan team, he was reassigned to a shore detail, but was quickly recalled to underway duty with the Cynthia's air wing after the loss of Flight Lieutenant Denver Lazarn as a replacement.

Personality Jack is a very laid back guy. He's used to having his way a bit, as he has been high profile most of his life as a star athlete and treated as such. He is also a practical joker, and loves to prank his shipmates. Despite that, he's very easy to like, and makes friends easily. Jack has also started to let go of his hatred of all Naturals and has instead focused it onto the Blue Cosmos and other radical anti-Coordinator groups.

Goals Jack joined the Fleet for the wrong reasons, but learned the right ones during his time at the Academy. He fights to destroy the radicals that threaten Coordinators for simply being Coordinators; hating them for something they have no control over.

Other If there are any flight leader slots left open [3 man flights as I understand them], I respectfully request one. If there are no Flight Leader billets left, I will gladly switch to requesting a Green.
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Name: Michael Gilliam
Faction: Earth Alliance/ Coalition Forces
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 9/27 C.E. 50
Place of Birth: Boston, Earth
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Desired Rank and Position: Ensign stationed on the Turkle
Favourite Animal: Hawk

Appearance: Usually wears his uniform. For casual clothes, he
usually wears a plain white T-shirt and jeans. He looks like this

History: Born in Boston, Michael grew up with an early interest in the military. He loves to read history books, and has read up on some of the past wars. He enrolled in an Earth Alliance Academy at the age of 18. He graduated at the end of the Bloody Valentine War.

Growing up, Michael had a pretty normal school life. He loved to read history books during class and was nicknamed "Bookworm" by his friends. He actively played sports teams such as swimming, football, baseball, and cross country. This kept him in shape to and also kept him busy.

Michael's parents were a major influence on him. His mother is a writer who spent time writing sci-fi novels. She influenced him to read sci-fi. Often times, Michael would help inspire her with new ideas for novels. He is sometimes seen reading her novels.

His father was a lieutenant and inspired Michael to join the EAF. He was killed before his son graduated from the academy in the Battle of Panama. Michael was saddened by the loss of his father, but he did not hate Coordinators.

During the academy, Michael focused on close quarters combat. He practiced Taekwondo to help work on his hand-to-hand. His accuracy is fair, and he can use a ranged weapons well enough.

Michael hopes to survive the upcoming battles and to bring about peace as quickly as possible. He wants to train pilots during peacetime to help stop war from being the only option. He hates the idea of hating others based on their genes and tries to discourage others from that line of thinking.

Personality: Michael is usually serious, though he likes to have fun drinking with his fellow soldiers. He tends to relax by practicing Taekwondo or reading history books. He tries to keep calm in battle. Michael likes to make friends and will try to join them when he can.

Goals: To help bring about peace and eventually teach at a piloting academy.

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Name Denver "Duke" Lazarn
Faction Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
Genetic Type Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 24
Birthday January 21
Place of Birth Junius Two, PLANT
Height 6'2"
Desired Rank and Position Red
Favorite Animal Pit bull

Appearance Tall and beefy, with dark orange hair he keeps combed, but not impeccably so, and brown eyes on his square-jawed face. He has a big frame, with broad shoulders and a wrestler's physique. In spite of his initially intimidating appearance, he generally has a grin on his face.

History Denver Lazarn's family is poor by PLANT standards, so Denver, not wanting to put too much a financial burden on his parents, opted to sign up for ZAFT after he got out of high school. He figured he would be a mechanic or a warship gunner, but the recruiters saw potential in Denver for mobile suit piloting. Thus, he was put through the academy, where his energy and disposition made him well-liked by his peers and highly successful in his scores. It was here that he gained the nickname "Duke", though the nickname's exact origins are unclear.

Duke was popular and well-liked, but he worked his ass off to do the best he could, and graduated 4th in his class for his effort, earning him a hard-won Red uniform. He would be assigned to lead a small team of rookies, who quickly took to looking up to him.

It was just a few years after graduation that war with the Naturals broke out. Duke rose to the occasion, attracting praise for his bold leadership and ability to inspire his subordinates through action, if not with words. He was sent to Earth, where he would frequently lead daring maneuvers, would always be the first one in, the last to retreat (leaving only when he'd confirmed all his men were out), and would never have his men take risks he himself wouldn't take. On one occasion, Duke was even trapped behind enemy lines, laying low and managing to sneak out after three days. He received numerous decorations and medals for his actions, but always insisted he was just doing his job, that he was nobody special.

As the Earth Alliance gradually retook ground with the introduction of their mobile suits, Duke was reassigned to fight in space. His record of notable leadership continued. He was assigned to Granzi Team upon its formation near the end of the war, and was among the many to be disabled by the Freedom at Jachin Due.

After the war, Duke stayed in ZAFT. He married Nancy Wogis (now Nancy Lazarn), a nurse from Februarius Nine he met while recovering from his Jachin Due wounds, and was then assigned again to Granzi Team, where he remains. He writes to his wife frequently.

Personality Duke is full of rowdy energy. He aways looks out for his guys, and won't think twice about charging straight into enemy fire if he thinks he can bail someone out of trouble by doing so. Even still, he always waves off any praise he receives for his battlefield actions, asserting he's just your regular guy, that anybody else would do the same.

Duke was always considered a go-getter since he was a child. He was always full of energy, always eager to get things done, always naturally leading his peers, always eager to make things better. All the same, he has a disposition such that nobody sees him as an overacheiver; he has a knack for lightening the mood, making people feel at ease. His energy always puts him among the top of his peers, while his demeanor makes sure he's always well-liked.

Just as he fights hard and works hard, Duke takes full advantage of time off. He loves a good beer and a good laugh (he has that kind of infectious, "big guy" belly laugh), and always makes sure everyone's having a good time. He's the kind of guy about whom one wonders if he ever runs out of steam.

He's the kind of guy who doesn't believe much in talking. If he sees a problem, he goes right to fixing it without ado. He believes in jumping in and getting the job done without any hand-wringing or worrying.

Goals Keep on fightin'.

Other Drinks are always on Duke

EDIT: Changed hair color and nothing else.
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Name Cherryh Suhndey
Faction Atlas
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 28
Birthday October 21st
Place of Birth Luna
Height 6'
Weight 170-180lbs
Desired Rank and Position Hired civilian? Lead helmsman aboard Girty Lue-class ship, Nosi
Favourite Animal Anything edible and tasty on its own. Though he doesn't mind embellishing the taste with things such as spices.

A trim rectangular-ish frame with an somewhat oval shaped face and almost square jaw. Soft hands and slender fingers with high cheeks that sometimes could hide his amber colored eyes if he smiles to brightly. Flat stomach and chest, Cherryh lacks a bit in way of solid muscle mass yet is still fit and in rather good physical condition of someone who exercises more out of recreational trendiness. Yet there is a bit more solidity, though not impressive, about his legs as his only real physical activities on a ship are walking or standing for long periods and not letting his bone mass wind down too much from floating in zero gravity. His head is sometimes cleanly shaven bald save for a long, jet black lock of hair that is braided and drapes around his shoulders in at least once circuit. Brown, mahogany complexioned skin with a reddish undertone and a mustache-less, trident-ish goatee with the points being the underside and corners of his lip.

Along with his steel toe 'n heel tanker style boots that are above his ankles and are fastened with leather straps that wrap around and buckle near the top, Cherryh wears white and various pastel colored guayaberas, a sort of embroidered dress shirt with two or four pockets. Often he wears them short sleeved but has some long sleeved ones as well and they made from linen, silk or satin and sometimes cotton. In matching or complimentary colors are his casual wear, 'contemporary' kilts, knee-length and often made from khaki or corduroy though he owns a few made from other materials as well. And if he has to wear a uniform, Cherryh will often opt for skirt and leggings rather than pants.

Spoiled well-to-do second-generation lunarnoid, Cherryh has spent virtually his entire life in space amidst regular travel between Earth, Luna and the space colonies since he was old enough to walk. His father a salaryman encouraging businesses and people alike to migrate into space while his mother worked as a commercial passenger shuttle pilot; both preferred to bring their son in tow rather than just leave him on Luna with relatives. Along with his fondness of science fiction and the existence of Evidence 01, Cherryh had destined himself for a life in space and with his parents approval, enrolled into flight school on the very birthday he became eligible.

Cherryh's time in flight school, as well as during much of his private academic career, tended to test his patience towards Coordinators. If anything, he was raised to be tolerant them, even pity or sympathize with their plight. They were modified because it was what their parents (or grandparents if they were second generation) had desired before they were even born and because of that, they were feared and hated. And it was why many of his parents' clients were increasingly becoming Coordinators wanting to leave Earth, and why he was taught that he shouldn't necessarily be afraid of terrorists like Blue Cosmos since he was a Natural and not a Coordinator along with other liberal ideas that made him rather complacent towards and even complicit in the Coordinators' plight. But his upbringing was hard pressed against his annoyance and jealousy towards Coordinators as no matter how good he was in his studies and his training compared to Naturals, a Coordinator could still trump him. And as he grew older he developed a competitive and even arrogant 'I'm-better-than-you' attitude towards others, especially Coordinators; stating that his abilities are 'all me' and not 'hacks' or 'pre-programmed.'

Private and commercial piloting license in hand and as earlier planned, Cherryh took up the life of a freighter pilot. Financially backed by his family, he established and managed his own, nearly all-Natural, small-time trading company comprised mostly of college classmates, classmates of classmates, friends and friends of friends with himself at the helm. Capitalizing on the growing turmoil throughout the C.E. 60s, the company expanded its operations to not just hauling materials and goods between Earth, Luna and the PLANTs but smuggling and pirating as well. Whilst the antagonism continued between Earth and space the adventuresome entrepreneurs less than upstanding activities included illegal import shipping/blockade running for the PLANTs, transport of material and persons for anti- and pro-Coordinator/PLANT activities (to which they would sometimes turn in or tip off the proper authorities if a sizable enough reward was involved), and the illegal seizure of items or ships that had strayed from the regular lanes of traffic in order to avoid the growing military presence in space.

The adventure came to an midway through C.E. 70, spotted and apprehended by a ZAFT patrol as their forces began to dig in on the moon. Though rescued nearly a month later by Earth Alliance forces pushing ZAFT off the moon, they found that many of the charges against them carried over upon being 'offered' a choice to either serve the EA or a prison sentence. Choosing the former, Cherryh found himself training and eventually helming spacegoing warships for the rest of the war.

At wars end, a grateful Cherryh was discharged now that the EA was to limit it forces, yet was unable to restore his company, the remains of which had begun to collapse after his arrest and during his military service. Resigning himself to a member of the working class, Cherryh was nonetheless determined to rebuild his former lifestyle without the help of family and managing not to become desperate enough to join the junk guild. After months of intimidating lunar based Coordinators that he had once smuggled into space, gambling and contracting himself out as a freelance freighter helmsman, Cherryh was eventually discovered by surviving members of his arrested employees. With they acting as his vouchers, he was offered a leg-up back towards the high-rolling spacegoing jetset life he once knew by contracting himself to a heavily anti-Coordinator organization with deep pockets. And if this latest contract pays off, Cherryh could be set.

Though willing to resign himself to whatever situation is placed on him, Cherryh becomes no less optimistic that a silver-lining exists nor is any less confident of getting himself out of the imposed situation somehow. Some could say that his confidence and optimism even fuel one another and the constant results of him navigating out of trouble or poor conditions in turn feeding into an almost arrogant quality about him hinted in his self-satisfied and self-congratulatory smirk. Yet he often tries to hide it behind a humble, mild-manner unassuming personality that tends to fail him in the end, falling back on a haughty, stuck-up, know-it-all and even self-absorbed. Maybe mistakenly a proud, devil-may-care sort of risk taker, Cherryh wouldn't consider himself as such and instead usually prefers to only takes risk when he is certain of a favourable outcome--which doesn't necessarily means he cheats at gambling... occasionally, in so much as he's rather cautious in taking a chance.

A skilled multilinguist, social drinker and smoker, Cherryh can make himself at home or welcome in almost any gathering though when left on his own or without anyone to converse with will busy himself with other pursuits. Among his favorite is enjoying and composing mostly classical and jazz music and whistling, humming or playing by harmonica if no piano or computer-based music generator program is around or if he's not reading.

His attitude towards Coordinators has somewhat improved for the most part now that they are no longer shooting at him for the time being, returning near a state of just tolerating them at best while fearing any real grasp of power they could take over humanity and refusing to believe only they can inhabit space. Yet he still considers them to be lesser than him since they are 'genetically pre-programmed to cheat the system' while still having no great concern for their plight and fate.

Return to his wealthy lifestyle with his own hands. Survive whatever trouble and mess comes his way while hopefully recreating his shipping company and eventually settle down.

Aptitude for piloting mobile worker pods. Novice electric and mechanical repair. An attention and memory for detail upon recollection and well read, could-be know-it-all.
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Name Alexander Simonov
Faction Coilition Forces (EA)
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 21
Birthday August 16
Place of Birth St. Petersburg
Height 6'3
Weight 165
Desired Rank and Position MS pilot on the Scanlan
Favourite Animal Any bird

Appearance Alexander is fairly tall and slim, and has fairly long black hair, usually tied back, and very blue eyes. He has an old coin (from 2012) on a chain around his neck for good luck. When he is off-duty, he wears jeans and a green, blue or white long or short sleeved shirt. While on-duty, he wears his Blue EA uniform.

Born in St. Petersburg, Alexander always dreamed of being a pilot. When he was young, he daydreamed about flying a ship to Mars, Jupiter, or beyond. After the war broke out, however, he enlisted, to be a military pilot instead, fighting for the Earth Alliance.

Alexander had a fairly happy childhood. His father had a well-paying job as a commercial shuttle pilot, and his mom was stay-at-home, and did guitar lessons on the side. the worst part of Alex's life, in his own opinion, was when his father died--Alex was ten at the time--after his shuttle ruptured, killing everyone on board from lack of oxygen. Although the family was in financial trouble for a while, Alex and his two sisters still recieved good educations. When Alex turned seventeen, he moved out and got a job as a mechanic, working on shuttles and EVA pods--later on Mobile Suits and Warships--for a good paycheck.
When Alex was twenty, he decided to realize his dream of being a pilot, one way or another, and joined the military. He was found to have decent natural abilites in Mobile Suit piloting, and was stationed at the Panama Mass Driver. He was then stationed on the Scanlan.

Personality Alexander is fairly easy-going, and kind to most people. However, in battle he will kill the enemy no matter what.

Goals Alex's goals are to end the war, and leave the Earth behind, travelling to other planets.

OtherAlex enjoys eating Italian food (Pasta, pizza)
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After seeing how many ZAFT characters there are, I decided to make another Atlas character.

Name: Patricia “Patty” Johnson
Faction: Atlas
Race: Natural
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: June 3rd, CE 51
Place of birth: Queens, New York City Atlantic Federation
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110lbs
Desired Rank and position: Lt. J.G. on the Nosi as a Doppelhorn Dagger L pilot
Favorite Animal: Alley Cat

Appearance: Short brown hair, usually covered by an officers cap, with green eyes. While not a stunning beauty, she isn’t hard on the eyes ether, just an average good looking women. Wears a standard white EA uniform, but wears pants rather then the skirt that female officers generally wear because she feels it’s an annoyance in zero gravity. Will often be seen carrying a book of sudoku puzzles.

History: Patty has gone through her life thus far without making much of an impact. She was an average student and took a job as a secretary before the Bloody Valentine War began. At the outbreak of the war she signed up and was assigned as a gunner of a liner tank. During the course of the war she had read many of the works of Briana Waters and became enamored with her ideals and her hatred for Coordinators grew. She somehow miraculously survived, which many attribute to her uncanny ability to detect oncoming danger, and at wars end she planed to go back to being a secretary. That was until she had been contacted by the other survivors of her unit and was told about Atlas. Normally she would have turned down the idea of joining such an organization, but she then heard that Briana Waters was leading the organization and quickly joined.

Personality: Some what standoffish, Patty would rather bury herself in a book of sudoku puzzles then a conversation. Though if asked a question she’ll respond in a friendly manner. However in combat she proves to be rather helpful in her support role.

Goals: To accomplish the goals of Briana Waters, whatever the cost.

Other: Has a sixth sense for danger and has been known to disappear at times when her comrades are at odds. Other then sudoku books, Patty enjoys reading various fiction novels.
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