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Post by PhantomBread » Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:35 pm

Name Alastar Nylias
Faction Atlas
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 24
Birthday January 3rd
Place of Birth East Asia
Height 6'1"
Weight 187 lb.
Desired Rank and Position Ensign/Lt. J.G. on the Nosi as a Dagger L pilot
Favourite Animal Panda

Caucasian, with a combination of slavic and mediterranean features. He has short, military-cut blond hair and prussian blue eyes. His build is somewhat above average, with a minor six pack, as well as trimmed arms and legs. He has a scar running down his left leg due to an accident when he was a child.

He wears glasses while reading, but does not need them otherwise.

Although of Irish-Hungarian descent, Alastar was born in east asia after his parents, a pair of workers for the Fujiyama Company, had a fling while working there. After learning of her pregnancy, his father 'did the decent thing' and proposed, the pair getting married six months before Alastar was born. They continued their work for the company, and Alastar grew up primarly in company daycare, spending time with his parents at night when they weren't working late.

He showed great promise as a child, and was a dutiful student growing up. Not brilliant or amazing, but he was good. Above average, at least. In truth, there was no great event which sparked some great hate of Coordinators in him, he simply developed his views naturally during the course of his life, much the way one might simply naturally progress their own political views throughout their life.

He entered college with money from the military, joining an ROTC program to help fund his education. After his graduation, he recieved his commission as an officer in the Earth Alliance Navy and began his hands on training as a mobile suit pilot, with a few minor string pulls from his parent's long-time business associates.

It wasn't long before his views became more manifest. He joined Atlas due to his sharing of their views, though lacking some of the ferver other members show. Still, he supports them whole-heartedly, approaching the mission set before them with a military mindset. He believes in the cause, and he follows orders, just as a soldier should.

He's just happy to be on the right side.

Somewhat of a bookworm and nerd, Alastar is usually a quiet and reserved member of the team. He socializes with other members sparingly, though he's outgoing enough once around others. Those that get to know him find he is a caring and dedicated soldier, as well as being loyal to the groups views, although his outward fervor is somewhat noticably less then some of his other comrades.

Alastar fights to complete the objectives and survive, as well as watch the backs of his wingmates and friends. He has no real overarching goals or ulterior motives, and while a reliable soldier his lack of fervor means he's unlikely to sacrifice himself blindly or attempt to go out in a blaze of glory.

Shows some minor signs of hightened spatial awareness.

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Post by TGoTJoad » Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:40 pm

Name: Zach Morimoto
Faction: Earth Alliance
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: September 21
Place of Birth: Dairen, Manchuria
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Rank/Position: Ensign (Mobile Suit Pilot?)
Favorite Animal: Turkey

Appearance: Medium build with dark hair, often dressed in military attire.

History: Zach's life began after he joined the Earth military. His life before felt meaningless and banal. He grew up middle-class in the Asian port city, to a very uninteresting couple. This caused longing in his heart, especially when hearing about real and fictional heroes. While sitting at lunch during his senior year, he observed an Earth Federation recruiting table. Earth law dictated that all students be exposed to the military culture. The soldiers sitting there appealed to to the youth, they looked like the heroes of his youth. Within minutes, Zach enlisted into the Federation. While his parents were not happy, The youth ceded his fate to the military, knowing his potential would be achieved in the stars.

Zach started from the bottom up. His first assignment, repairing fighter wheels and supply trucks. While not an ideal job, the recruit took his assignment serious. His experience working the trucks allowed him intimacy with complex mechanics. His success did not go unnoticed. The Federation singled Morimoto out for night classes, involving complex engineering. He was slated to become a top mechanic, but soon the war escalated, and individuals fitting his profile were torn from their original duty.

Now Zach is training to become a mobile suit pilot. His intimate knowledge of mobile technology has helped him during his training. He graduated near the top of his class, and now is slated to join a mobile suit squadron.

Goals: Zach seeks to make himself known, and find his purpose in life. His goals otherwise are simply; survival. Anything beyond this is a lucky coincidence.

Other: None currently[/b]

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Post by Strike_Rouge_Mk2 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:55 pm


Name Mao Foulken
Faction Atlas
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 28
Birthday November 15
Place of Birth Cambodia,Asia
Height 5'6
Weight 145
Desired Rank and Position Mechanical Chief/Lead tecnician onboard the nosi
Favourite Animal Dog

Southeast Asian,He has black hair down to his neck. Slightly muscular arms but skinny. His eyes are also a black color. Wearing a white overall with blue coloring over the shoulders while working.

Born into poverty in Cambodia, his parents wanted him to be smart so that he could escape into a new life. His parents put school ahead of everything in his life. When he reached age 18 he had already been accepted into a technology institute in Orb. His parents sent him against his will and he now is an advanced mobile suit technician,and constructor.During his time in college he also was a test pilot for any new mobile suits and was once the test pilot for a Strike Rouge prototype.Often called the "Test Ace" by many of his friends, because of his high marks in the prototype tests.

He was affiliated with the junk guild for a small time and was famous for his skill.Word of this reached to the EA and he and his former-junk guild team were hired to maintain and repair the newest top secret warship; Nosi, along with anything else in it.

He is a very happy-going person, loudness is an issue at certain times. However, he is very strict with anyone of lower status while working but returns to his usual self when the job is done.

Mao places money very high in his mindset, once sabotoging a ship mid-cruise because an unknown source wired him money to his account, then escaping with his team. Aboard the Nosi he plans on collecting his payment for some certain reason and is determined to keep the ship alive for that very goal.

When seen fiddling with pens and pencils he is constantly lost in his own mind.
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Post by Sume Gai » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:13 pm


Wedge this is who I mentioned in that PM if she is unnecessary just delete the post or don't approve her till she is whatever works

Name: Cynthia Torring
Faction: EAF/Coalition
Genetic Type: Natural
Sex: F
Age: 21
Birthday: Oct 10
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Height: 5"5'
Weight: 112 lbs
Desired Rank and Position: Lt. Commander/Lead Pilot on the Turkle
Favourite Animal: Greyhound

Appearance: Thin with shoulder length Blond hair, a very smooth face and brown eyes.

The daughter of Vice admiral Torring, Miss. Torring was always top of her class growing up and usually was noted as a strong leader even in her youth. When the war broke out her brother joined up and became an MA pilot but was later Killed in action. As soon as Cynthia graduated she Joined up desiring to help end the war her brother died in and secretly to take revenge (although she doesn't hate Coordinators).

However, before she could do anything the war was over. She ended up climbing the ranks quickly thanks to her father's influence, something she is completely unaware of. Her assignment to the 14th fleet is an attempt by the admiralty to place some else who is easy to control near the pilots

Personality: she is confident and and sometimes cold. she is obedient to her higher ups and a stickler for proper procedure

Goals: To become a strong leader and (secretly) to find her brother's Killer and return the favor (if s/he's still alive)

Other: doesn't have many personal effects with her save some digital pictures of her family (particularly her brother)
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Post by Cardi Doorl » Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:52 am


Name Wayne Telk
Faction Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
Genetic Type Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 20
Birthday May 19
Place of Birth October One
Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs
Desired Rank and Position ZAFT Green
Favorite Animal Humans (particularly Coordinators)

Appearance Slim, wiry build, with a complexion that's as dark as it can be while still able to call itself "fair-skinned". Red hair (and I don't mean "redhead"; I mean actually red) of medium length that he usually wears swept back. Blue eyes.

History Wayne Telk spent much of his life without much direction in life. He joined the military largely due to the urging of friends and relatives and applied for mobile suit piloting because it seemed to him like it'd be interesting.

Then the war broke out during his last year at the Academy. Watching the war from a distance, and helpless to do anything due to his not having yet completed his training. He went through his training while his countrymen won victories in space and on Earth itself.

Wayne graduated with barely-accpetable scores shortly before the Earth Alliance started turning the war around. He flew a GINN in many of the violent battles in the closing days of the war and was probably lucky to have come out alive. He ended the war in a trashed mobile suit in the aftermath of Jachin Due.

Wayne spent a long time in a military hospital due to his critical wounds. During his time confined to healing, Wayne was allowed to wallow in self-loathing over the directionlessness of his own life, and the disappointing end of the war that left him so critically injured. His nation, comprised of a people genetically engineered to be superiority, had been brought low and forced to regard as equal those nations of people with innate inferiority.

Once finally cleared for service after five months recuperating, Wayne rejoined ZAFT. His time "meditating", as it were, meant he came back to the service a much-changed man. He was highly focused and driven, though he was also somewhat cocky and belligerent around other pilots. His commanders noted a marked improvement in his simulator scores compared to those he had prior to his injuries, but he did not partake in any real combat, considering how little there was to fight. He was stationed on Armory 1 until being given the option of some kind of dangerous special mission. He readily accepted and is now assigned to the new Granzi Team.

Personality Wayne has decided that nobody who is stronger and more fit, such as Coordinators, should ever have to be equal to those who are clearly inferior, such as Naturals. He believes this applies to both nations and individuals, and has applied it to his life. He likes to rile up and goad his teammates. Although he feels ashamed of his lackluster service during the war, he will not back down from admitting it should it be brought up. It was, after all, a product of the directionless man he was in those ways, and he believes himself since reborn.

He tends to be cocky, especially off the field, and frequently ignores what he sees as "minute" military regulations.

Goals See the day when the PLANTs dominate the Earth nations as it rightfully should.

Other Puts simple "war paint", similar to a football player's eye black, on his face before every sortie.
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Post by LadyTaurucis » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:05 pm


I dunno if this is even possible in the SEED world (Coordinators who don't quite come out perfectly) but I figured it was worth a try... This character is a slight reference to a rather popular video game for the PC, Xbox360, and PS3.
Name: Sanna Lachance
Faction: Earth Alliance
Genetic Type: One really flawed Coordinator...
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: December 22
Place of Birth: Earth
Height : 5' 0"
Weight: 107 lbs
Desired Rank and Position: I know next to nothing about ranks and stuff, so I'll just say Ensign (Pilot) on the Mancini.
Favourite Animal: Mythical animal: Phoenix. Real animal: Horse

Appearance: Sanna has short ash-blonde hair (Similar to Sailor Uranus in terms of style/length) and stormy gray eyes framed by long lashes. She looks like a typical frail person, pale-skinned and a bit physically weak, but due to her small stature she is excellent at running/acrobatics.

History: Sanna's parents had met in the military - her mother is a technician, her father was something like a spy/secret agent. They were the exact kind of parents you'd expect from a military background - strict discipline, high expectations, and no tolerance for failure. Sanna has a brother four years her senior, he was a very high achiever in childhood and became a very successful person when he grew up.

However Sanna's story did not go as well. Her father had to go into hiding before she was born, starting her mother down a path of stress and worry. Sanna's mother was a heavy drinker and smoker while she was a month pregnant with her unborn daughter, which led to higher chances of Sanna having birth defects.

To prevent Sanna from being "anything less than a perfect child" her mother decided for Sanna to become a Coordinator, hopefully editing out whatever flaws Sanna might have. The process did not go out very well, though, leading her to the genetic oddity that she is. Her altered genes led to her fraility and mental disorders.

In school she was ostracized by the other kids because of her physical/mental defects and also because they thought she was a Coordinator. In truth though, she isn't all that much of one - she doesn't have most of the resistances to disease that a Coordinator would have, neither does she have the improved reflexes.

In her early teens she finally learned what a true Coordinator was, she grew jealous of them and eventually grew to hate them. She wondered why there were perfect people out there, people who could excel at everything they tried at, as well as live to very old age and have complete immunity to every disease. This envy led to hatred of her brother (a Natural) because of his talents as well. Sanna also began to hate her mother for deciding that Sanna should be a Coordinator, as well as her father for getting himself killed on a mission. She became an average teenage delinquent, hating both Naturals and Coordinators alike.

Finally her mother got fed up of Sanna's behavior and sent her packing to military school. While she turned out to be practically useless with a gun, she showed an aptitude for piloting. When her mother learned of this she wasted no time in enlisting Sanna into the military, because it was highly unlikely that Sanna would do well in an upper class civilian career.

Sanna didn't really care, of course.

Personality: Cold, detached, and very mysterious. She was diagnosed with autism and bipolar disorder when she was little, and growing up in a rigid and broken family like hers didn't help very much. Sanna does not care when people/animals get hurt or die due to natural causes or... unnatural causes. She comes off as emotionless and cynical at best, destructive and moody at worst. Discipline and respect is one of her hugest issues, she always has a somewhat snide tone when she speaks to her superiors and will never look anyone in the eye. Even though Sanna barely acknowledges that she has emotions, she is good at reading people and figuring out social atmospheres. One anomaly about Sanna is that she never sobs when she cries. Her mother's parenting has left its mark on her - Sanna is an obsessive perfectionist, views people who she deems "weaker" as worthless, and views people who are higher up on the pecking order as "out to get her."

Goals: Sanna has little to no motivation and doesn't really know what she wants to do in life. She is the kind of person who will just float along aimlessly in the currents of life.

Other: When Sanna engages other pilots in combat, her eyes tear up very badly. She shows no interest in getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, but she spends an unhealthy amount of time with mechs. Her non-combat talents include singing and playing the piano. Sanna might turn out to be a decent artist, but all of the people she draws have no eyes.
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Doug Huntley

Post by Sneedham » Sat Sep 20, 2008 6:57 pm

The king of the skies Doug "Zapper" Huntley ... re=related Peak1.1

Name Doug "Z" Huntley
Faction Atlas/ Mercenary
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 39 years old
Birthday march 25
Place of Birth America, New Jersey
Height 6'1
Weight 175lbs
Desired Rank and Position Nosi's ace pilot in Dagger L and Capt., not the ships Capt., just the rank
Favourite Animal Jackal

Appearance short blond spiky hair, beard, blue eyes, muscular with board shoulders. beady pupils. he wears his uniform with his sleeves rolled up, along with a black beret and instead of wearing regular E.A. foot wear, he wears Combat boots. ... untley.jpg

History Born into a normal family, Doug was taken care by his crazed grandfather, who bragged about the thrill of the kill. This lead to Doug wanting to join the military, however his father got him a job in the police force. This didn't last long, as he would pull out his gun at every little thing he did, even at a traffic stop. After Doug was kicked off the force, he went into the military. While there, Doug decided to become a pilot, like his grandfather.The higher ups did not want another Huntley ruining the name of the E.A. like Grandpa Huntley. When the war started however, the E.A. had no choice but to let him join. They should have done this sooner.

An ace jet pilot, Doug was able to take out many of the ZAFT mobile suits with his primitive tech, Doug was the king of the skies, no matter what the ZAFT threw at him. When asked to join the newly created mobile suit division, Doug was thrilled, seeing as a way of doing even more damage. Huntley became well known with his instructors for his unique method of fighting. His style was rushing in to combat, carrying two extra beam rifles in case he goes dry. He would appear to go crazy, blasting at anything that moves, however he also had excellent reaction time, able to dodge otherwise fatal attacks. Also quite skilled in beam saber combat.

After completing his training, he joins the E.A.'s final push on ZAFT. Doug made a name for himself as being one of the best E.A. pilots there, taking out four carriers, along with thirteen enemy mobile suit after launching only three minutes before hand. Doug even fought against the famed Freedom, however its speed quickly out paced him, however he made it out of the battle unscathed. He felt he would have gotten more if the Genesis didn't fire in his general direction. Huntley's suit got fried, forcing him to retreat. By the time he was ready to go back out, the fighting was already over. He did however scored the most kills of any E.A. pilot in the entire war, having shot down well over sixty mobile suits in his jet, and thirty in his Dagger.

After the war, Huntley was presumed dead, when in actuality he became a mercenary. He wandered around, conflict to conflict when he heard of the group Atlas. thinking of them as another terrosit group, he tried to avoid them, but when word of them stealing newly made mobile suits came to him, he went looking for them. He was personally asked by Briana Waters herself to join. To seal the deal, Walters had to give Huntley a customized Dagger L, in his custom colors. When Walters told Huntley of her plan, Doug started admiring her, not only is she old, but she got the balls to kill an entire civilization. He claimed he would die for her ideals, if there was enough action, off course.

Personality Depraved, Homicidal, Egotistical, god complex, womanizer, sarcastic. An all around douchebag. surprisingly enough though, Doug isn't racist towards Coordinators. Doug is seen as a legend in the E.A., but his attitude towards others, usually younger pilots, is incredible rude and mean spirited. He does however seem to have friendly conversations with other pilots who have seen combat, such as morgan Chevalier.

Goals Doug wants to find a rival worth his time, as well as make his name into a legend. he also wants a go at the hero of the first war, Kira Yamato.

Other Doug enjoys listening to music, no matter who made. In battle he oftens floods the com channels with his music. The song in particular is the techno song Peak 1.1 by Darwin. This would be a problem with his allies, but it also dis ordinates his opponents as well. Horrible at small talk, often mentioning how amazing he is. His motto is " what collateral damage is to some is bonus points to me"
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Post by Sume Gai » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:06 pm

there are two (main0 things wrong there

first of all you must have come from the future since this RP takes place in CE 72.

and second Zaft is closed to new characters
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Post by Sneedham » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:12 pm

One of my original characters of the story im writing, however in my story, he is an immortal, but for this, i dont think they can be. meeh..

Name Nathaniel Lynch
Faction Atlas/ hitman
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 49 years old CE 23
Birthday Feburay ?
Place of Birth Britain
Height 5'7
Weight 150
Desired Rank and Position Briana Waters personal Aide
Favourite Animal Racoon

Appearance resembles Gary oldman From Dead Fish wears all black, mostly expensive business suits.

History born to a noble British family, Lynch didn't quite fit in with the others, causing him to run away from home at an early age. at the tender age of 15, he became an assassin, taking any job.

Over the years, he became one of the best assassins in the world, taking any job he felt was worth his time. He became quite close with Blue Cosmos, who usually called on his services. When the war starts, his career hit a snag, taking jobs for both sides. Blue Cosmos put a price on his head, but Lynch managed to outsmart and kill his would be assassin.

When the war ended and he was offered a job by Briana Waters.Lynch is quite skilled in blending in to a crowd, as if he disappears after a hit. he also dabbles as a kidnapper. Rather poor excuse for a mobile suit pilot.

Personality Calm, collected, yet occasionally has been known to have violent burst of rage.

Goals achieve true love, yet it most likely never happen. He does however will settle taking over a colony for his own purpose.

Other Has a nasty tendency of falling out of windows, often with comically results. failed to kidnap Lacus Clyne.
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Post by Wedge14 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:20 pm

I'd appreciate it if nobody posted in this thread to inform people that their characters aren't up to standards.

Only me,Cardi Doorl and Gambit01 have say on what is allowed and what isn't.

Character approval methods are something that will be done over PM in private to not clutter up the thread and other reasons.
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Post by Sneedham » Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:20 pm

Third times a charm
Antonin "The Colonel" Dovchenko

Name Antonin Dovchenko
Faction Atlas
Genetic Type Natural
Sex Male
Age 33 years old
Birthday December 3rd
Place of Birth Russia, Moscow
Height 6'6
Weight 280lbs
Desired Rank and Position Former Lt. in the E.A., both the Panama Base and in the special forces
Favourite Animal Bear

Appearance Menacing Appearance, cold beady blue eyes, large frame, muscular build, crew cut, with gray hair. scar running down his right side of his face, including his eye. Blind in the right eye. Wears E.A. uniform, no new attachments. Does where his Military hat at all times, along with black leather gloves. ... _026-1.jpg (I based my guy's appearance of this fellow right here. Dont now where this came from thou....)

History Dovchenko was born into a strict family, in which all of the men went into the military. Antonin was no exception. While there he made head way as a fighter, winning many underground fights. The reason was that he simply overpower his opponents with his sheer strength. He did however graduate the top of his class, and was inducted into the special forces. There he was singled out as one of the best, for his resistance to pain. This made him a great asset to the E.A. He did everything he was told, no matter how gruesome. ( His squad was responsible for the death of Dr. Hibiki, the founder of the ultimate coordinator project). While in the special forces, Antonin proved himself a skilled interrogator, which bordered on torture.

Antonin, along with others from his special force team then went on to train the experimental Extended soldier. After years of service in the Extended program, he retired to the Panama base, where he became a tanker. He was present during the Zaft invasion, and manged to down three Ginns before the strike daggers made an appearance. He and his tanke crew managed to get out of the disaster, and got pulled into the ORB conflict.

Antonin, who had served previously under Azrael in the past, was put inside the newly created Dagger. having no prior experience, Antonin managed to get his machine working out in the battle. Though relatively new at the whole piloting thing, he managed to down two Astrays, before being disabled by the freedom.

Antonin found himself again surviving another battle, and accompanied Azrael to the lunar fleet, where he was given the newly created Buster dagger. Antonin, having had experience as a tank commander, decided not to rush head on into battle, instead going around it, taking crack shots at damaged mobile suits.

However his tatic was found out by a squad of GINNs, though Antonin managed to hold them off before they retreated. This was due to the Genesis firing near his position. Antonin survived the blast, however he saw the devastation of the weapon, leaving the E.A. fleet in ruin. Deciding not to go back, Antonin went forward. Dovchenko happened upon the heavily damaged Strike gundam, which he thought as a trophy, and decided to finally return back to the fleet. When he made it back, he had to help with the recovery of mobile suits and their pilots. When all was done, the fighting had ended.

After the war, Antonin was still angry, wanting to have made a difference in the war, yet he was only humiliated. When he attempted to return to active duty, the military closed their doors to him, stating that he failed to protect Azrael. This is about the time Atlas contacted him, asking him to join their ranks. At first cautious, not wanting to ruin his family name, joining the ranks of mercenary's, he is eventually swayed to their side. He is seen taken aback by Briana Waters, who reminds him of his grandmother.

Dovchenko may respect Waters, however he generally doesn't want to be associated with scum of the Atlas crew. this may cause problems between him and the rest of the crew.

Personality A strict military man, Dovchenko believes only true men should serve in the military. Dovchenko is bitter and angry that despite all his years in the military along with his successes and achievements, he still lost out to kids half his age from ZAFT. Antonin is also bitter that the people who used to praise him now look down on him, seeing his failure to keep Azrael alive his fault . He doesn't seem to take jokes very well. Been known to get violent as well. Very obedient to Briana Waters, doing any of her dirty work if need be. He doesn't get along well with inexperienced members of Atlas.

Goals To rid the world of the filth known as coordinators. Achieving Briana Waters dream of a pure world. When he was a child, he always wanted to be the villain in a movie.

Other A true soldier, Antonin is skilled in ever basic form of combat but seem to enjoy hand to hand combat. Dovchenko usually spares with his crew mates, however they never seem to want a rematch against him. He received his scar and blind eye from a fight against a ZAFT prisoner of war, but Antonin did win the fight. He personal executed the Prisoner by breaking his neck. Despite being a natural, Antonin is incredibly strong.
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Post by Sneedham » Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:18 pm

Name Benjamin "the Jet"
Faction Atlas
Genetic Type Enhanced
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Height 5'10
Weight 250lbs
Desired Rank and Position Lt.
Favourite Animal eel

Appearance overly muscular build. brown hair the appears short, but long enough to put in a pony tail. piercing brown eyes.

History Benjamin was created for the sole purpose of destroying coordinators, however when his training was finally done, the war had ended. At this time he is asked to join Atlas.

Personality never speaks.

Goals Atlas goal.

Other incredible skilled in many forms of martial arts. Somewhat skilled in mobile suit combat.
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