Double Helix Sign up thread and Roster.

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Double Helix Sign up thread and Roster.

Post by Wedge14 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:58 am


Terrorist Faction Codename: Atlas
As the citizens of the Lunar city Copernicus live out their daily lives a small fleet looms nearby undetected. A group of Blue Cosmo influenced members of the EA have broken off ties with their former government disillusioned with the way they have shamelessly allowed the PLANTS to continue to pollute the night sky.

This group of terrorists call themselves Atlas. Lead by a former not only a high ranking member of the EA but a a very influential woman. Briana Waters was able to not only procure a small fleet of illegal mirage colloid ships but she was able to rally a full contingent of soldiers behind her cause.

Using her cunning opposed to going out on a full out attack against the Plants Atlas has decided to strike with biological warfare as their key weapon against the monstrous coordinators. Their current mission and true reasoning behind being near the Lunar city of Copernicus is to kidnap the famed Coordinator Geneticist Elizabeth McCrowan.


Coalition Forces

Earth Alliance
14th Fleet
Ptolemaeus Lunar Patrol Fleet.

This is a relatively new Fleet put together only 3 months ago. They're currently out participating in war games on the lunar surface.

Their home base is the Ptolemaeus Lunar Base, and they're tasked with patrolling the surface of the moon. They have yet to see combat as a whole unit.

Granzi Team.

A rather nice collection of ship's is under the command of Shema Granzi Unlike their counterparts in the 14th fleet they have been together for quite some time. Normally stationed in Armory 1. Right now they are on vacation and on ship leave in Copernicus city.

The Granzi are scheduled to be disbanded and reassigned once they return to Armory 1.

NOTES Everything in that Cyany blue colour is a placeholder. I need to discuss some things with the people who volunteered to help me run things behind the scenes before those names and details will be set in stone.

This Synopsis explains the current situation at the beginning of the game.

I have yet to proofread but if theres a problem or a question/suggestion please bring it up in the discussion thread not in here.
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Post by Wedge14 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:23 am

Roster and sign ups

Atlas-Lead by Wedge14

Girty Lue-class
- Briana Waters [Wedge14]
Helm-Cherryh Suhndey [Ziryab]
XO - LT Neillson Wayans
Chief Mechanic-Mao Foulken [Strike_Rouge_Mk2]
Team A
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Ltjg. Kyle Ryder [Kylern]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Ens. Aura Shyne [NPC]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Enzo Cagliari [Cardi Doorl]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11 Doppelhorn Dagger L- Commander Matthew O’Connor [Wedge14]

Team B
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Lt. Seth Naiman [Strike Zero]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger LL- Ens. Chien Hsu [The Loser Villian]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Jack Daniels [ORegan]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Alastar Nylias [Phantom
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11 Doppelhorn Dagger L- Ltjg. Patricia "Patty" Johnson [The Loser Villain]

Drake-class (illegal operations type Equipped with Mirage Colloid)
Hedland-Captained by Hugh Vicks

GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-

Drake-class (illegal operations type Equipped with Mirage Colloid)

GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-

Coalition Forces

ZAFT Granzi Team

Shema Granzi (W) [Cardi Doorl]

Nazca-class Cynthia - Zach Brant (B) [Xvlai]

Team 1 (Harrington Team)
Jack Harrington (R) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [RedShirt0909]
Edgle Glendrin (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [Wedge14]
Robert Seagal (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [Xvlai]

Team 2 (Raines Team)
Darius Raines ( R ) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [The Big Zabowski]
Marcus Caseon (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [Destroy Gundam]
Adam Trask (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [hellbore]

Laurasia-class Helga

Team 3 (Kidden Team)
Josh Kidden (R) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [EZero8]
Winry Moesta (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [Terrace]
Hector Cesar Sanchez (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [Random Zaku Pilot]

Team 4 (Corker Team)
Carrah Corker (R) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [SNT1]
Michael Langley Alvaaron (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty]
Wayne Telk (G) [Cardi Doorl] - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R

Laurasia-class Jeanie

Team 5 (Huriel Team)
Prelo Huriel (R) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [NPC]
NPC Pilot (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R
NPC Pilot (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R

Team 6
NPC Pilot (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R
NPC Pilot (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R
NPC Pilot (G) - ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R

Earth Alliance-Lead by Gambit01
14th Fleet-RAdm-Hiroshi Sahashi [Gambit01]

Nelson Class
Turkle-Captained by Capt. Harken Edo [sume gai]

GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- LT. Hiroshi Nakamura [Gambit01]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Ltjg. Darrel Bent [EZero8]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11 Doppelhorn Dagger L- Ens. Terrace Manosk [Terrace]

GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Lt. Mike Santos [SNT1]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-X01 Aile Dagger L- Ens. Erin Bruist. [Wedge14]
GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11 Doppelhorn Dagger L- Ltjg. Jerzy Potrzebie [Fritz Ashlyn]

GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ltjg. Stan Loonis [ScornMandark]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Lt JG James Russell [ScornMandark]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Dalos McAllister [Kavik Ryx]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Sanna Lachance [LadyTaurucis]

GAT-02L2 Dagger L-Lt. Cynthia Torring [Sume Gai]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Lt. Jg. Alexander Simonov [Dag101]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Micheal Gilliam [Zeonic Glory]
GAT-02L2 Dagger L- Ens. Zach Morimoto [TGoTJoad]

Drake Class
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-
GAT-02L2 Dagger L-

Character sheet

Code: Select all

[b]Genetic Type[/b]
[b]Place of Birth[/b]
[b]Height [/b]
[b]Desired Rank and Position[/b]
[b]Favourite Animal[/b]





I will PM you when your character is approved!! If something comes out i don't like or doesn't with the game i'll PM you for that too and i'll try and work with you to adjust your character.
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Post by Kylern » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:38 am


Name Kyle Ryder
Faction Atlas
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 25
Birthday June 30
Place of birth Nashville Atlantic Federation
Height 6'1
Weight 175
Desired Rank and position Lt. jg and stationed on the Nosi
Favorite Animal Ferret

Appearance: Really practically normal. His red hair is owned to his Irish background and his light skin follows the same path. Heavily freckled he obviously doesn't tan well. Kyle is over a above average height and almost perfect weight. He has piercing green eyes and has been known to be rather shifty in the way he looks at things.

History: Born in the Atlantic Federation Kyle lived through the Coordinator scourge and the race wars that filled the streets. While his family weren't die hard racists he grew a slight hatred for them as he entered school. They were the smartest, the strongest, the best looking, and it slowly ate at him. But once he graduated high school Kyle entered the military and immediatly went into the budding mobile weapons program.

At this time the weapon of choice for space combat was the Mobile Armor and two ruled the depths of space, the Mobius and the Mobius Zero. Oddly he was accepted to be a Mobius Zero pilot even if it was a prototype unit but he never got to sit in a real one when the first Bloody Valentine War started. The unit was not mass produced and due to his rank he wasn't allowed to sit in one of the few actual units. So instead he piloted the standard Mobius against ZAFT's newest weapon the mobile suit.

The war tipped in the wrong direction and the EA space fleets were crushed by ZAFT. The new mobile suits quickly made a difference and the poor Mobius pilots were shredded to pieces. That was until the introduction of the Strike Dagger. Being one of the few poor bastards to survive in a Mobius he was quickly placed into the new mobile suit where it seemed to fit perfectly. Piloting his new Strike Dagger Kyle managed to kill several Ginns and even one of the newest ZAFT mobile suits the GuAIZ.

Being a space soldier Kyle never fought in the Battle for Orb and once the war drew to a bloody end he found himself feeling rather unfufilled. Filled with wrath over the loss of comrades and his governments falter in the face of the coordinators he quickly joined the ranks of extremist symphathizers. After falling into a group of disheartened pilots they ended up joining a terrorist group stationed on the Moon called Atlas. So with the new Dagger L in possession Kyle was ready to fight again and spill the blood of those genetic freaks once and for all.

Personality: Not what you would think... He isn't a crazed Blue Cosmos freak that pulls the gun on coordinators just for fun. He is more or less a normal person trying to live his life. He just thinks all the problems stem from Coordinators and as a soldier it is his job to cleanse the source of the problem. Kyle is friendly and likes to chat about anything and everything and loves to learn about the world. Deeply fascinated with the Martian expedition Kyle dreams of humans living on other parts of their Solar System. While not a fanatical coordinator hunter, Kyle does see the Plants government as an enemy and will fight their military, so the fact he joined a terrorist organization is rather off since he normally doesn't condone that sort of behavior. Maybe this is a spreading of his wings in hopes of finding somewhere he belonged and a purpose in life.

Goals: To win in the end. This is a war and the only way to survive is to kill your opponent so they can no longer harm you. Maybe when this is all over he could settle down and live a peaceful life but until then fighting is the only way to bring peace.

Other: Being accepted into the Mobius Zero program early on means Kyle is a natural pilot. This is basically all he does and all he cares about. The politics doesn't matter, all that does is from behind the controls of a 60ton mobile suit. [/i]
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Post by EZero8 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:02 pm


Name: Darrell Bent
Faction: Earth Alliance/Coalition Forces
Race: African American (Natural)
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 10/30 C.E. 52
Place of birth: Atlantic Federation, Earth
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Desired Rank and position: Lt. JG. stationed on the Turkle
Favorite Animal: Koalas

Appearance: Dark and messy hair; strong, slender build. Wears a standard uniform while on duty. Click.

History: Born on Earth, Darrell had always resided in neutral territory. As the Alliance made several attempts to unify the entire Earth Sphere under one banner, Darrell continually found himself jumping from city to city as his family did all they could to avoid being dragged into war. They were staunch pacifists, yet Darrell soon developed second thoughts about running from war. Eventually, the family ended up in space in one of Orb’s many neutral colonies, much to Darrell’s chagrin since he disliked the idea of almost being in ZAFT’s direct line of fire.

With the outbreak of the Bloody Valentine War in C.E. 71, it became increasingly difficult to actually stay neutral. Darrell himself decided to join the Earth Military because of their high turnover rate, while the rest of the family decides to stay behind and condone with peace. The parting was bitter, but Darrell eagerly followed the path he chose for himself.

Piloting came rather easily. Fresh out of the academy just as the Strike Dagger models were being rolled out, Darrell quickly made his impact on the war. His skill grew as the campaigns progressed (as did his ego), and in time he soon managed to score a half a dozen kills during the war before being downed in the final battle. The same battle that pitted a three-way between ZAFT, the EA, and some private military determined to play god and end wars on their own.

The war, however, actually ended on a good note for all factions involved. But not for Darrell. Peace was seemingly established, but tragedy would strike again. After the war, Darrell had attempted to make contact with his family to make amends, only to find that they’ve vanished without a trace. He would eventually find out from a former neighbor that they were killed in various unaffiliated terrorist bombings during the course of the war. He was shocked beyond grief.

A year passes by since the war ended, and Darrell has seemingly moved on. He’s developed much of a wisecracking, egotistical personality from his veteran experience in the war, and appears content with the world he is living in. After a bit of sitting around though, he was almost randomly tranferred to the Ptolemaeus Fleet to patrol space, more specifically the moon. He could only guess what will happen next.

Personality: A hotshot pilot with a mean streak, the Darrell’s outward demeanor shadows a fiery sense of “justice.” Sarcastic by nature, Darrell’s words are marked with cynicism, and he consistently pokes fun at his more optimistic comrades. In the end, he hates keeping to himself, and tends to have a loud and sharp mouth.

Goals: To determine who eliminated his family, and to win whatever fight life has in store for him.

Other: Has a big appetite, and likes to eat pasta.
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Post by Wedge14 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:22 pm


Name Edgle 'ed' Glendrin
BirthdaySeptember 23
Place of birthQuintilis City
Height 6'0
Desired Rank and position Green Coat Pilot.
Favourite AnimalTiger

A tall slender build. With thin wiry brown hair and angled features. Edgle wears his green coat with pride. It matching his green eyes. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade of a crescent moon.

History: Edgle or Ed was raised by very eccentric parents. Being blessed with the gifts of being a coordinator he was given the chance to excel at everything in life with every door opening at his feet. But even among the best theres always someone who didn't meet expectations...

Edgle was raised in a closed community among coordinators. So while doing admirably well, he was deemed an underachiever in some sense.

His family was untouched by the Bloody Valentine war. But a few of his friends volunteered for war and were lost.

To respect their sacrifices he volunteered and joined ZAFT. Much to his and others surpise he was selected to be a pilot.

Personality:A bit of a wall flower. Edgle has a bit of problem of expressing himself. And more times then not his opinion will go on unheard . Definite confidence issues.

Goals: To make his family, and the families of his deceased friends proud of his sacrifices.

Other: Edgle is prounced like Edge-ul. He likes to spend his spare time doing crossword puzzles.
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Post by Terrace » Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:09 pm


Name Terrace Manosk
Faction Earth Alliance/Coalition Forces
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 21
Birthday Jan 18, CE 51
Place of birth Earth
Height 5'10"
Weight 185 lbs
Desired Rank and position Lt. JG mobile suit pilot assigned to the Mancini
Favourite Animal Shark
Appearance: Messy red hair, slightly pudgy, but not so you'd notice, green eyes, wears glasses when not piloting. When he is piloting, his normal suit's helmet has a corrective visor in place of the standard transparent visor.

History: Terrace had a somewhat normal life growing up, and signed up for the EA forces near the end of the Bloody Valentine war. He went through mobile suit training and was just about to enter combat for the first time when the war ended. As a result, he has never entered combat.

Personality: Terrace is something of a history buff, particularly in the 20th century and early 21st in the common era. As a result, he does not think that the Coordinators must all die, and actually respects them somewhat, despite being a Natural. His utter lack of combat experience may be contributing to this view, though. He also likes making references to history in conversations and has an obsessive interest in 'nerdy' pursuits.

Goals: To try to help bring peace to the stars, and bring evil people to justice.

Other: He likes wearing fingerless gloves for some reason. Even he doesn't know why.
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Post by Destroy Gundam » Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:40 pm


Name: Marcus Caseon
Faction: ZAFT/Coalition Forces
Race: Coordinator
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2/20 CE 48
Place of birth: December City
Height: 6'4
Weight 168 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Green coat on the Granzi Tream
Favourite Animal: Jackal

Appearance: Black hair and blue eyes. He's tall, but his build is more or less average. He wears a standard ZAFT green coat uniform when not piloting his mobile suit.

History: A first-generation coordinator, Marcus joined ZAFT at his parent's insistance when he was 20. He piloted a GINN throughout the Bloody Valentine war, serving from the Laurasia class frigate Einstein and scored a number of kills, but not enough to earn him a custom paint job. During the aftermath of the nuclear attack on Yakin Boaz, his suit was one of those disabled by the stolen Freedom Gundam. He swiched to a GuAIZ R almost as soon as the model had become available, stating that the GINN "could no longer stand up to the Earth Force's mobile suits" His parents are still alive, and work at Asimov Design Bureau.

Personality: A fairly nice guy in person, Marcus can be stubbon when it comes to certain things, but his loyalty to ZAFT is well-known. Although he's not fond of the Earth Alliance, he doesn't hate Naturals. He has a sarcastic side to him, but it rarely shows unless he's stressed out. In combat, he makes sure to kill his enemies whenever possible in order to avoid them coming back and trying to kill him.

Goals: He eventually wants to retire from the military and teach mythology at a college or university.

Other: He's quite knowedgable about mythology. He likes the fact that his GuAIZ R has a beam rifle, but he realizes that he needs to make sure to not suck the battery dry by "spraying and praying".
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Post by SNT1 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:49 pm


Name Mike Santos
Faction EA
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 24
Birthday April 1
Place of birth Space (PLANT Territory)
Height 5'11''
Weight 145 lbs
Desired Rank and position Lieutenant on Turkle
Favourite Animal Wyrms, Gryphons

Appearance: Brown hair with piercing green eyes. Wears glasses/shades, and wears around a big shark tooth necklace. Always carries around a Laptop or other technological contraptions.

History: Mike was welcomed into the world in... well, welcomed to the universe when he was born in a civilian space shuttle. Despite that he was still a registered citizen of Earth. Why that is is a mystery. He was raised by his mother alone, since his father died while working in space.

He read about the benefits of being an EA pilot once in a job fair in high school, so he took up the job. During his high school and college years he developed a skill in computer tweaking / software engineering. Despite sub par academic achievements, mostly due to slacking off, he still (barely) made it as a pilot.

Having joined the first Bloody Valentine War, he claims to have survived 3 encounters with the Freedom Gundam, a claim his colleagues do not believe.

Personality: Mike is a very quirky character. He gives off the impression that he quite frankly does not give a damn about anything, although that's not entirely true. Also, one of his traits is that he likes to claim a lot of things he did or can do, some of which may sound unbelievable to some:
-He killed a shark in a jetski with a knife and a pistol
-He survived three encounters with the Freedom Gundam
-He slept with female ZAFT coordinator pilots
-He is the best pilot on his team under the influence
-He is your go-to guy when it comes to barbecue

Goals: To be rich, get married, have lots of kids when this whole deal is over with.

Other: He installed a game console hardware in his laptop, which he can plug in his cockpit and play inside his MS.
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Post by Sume Gai » Sun Apr 27, 2008 3:00 pm


Name: Harken Edo
Faction EAF/Coalition Forces
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Birthday: June 25
Place of birth: Unknown(presumed to be Orb)
Height : 6"3'
Weight: 178 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Captain / Captain of the Trukle
Favourite Animal: Cat

Appearance:: tall, medium brown hair, medium build, brown eyes with a somewhat piercing stare

History:Was the sole survivor of a shuttle crash near Heliopolus, raised in an orphanage on the colony until age 18. His Grades were high but not notably so and he had good relationships with his peers (both Coordinator and Natural). Upon graduation from High School he returned to earth and joined the EAF because of he could not pay to go to college.

In the past twelve years has fought in the various pre-war skirmishes and the Bloody Valentine war; during most of the war he was flying a Moebious and eventually rose to the rank of Lt. Commander and became a squad leader. After the deployment of the Daggers the entire squad was transfered to the new machines for it's record levels of efficiency and and high survival rate. Official records state that during several battles he severely punished anyone who fired on surrendering enemies.

When the war returned to space Harken followed and was recommended for the special forces; A recommendation which he accepted. After the operation at Boaz, Harken Spoke out against the use of nuclear weapons. This offense found him in the Brig during the first part of the Battle of Jachim Due; his superior, who had yet to file a report about the transgression, was killed when Genesis fired and Harken was released for the remainder of the Battle. Upon the war's resolution he resigned from the special forces and requested to be placed as an Instructor for new trainees. He was instead assigned to the 14th fleet.

Personality:Gruff but friendly, has earned a reputation of being strict with trainees and is still well liked, is somewhat disillusioned with the EAF's current top brass

Goals:To bring his entire crew back alive.

Other:as a former pilot he considers himself an instructor and adviser to the younger pilots, keeps a picture of an unknown girl with him at all times.

Edit: Fleshed out personal history and a few other details
Edit2: changed wording to make points clearer
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Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Sun Apr 27, 2008 3:30 pm


Name: Jerzy Potrzebie
Faction: Earth Alliance
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: October 10
Place of birth: Texas, Atlantic Federation
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Desired Rank and position: LtJG on the Turkle
Favourite Animal: house cat

Appearance: average height and build; shaggy brown hair; wears a standard uniform like so

History: Jerzy has been described as outstandingly average for most of his life. He had an ordinary childhood and graduated uneventfully in the top half of his class. His father convinced him to bring some color into his life by joining the military, and he did so only months before the Bloody Valentine War began. His instructors considered his aptitude and skill level typical, and his career during the war was mediocre until he began to show some promise just before the end of the conflict. His affinity for inconspicuous normality kept him alive, and he managed to score three kills as a long-range support gunner. He was suddenly transferred out of his unit and handed over to the 14th when it was being organized, seemingly at the request of no one.

Personality: Jerzy is often described as others as “laid back”, but that’s only because he doesn’t talk much and sticks to the back of crowds. He’s polite to those he serves with, but doesn’t seem to get very exited about anything.

Goals: To retire, alive, and live the rest of his unassuming life while other people do dangerous and exiting things.

Other: While he is courteous and almost friendly to the people around him if approached, he absolutely refuses to talk about his transfer to the new fleet.
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Post by Xvlai » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:01 pm


((OOC: Edited for some grammar mistakes))

Name: Robert Seagal
Faction: ZAFT/Coalition Forces
Race: Coordinator
Sex: Male
Birthday: 7/10 C.E 40 (Age 32)
Place of birth: Copernicus City
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165 lbs
Desired Rank and position: Green Coat Pilot stationed on the Cynthia
Favorite Animal: Hawk

Appearance: Thick black hair fall just slightly over his eyes. Medium build, muscular he has blue eyes. His left shoulder is scarred from burns down to his elbow.

History: Both of Reese’s parents served in the ZAFT armed forces. He was born in Copernicus City. Moved to one of the colonies at the age of two with his mother, his father remained in service.

His early life was rather uneventful performed well in school. Upon graduation he joined the ZAFT armed forces and would later be stationed at Armory one. Where he would go and meet and marry his wife, Selene Tarly. They would move and live in Aprilius One.

In C.E 70 with the increasing chance of war he volunteered for the mobile suits corp. He went through accelerated training and was assigned a DINN. He served in a defensive role, for the Plants, during the opening months of the war. He served in space until his unit was transferred to Earth where he would be transferred to the ZAFT navy.

He was stationed aboard an Vosgulov class ship, where he raided Earth Alliance vessels. His unit would take part in the Panama offensive, where he would destroy two Strike Daggers, before being shot down. Escaping his wrecked DINN, he got the burns he now has.

He was sent back to the Plants for medical attention where he would stay for the rest of the war. He only got out recently and was assigned to the ZAFT fleet.

Personality: Quiet. He does not trust naturals from his experience in the war.

Goals: To defeat the enemies of ZAFT and ensure a future for his wife.

Other: Keeps a picture of his wife with him at all.[/b]
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Post by Dark Duel » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:52 pm


Name Lukas O'Donnell
Faction Coalition Forces - Earth Alliance
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 26
Birthday September 30th, C.E. 46
Place of birth Salina, Atlantic Federation
Height 6'2"
Weight 195 lbs
Desired Rank and position Lieutenant, pilot aboard the Turkle
Favourite Animal Peregrine falcon

Appearance: Tall and well-built, Lukas has angular features that are indicative of his Native American heritage. He is dark-skinned and brown-eyed, with long black hair. He is almost never seen in uniform, preferring to wear a high-collared violet shirt and a dark-blue jacket.

History: Lukas O'Donnell was born and raised in the plains of the Atlantic Federation's state of Kansas. His father was the owner of a cattle ranch outside the town of Saline. His mother, born and raised in Abilene, was a woman of Native American descent. They met in Saline and married a year later, giving birth to young Lukas two years afterwards.
Because his father was wholly absorbed with running his ranch, Lukas was raised primarily by his mother and grandfather. He went to High School in Saline, but joined the military rather than enter college.
He eventually became a fighter pilot, distinguishing himself first in the F-7D Spearhead, then in the more advanced FX-550 SkyGrasper, before moving on to mobile suits, which he used with the same cold-mannered efficiency.
Originally ostracized because of his heritage, Lukas ignored the taunts and provocations until one fateful day when another, younger soldier started a fight with him, aided by several of his peers. Lukas defended the other's attacks without retaliating, biding his time. In a later air combat training flight, Lukas launched alone in place of the instructor, while the trainee pilots were the very ones who had provoked him. Lukas utterly crushed three of them and allowed himself the rare pleasure of toying with his remaining opponent before bringing him down. Nobody picked a fight with Lukas O'Donnell after that.

Personality: Lukas is a level-headed man with a sense of humor bordering on the sarcastic and a highly analytical mind. He considers all things in terms of advantages and disadvantages, good points and bad. He is not arrogant, however, and readily admits his own mistakes.
He is aloof and does not easily make friends, but is liked in spite of himself by his peers and respected for his skill.

Goals: Lukas's goals as a soldier are limited to following orders and eliminating the enemy in the most efficient manner possible.

Other: Lukas was raised as a Native American, and as such has a specific animal "totem" - in Lukas's own case, the peregrine falcon.
He deeply respects these fast predators, hunters of small birds and mammals. Lukas's own combat style is similar to the hunting methods of the peregrine - a high-speed approach followed by a single attack, then an equally swift retreat. Nonetheless he is quite a good shot and a vicious close-range fighter.
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Name: Jack Daniels
Faction: Atlas/Mercenary
Genetic Type: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 5/28/C.E.56?
Place of birth: South Boston
Height: 5'9"1
Weight: 98lbs
Desired Rank and position: Doesn’t need one.
Favorite Animal: Wasp
Jack is an averaged sized person, who wears boots, pants, shirt etc. If the job requires him to wear a uniform, he really wouldn’t mind. Jack’s hair is light brown and has green eyes. He has a slightly toned body, not muscular, but he has some strength.

Growing up, Jack had an almost completely normal life. He lived in a big city filled with many ethnicities, even some coordinators. He had average test grades in school and had little to no problems with the other kids. He did however; have to deal with the comments about his name. The truth of the matter was that his birth name for Jack Gurdle, but a drunk driver killed his parents when he was an infant. His aunt and uncle, Stacey and Bob Daniels, adopted him. He was told about it when he was 13, and after 3 months of being depressed over never knowing his real parents, and that his ”Mom and Dad” deceived him, he got over it.

When the ZAFT war started, Jack thought that the war wouldn't reach him at all and took little interest in it. All he knew is that earth was losing and ZAFT had robots, yadda yadda yadda.

When he learned that his best friend died fighting against ZAFT, he quickly joined the Earth Alliance so he can fight the scum who took his friend's life. Sadly, he joined late into the war and the EA casualties were already very high. It can also be seen as fortunate because it allowed him to pilot the Dagger series Mobile Suits. During the war, Jack and a group of 8 others became a unit known as "The Swarm". His commander had a thing for bees and made all the members custom paint there MS in such a fashion. The Swarm had three teams, each team using one of the three striker packs that were tested on the Strike Gundam. He was in the Aile team, which the CO personally led.

For the rest of the war, the team did fairly simple missions such as take out the enemy convoy etc. By this time, the entire unit was upgraded to Dagger L's. They still kept the same unit formations and color scheme, just had better base units. During a ZAFT assault on a base, The Swarm was sent out to defend against the attacking forces. The main attacking force the enemy had was 5 teams of GuAIZ type mobile suits. When turning around to make another attack, the one of the mobile suits killed the CO of the Swarm. The second in charge then took control of the Swarm and ordered the attack, but it was futile. Most of the team was wiped out except one member from each team, Jack included.

Jack took control of the Swarm during this battle and the team ultimately won, but Jack didn't get credit for any of the kills. The other team member did the majority of the work before meeting their end, as well as the other survivors. Jack did manage to beat down a few, but members of the Launcher team again managed to take his kills. Jack didn't care though, because in one mission, they lost 2 thirds of the unit. After the mission, Jack became the CO of the unit, which stayed at 3 members for the remainder of the war. All 3 agreed to keep the bee paint job to pay homage to the 6 Swarm members that died heroically. When the war ended, Jack ended his career of mobile suit piloting with 3 kills, just two short of ace status. After he quit the military, he decided to pursue a career in electricity as a maintenance man.

The electrical business was a failure, too many electricians in so little space. He was nearly bankrupt. 3 months after leaving the armed forces, he took out a large loan to pay off his bills. A man came to his door and asked him if he would like to become a hired mercenary. He accepted due to his need for money, and soon found himself in the profession of a hired gun to feed his stomach. After 3 or four contracts, another man came to his home with a proposal for a huge job. One that paid extremely well. Taking the offer, he so0n found himself in the employment of Atlas.

Personality: One could describe Jack as a dick. He is known to be sarcastic and critical of everything and everyone. His insults are usually intended to be humorous, even if it is at the expense of others. Still, he is known as a very reliable person, and will see his mission through to the end.

Goals: To complete the job he’s being paid so well for. He also wishes too pursue a career as a professional ice skater, but he doesn’t have the talent to do so. Since it’s an embarrassing dream, Jack chooses to not tell many about it.

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Name Erin Bruist
Faction Earth Alliance/Coalition
Birthday May 4th
Place of birth South Africa
Height 5'6
Weight 120lbs
Desired Rank and position Ensign
Favourite Animal Elephant Seal

Appearance: Erin looks like she has descended from Royalty. With blonde hair ending just above her shoulders in slight curls. She has brown eyes, but secretly wears contacts that change her eyes to blue.

History: Erin comes from an exceedingly wealthy family from South Africa. Originally from England the Bruist family would send their oldest male to serve in the military.

Well i guess you can kinda see what happened here....

Erin has 6 younger sisters. Her father reluctantly sent his daughter away to a military academy when Erin's mother succumbed to cancer.

Her skills as a mobile suit pilot are considered above average, but her complete lack of combat experience is a damning estimate of her true skills.

Personality: Erin is a very outspoken individual. She might look like an innocent princess, but her cranky attitude and just sometimes unbearable personality cause a lot of people to avoid her. Highly demanding.

Goals: She wants to be taken seriously as be seen as more then an airhead.

Other: Erin likes to doodle, in her spare time. She's been caught drawing big hearts on the walls of the women's washrooms quite a few times now...
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Name Shema Granzi
Faction Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
Race Coordinator
Sex Female
Age 27
Birthday Feb. 11
Place of Birth December Three, PLANT
Height 5' 6"
Weight Classified
Desired Rank and Position Whitecoat, Commander of Granzi Team
Favorite Animal German Shepherd

Appearance: Slightly dark skin, gracefully slender build, golden blonde hair that runs just past her shoulder blades, sharp facial features, pale blue eyes. Tends to have a very nonchalant demeanor.

History: Shema Granzi's wealthy family wanted their daughter to be a musician, but she opted instead to pursue a career as a military officer. She joined ZAFT at a young age and earned her own Laurasia-class by the beginning of the war with the Naturals.

By the end of the war, Shema had earned a white coat and commanded her own battlegroup, which she led with distinction through the final battles of the war.

After the war, she remained in the military, with her squadron assigned to Armory 1. Granzi Team was recently allowed leave in Copernicus City. Shema herself was only recently informed that the squadron would be disbanded upon return to Armory 1.

Personality: Cold and determined, Shema will not tolerate anybody who questions her authority, and certainly will not tolerate failure. She is unforgiving and merciless, but is known to be highly respected. She is brave, remaining cool and implacable in even the most chaotic battles, and rarely finds need to raise her voice. Although she seems outwardly cold and uncaring, Shema takes extreme care never to waste her subordinates' lives. Some ponder about this, but in the end it's probably little more than simple practicality and avoiding wastefulness.

While there are many in ZAFT who respect Shema, she has at least as many detractors who consider her an "unfeeling robot" and deride her for what they see as an obsession with mindless obedience above all else.

Goals: Perform her duties exceptionally well and fulfill her purpose.

Other: Can play the viola (an artifact of the days when she was pushed to be a musician). Is trained, and has aptitude, for piloting mobile suits, but prefers not to. Has a habit of snappily - and, in a mechanical way, absentmindedly - flicking away locks of hair that wander into her face.
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The "Horn-dog" of Februarius

Name Darius Raines
Faction ZAFT
Race Coordinator
Sex Male
Age 18
Birthday March 19
Place of birth Februarius 6, PLANT
Height 6'2"
Weight 167 lbs
Desired Rank and position ZAFT Red, Lead on #2 Cynthia Flight
Favorite Animal The Human Female

Slim and toned, yet still retaining his boyish good looks, Darius has scruffy blonde hair that could be considered something akin to 1970s rocker locks. His skin has a tanned tone, mostly due to a preferred family trait that has been bred into the forefront of his family line as a Coordinator.

Born to the Feb-Bio Laboratories CEO and lead shareholder and his socialite wife on Febrarius 6, Darius was their only son, and as such has been spoiled rotten. He was constantly brought up to consider himself better than those around him, and with that mindset in place he began to "excel" over his other peers. In fact it was just his parents pulling strings from behind to make their son look better than the dull brick that he was in all reality.

In the end he would decide to enter the Zaft military academy and found it was not such an easy coast trough life as it had been during his primary and secondary school days. He would spend many a night studying on his own..and found himself falling spectacularly behind the other Redcoat applicants and falling deeper into Green Coat Territory. In the end he would barely meet the graduating requirements of a Redcoat with a swift kick in the pants in the form of taunting and chiding by the other academy members that were ensured a spot on the Redcoat list. He graduated last of the Red Coats for the class of CE 72.

A Womanizer and self proclaimed Ladies Man if there ever was one, Darius always feels entitled, even after attaining Redcoat status by just one percentage point. He's one to think of himself as better than the rest, and holds Naturals in a very low regard even for a Coalition member.

To become Chairman of the Plants and bring all the ladies into his office for a little "party" after his installment.

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Name: Dalos McAllister
Faction: Earth Alliance
Race: Natural
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: March 4th
Place of Birth: Aarhus Denmark
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132 libs
Rank/Position: Ensign on board the Scanlan
Favorite Animal: Salamander

Appearance: Pale with dark hair. Some have described him as a little creepy looking.

History: The son of two rabid Blue Cosmos members. When he was three, he overheard his parents discuss a massive operation to slaughter all of the Coordinators in Norther Europe. Not being aware of the tension between the Naturals and Coordinators, he quickly developed a suspicion about everyone around him, to the point of paranoia. At the age of seven, his parents were arrested for conspiracy, leaving him in the hands of his militant and racist uncle. Even more distraught, Dalos further rejected society, becoming somewhat recluse.
At 17 year of age, he joined OMNI as a technician as a way of escaping his family knowing that they would approve his enlisting. While he gained some MS experience at the end of the war, he spent most of his time maintaining Mobius and eventually Daggers. His knowledge of MS mechanics has given him responsibilities as systems inspector and reserve pilot. All good for him as another opportunity to avoid society.

Personality: Incapable of normal human relationships, Dalos is one to shun society and live in his own world. Taking great lengths to avoid people, he also has a tendency to carry out extensive conversations with himself. Not only does he avoid people, but he looks down on them as feeling that he would be better off not having to answer to such "morons."

Goals: Aside from forgetting about his family, Dalos has no immediate goals. He does however, have insane delusions of grandeur making him interested in becoming a sort of Nietzschean Overman.

Other: In his interests, he has secretly sought after drug therapy. He also is envious of Coordinators for their predispositions.

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Name Aura Shyne
Faction Atlas
Race Natural
Sex Female
Age 23
Birthday August 25th, CE 49
Place of birth Orb
Height 5’5”
Weight 115lbs
Desired Rank and position Ensign, stationed with the Nozi
Favourite Animal Cheetah

Appearance: Initially, she comes off with an attractive and cute look about her, From her sparkling emerald eyes, long red hair highlighted with bleach blonde streaks, to her overall petite physique, see does not look much the part of a mobile suit pilot. Coupled with her ability to giggle like a teenager, and carry herself with an air of obliviousness, she doesn’t much come off like a trained soldier either.

History: Born at home, overlooking the ocean on the mainland of Orb, Aura was born as the family’s miracle child after having been told that conception would not be possible with her mother having damaged reproductive organs from an unhealthy lifestyle and unsafe workplace. Because of this, Aura was spoiled throughout her early childhood and up until her adolescences.

By this point, with the tensions and racial divide between Naturals and Coordinators in full swing, Aura was bombarded with the anger and hatred towards the proclaimed superior beings living in the Plants. Having been brought up under the ideology of peace and harmony between all human beings, the intensity of the emotions that were held against either side was a shock. But as she aged and studied history in high school, she found the attitudes not all that surprising. In fact, she had become to see the same problem, but on a much smaller scale, within the high school atmosphere. As a developing teen, she had matured before other girls and had thus earned herself a favoring position amongst the boys. But, much to their disappointment and frustration, Aura did not simply let them have their way with her for their own pleasure. Her demands for the boys to prove their worth, turned them all away…

At least until getting permission was not an answer. When she was sixteen, heading home at the end of a school week, she was confronted by three of the formerly interested boys, all Coordinators wearing masks to conceal their identity, and was subsequently raped.

Aura was traumatized and hospitalized for her sustained injuries, the boys having never been caught for their crimes. Aura’s formerly chipper and happy attitude had been dissolved away, leaving only resentment and disappointment. She was private schooled for her last two years.

Looking for a place to go after the high school, and way to settle her burning hatred, she managed getting allowed to attend EA’s military academy, training to be an officer. Initially, Aura was an easy to teach cadet. She took to the lessons well, worked cooperatively with her fellow cadets, and set a good example as to being a fine officer. Eventually, by her last year, when they were engaged in mostly field training and scenarios, she began to question the strategic choices of her superiors and would openly object to a course of action, often settled for her own way to resolve the mission objective. She still graduated, but with numerous notes about her behavior.

By now the war was in full swings between ZAFT, and the EA, with even Orb having been pulled into the mess. Immediately, Aura was sent up to the moon to pilot a Dagger in the impeding attack on the PLANTs. She was assigned with the primary assault force alongside the Dominion when they attacked, and nuked, Jachin Due. She damaged numerous ZAFT GINNs, but never actually destroyed one. During the second assault, Aura corrected her mistakes previously and shot down three GINNs, four CGUEs, and two GuAIZ units. By the end of the battle, she was disabled by the X09A Justice and was recovered after the battle was over and the two sides agree to a ceasefire. Aura was only partially satisfied with her own results at vengeance.

When peace was declared, Aura was in an uproar. She was not through with her fight, and didn’t want it to end. Her disobedience towards her superiors spiked, and she was put off of active duty for awhile.

During her time off, after making a visit home, she was approached and accepted a place in Atlas, determined to vent her anguish.

Personality: She tries to keep herself in as much a good mood as possible. Not wanting to drag down the morale of those around her, she chooses to keep her smile on as much as possible, and keep engaged with her coworkers…going so far as to flirt. Sometimes, despite her efforts, she finds herself subdued and staring out into space, generally disinterested in anything around her.

With her superiors, she can be less than ideal to have around. Her skill in the cockpit of a mobile suit is notable, but her inability to follow her orders to the letter makes her hard to work with. She typically can achieve her objectives, but not through the desired means. On top of that, she carries an air of casual flippantness to her superiors, which can often be aggravating.

Goals: To be free of her anger and resentment towards those who scarred her.

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Name Enzo Cagliari
Faction Atlas
Race Natural
Sex Male
Age 19
Birthday Aug. 28th
Place of Birth Rome, Eurasian Federation
Height 5'5.5"
Desired Rank and Position Ensign
Favorite Animal Eel

Appearance: Shortish with a wiry build. Dark green hair that comes down just barely past his ears, brown eyes, light complexion.

History: Enzo Cagliari, an only child, was raised solely by his rather close-minded, outspokenly racist father. Enzo's father's xenophobic worldview impressed heavily upon the young Enzo, and while growing up Enzo only associated with peers with the same mindset.

Through middle and high school, Enzo joined Natural-centric "political" youth groups that were effectively little more than scouting pools for Blue Cosmos. He was just entering that age where he questioned his beliefs when the war with ZAFT started. The April Fool's Crisis resulted in millions of deaths across Earth, including that of Enzo's own father.

Feeling that this was vindication of everything his father had taught him about Coordinators, Enzo's xenophobic, prejudicial views congealed into hatred.

Enzo wasn't old enough to join the military until the war ended. He spoke with his political groups about signing up, but was persuaded not to waste time joining a military and government that ultimately conceded defeat to ZAFT and their Coordinators. Instead, he was surreptitiously referred to the then-newly-formed Atlas militant group, where he feels he's found a place to help solve the "Coordinator problem".

Personality: Can be rather stubborn whenever disagreeing with anyone. Otherwise generally focused on his missions. Regardless, he's highly self-conscious about his youth and combat inexperience compared to most of his compatriots and tends to go to great lengths to prove his worth while simultaneously trying not to make it look obvious. His youth and idealism tend to make him take rash actions.

Goals: Prove himself worthy of helping deal with the "Coordinator problem".

Other: Not worth getting into a meaningful debate with, since he generally spouts slogans and rhetoric ad nauseam and considers that "debating". Can play soccer and basketball pretty well.
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Post by EZero8 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:36 pm


Name: Josh Kidden
Faction: Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT)/Coalition Forces
Race: Caucasian (Coordinator)
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 3/8 C.E. 49
Place of birth: Februarius Two, PLANT.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Desired Rank and position: ZAFT Red on the Cynthia
Favorite Animal: Jaguar

Appearance: Spiky brown hair; tall; impressive physique. Wears a standard ZAFT-Red uniform while on duty. Click.

History: The Kidden Family is a very lucky bunch. And their firstborn, a cool, calm, and collected elite pilot, is one of many designer babies known as the Coordinators. Because of his circumstances Josh thinks of himself as someone bred for perfection; his parents are both second-generation Coordinators, and are one of the few Coordinator couples to successfully produce the next-generation offspring. With such success, the Kiddens would continue to pop out babies and give Josh a total of four brothers. His mother is also currently pregnant with her sixth, thus making it a remarkably large family.

With such luck, Josh would easily breeze through the various curriculums in school. After graduation from technical college, he would move on to bigger things: joining the military. It is there where he found the most success. His stroke of luck continues as he is commissioned as a ZAFT Red, one of the highest honors to be bestowed on a pilot. By the end of the Bloody Valentine War, he scored several kills in a CGUE and later a standard GuAIZ.

Now a year removed from the war, Josh is stationed with a long-standing fleet. He carries out his operations to the letter.

Personality: Kidden’s luck has earned him so much in life, and the result is a very happy guy. Despite his cold outward appearance, he has no concerns. He doesn’t even have any sort of ill-will towards the Naturals.

Goals: To simply live out the rest of his life after completing his run in the military.

Other: He’s a flirt with the women. He hopes that his luck will also carry on to his own children one day, and wants to find a suitable girl to be his mate.
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