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TARRRPG sign-up/character introduction/general roster thread

Post by Wingnut » Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:00 pm

This thread will be a place where new player characters to the game will be listed. Rather than editing the first post of the discussion thread every time, new characters and the mobile weapons they will be using will be posted here. Characters and machines will be subject to approval by me, although if you don't pick something ridiculously overpowered for your character to pilot or have your character be given some Jesus Yamato level hax power, there should not be any problem.

If a character switches machines for whatever reason players should make an edit to the post that introduced the character to reflect this. Leave the old unit in the post though so a history of what they have used can be seen and not confuse someone reading an older post that has a different suit when a character is using an upgrade.

NOTE: Sign-up for new pilots affiliated with the DC is currently closed.
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Post by hellbore » Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:14 am

Player: hellbore


Character: Hellbore (in pilot suit)
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Current MS: Freedom Kai
Fixed armaments: 2 x MMI-GAU27D 31mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; MGX-2235 "Callidus" multi-phase beam cannon, mounted in torso; 2 x MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannon, stored in wings, mounted over shoulders in use in HiMAT mode; 2 x MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" rail cannon, folded underneath hips, spread out in use; 2 x MX2200 beam shield generator, mounted on forearms; 2 x MA-M21KF high-energy beam rifle, stored on hips, hand-carried in use, can be combined
Location: DC warship Macht

Hellbore is one of the oldest members of the Gundam Team, having pulled through the portal aboard the Liberator. Originally assigned the Forbidden, when this unit was totalled, Hellbore found the Strike Freedom aboard a Federation vessel. He has since customised it into the Freedom Kai. The Freedom Kai is merely the body of the X20A with the wing units of the X10A. This limits manoeuvres in space but provides superior performance under atmosphere without the heavy Super DRAGOONs. The Freedom is currently receiving an upgrade to the ZGMF-X20A-EX

Character: Jacob Fàkin
Allegiance: DC
MS: YTA-08BW Cerberus Ignite (Form G)
Location: Aidoneous Island

20 years old. His ranking is a Captain. Jacob Fàkin was an ace pilot in the Fandom before a Federation ambush killed his entire team and severely wounded Jacob himself. Dr. Mishima of the Tsentr Project, for his own selfish reasons, saved Jacob's life when he replaced much of Jacob's body with cybernetic parts, making him a cyborg, requiring him to take a special medication that Dr. Mishima supplied him with. This was all done so that Jacob could pilot the TE Absorber unit efficiently. He felt uncomfortable undressing and bathing around others due to the way his body looked, causing him to do all of this stuff when he was alone. Now dependent on medication provided by Mishima, he piloted the Cerberus against the Federation and Gundam Team. Again severely injured by Divine Crusader pilot Kylern, Jacob was healed by the Divine Crusaders on their base at Aidoneous Island and offered a position in their forces.

Character: Sara Klein
Allegiance: DC
MS: YTA-08BW Cerberus Ignite (Form S)
Location: Aidoneous Island

23 years old. Her ranking is a Second Lieutenant. She hates it when others force her to do things, which caused her to run away from home, and eventually join the academy, working under one Dr. Mishima in the research of Terminus energy. She later serves as Hugo's operator, but because of her personality, the two didn't get along well at first. She is required to wear a DFC suit, a bathing suit-like outfit, in order to properly control their units. She disliked the suit's design since it showed a lot of skin, which made her slightly embarrassed. When GN technology was deemed superior and the project scrapped, Sara was drafted into the Fandom military as co-pilot of the Cerberus, the first piloted machine to utilise Terminus energy. Later joined the Divine Crusader and Gundam Team.

MS: YTA-08BW Cerberus Ignite (Unit in action [Form G; second part, Form S; third part])

After the Cerberus suffered major damage during combat, it was repaired and remodelled using the Ignite parts, turning it into the Cerberus Ignite. It features a newer, more powerful TE Engine, which allows it to use a special barrier, the TE Sphere. Because of it being equipped with the Ignite parts, it's capable of transforming into two modes. The Figure W focuses on close ranged assaults, where as Figure B focuses on long ranged attacks, similarly to the original Cerberus model. In Figure W it is called Form G, and in Figure B it is called Form S.


Lunar Forces

Character: Tyber Zann
Allegiance: Fandom
Rank: Colonel
Height: 1.8m
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Green
Age: 34
Ship: Merciless
Personal Mech: RX-160 Byalant

Tyber Zann is cold, methodical, ambitious, and ruthless, and has an arrogant streak, as evidenced by his overconfidence in himself. He likes to be in complete control of things and is also quite cunning. He is a tactical genius, and adept at using most weapons of war. He can hold a grudge on people and would not let it go until he made them pay. Zann also seems quite confident in his abilities, making his leadership abilities very powerful. His ruthless efficiency has caused his superiors to look the other way on some of his certain dealings. On the side he has created for himself a mobile suit and ship for his own personal use and all units under his command bear his personal mark.

Current commander of the Fandom Lunar Forces, the arrival of certain person of high standing and rank threaten to disrupt the delicate balance he has maintained.

Notable Subordinates

Name: Urai Fen
Rank: Major
Personal Mech: AMX-104 R-Jarja

Urai Fen is Tyber Zann's loyal bodyguard, and second in command of Zann's forces. Urai is an old and proud warrior, who prefers to simply kill enemies rather than seeing the purpose of letting them live. Despite this, to an extent, Urai seems to have something of a conscience. Also unlike Tyber, he seemed willing to accept a lot more responsibility for the well being of others, often volunteering himself for the more dangerous objectives in a mission, though this could, again be done out of practicality or a will to test himself. He prefers melee combat and the use of blades over ranged weapons.

Name: Silri
Rank: Nominally a Major, though is not a part of the regular military.
Personal Mech: RMSN-008 Bertigo

Silri is a Newtype in Zann's employ. Rescued from Federation research labs, they formed an alliance of convenience. Even before Zann and Urai Fen rescued her and took her off planet, they began to distrust her. She works for Tyber Zann in the hopes of being able to witness and partake in the destruction that Zann intends on causing.

Anti-Gundam Team

Character: Juuso Eljas
Allegiance: Fandom
Mecha: ZGMF-X42S Destiny

Former commander of the Fandom 23rd Patrol Fleet, Juuso is currently assigned to the Anti-Gundam Taskforce under the Red Eagle, Maj. Charles Gordon, based in Hawaii. Is well regarded within the ruling circles of the Fandom's Giganos faction.

Practice Team

Dan Florian
Unit type: close combat mobile suit
Armament: GN vulcan gun x 2, GN claw x 2, GN beam saber x 2, GN sword x 2

Hendrik Geiner
Unit type: artillery mobile suit
Armament: GN vulcan gun x 2, GN claw x 2, GN beam saber x 2, GN beam cannon x 2

Simon Fritz
Unit type: EWAC reconnaissance mobile suit
Armament: GN vulcan gun x 2, GN claw x 2, GN beam saber x 2, EDW (electronic deception warfare) antenna, mounted on head, GN beam rifle x 1

Bodyguards to Juuso Eljas. Repeated encounters with the Gundam Team have honed their skills considerably.


35th Lunar Patrol Group

Location: Arzachel Lunar Base

An Earth Federation base located in the Arzachel Crater on the near side of the moon. After the destruction of the Ptolemaeus Lunar Base by the Fandom, the Arzachel Base became the Federation's main lunar stronghold.

Class: Nahel Argama
Unit type: carrier battleship
Operator: Federation
Dimensions: overall length 380 meters
Fixed armaments: 2 x 2-barrel main gun; 2 x main gun; 2 x secondary gun; hyper mega particle gun; 2 x mega particle gun
Mobile suits: 12
Launch catapults: 5

Captain: James Krager

Lt. Colonel James Krager is a young officer in the Earth Federation Forces who proved his command capabilities early in the war with the Fandom. Unpopular with the Federation command due to his lack of willingness to follow orders he personally disagrees with, but able to couch it such ways as to avoid charges of insubordination or treason, he was given command of the long range patrol group that regularly takes him out of the Earth Sphere. Now temporarily attached to the Luna Fleet.

Rogue Squadron

RGZ-95 ReZEL squadron assigned to the Pericles in its deep space patrol. Now permanently attached to the Pericles inside the Earth Sphere.


- Captain Tycho Celchu (Rogue Leader [CO])
- Lieutenant Corran Horn (Rogue Two [XO] {Newtype})
- Garik "Face" Loran (Rogue Three)
- Kell Tainer (Rogue Four)
- Myn Donos (Rogue Five)
- Ton Phanan (Rogue Six)
- Falynn Kimmers (Rogue Seven)
- Tyria Sarkin (Rogue Eight)
- Castin Donn (Rogue Nine)
- Inyri Forge (Rogue Ten)


Character: Ayin Tollah
Allegiance: Federation
Mech: Re-GZ
Model number: RGZ-91
Unit type: custom coloured transformable mobile suit
Location: Pericles, Arzachel Lunar Headquarters

Mysterious character found adrift in space by the Pericles. Claims to have no memory of past events that lead him there. Now assigned to Pericles as pilot of RGZ-91 Re-GZ.
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Post by Wingnut » Tue May 06, 2008 1:56 am

Character: Raven Sterling
Allegiance: Fandom
Current Mobile Suit: Gundam Throne Zwei equipped with 00 2nd season GN Tau drive
Location: Fandom Hawaii base

Character: Captain Theo Rawn
Allegiance: Federation
Location: Ra Calium class ship Grey Wolf

Character: Bian Zoldark
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Current Mobile Suit: Valsion
Location: Aidoneus Island

Character: Wingnut
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Current MS: XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero
Location: Earth, on route to Aidoneus

Previous units: Re-GZ Custom with regular Re-GZ shield and 2 x 2-tube grenade launcher, 2 round magazine per tube, mounted in forearms, operable in mobile suit mode only. *Destroyed in battle*
SVMS-01O Over Flag

Player: Wingnut (Adoptable if you want him. Just ask and he's yours.)
Character: Charles Gorden aka the "Red Eagle"
Allegiance: Fandom
MS: A red Tallgeese
Location: Fandom Hawaii base.

A Fandom ace with enough skill to take on the Gundam pilots and live to tell about it. MS will always be painted red regardless of its original color. More or less this game's Char clone. Does not have a secret agenda against his superiors though.

Player: Wingnut
Character: Major Thomas Ryker
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Location: Minerva class ship, Ceres

Identical twin to the late Commander William Ryker of the Liberator and commanding officer of the Osprey.
Transferred to command the Ceres.

Player: Wingnut
Character: Maarek Stele
Allegiance: Federation
MS: Mass Production type Nu Gundam Currently with Fin Funnel remote weapon pack.
Location: Grey Wolf

Much like his TIE Fighter counterpart, this Maarek is an ace pilot that is also a semi-newtype that is steadily growing in his abilities. Loyal to the Federation, and in particular Captain Rawn's way of doing things.

Player: Wingnut
Character: MBF-06/ZGMF-X12A Arbiter aka Roberto
Allegiance: Fandom
Mecha: YGMA-14 Gilgazamune
Status: DEAD

History: When the Grey Wolf made a stop at the moon after recovering the Gundam team in space from the Liberator, Roberto disappeared without a trace even leaving his custom Gundam behind.
What no one in the Federation knew at the time was that he was kidnapped by Fandom agents on the moon and was one of the first modern experiments with newtypes that the Fandom had made.
Unlike many in his generation of test subjects, he was considered a success and given the prototype Gilgazamune to use. However he was not completely unaffected by the enhancements and as such rarely speaks or shows any emotion at all as his original personality has been almost completely erased.

KIA near the Federation Taipei base.

Player: Wingnut
Character: Chris Talon
Allegiance: DC
Current MS: Huckebein Mk. II with Gunnery Carver weapon system
Location: Valhalla (the ship)

A Sargent in the DC that piloted a Guarlion before being selected to be a test pilot for new DC mobile weapons. Resembles a blond Arado Balanga both in physical appearance and personality.

His Huckebein Mk. II has the new multi function Gunnery Carver weapon system as it's primary weapon instead of the photon rifle and G-Impact cannon. (Unit shown mounted on rear waist of the Balgora)
Features several weapons in one large unit that include a railgun in the top portion at the front of the weapon, a curved beam saber emitter mounted on the lower part of the front, a solid GN blade forged from recovered scraps of the Exia's GN blades that works like a switchblade and extends from the back of the unit, and a smaller G-Impact cannon that is hidden in the unit and deploys by the top and bottom parts of the weapon splitting open. (Similar to how a Zentradi warship does when it fires that large beam cannon they have.)

GC system in action. (Ignore from 3:38 on for now.)

The Huckebein also retains the beam sword, chakram shooter, and head vulcans of the original.

Player: Wingnut
Character: Johann Trinity
Allegiance: Fandom
Current MS: Gundam Throne Eins equipped with 00 2nd season GN Tau drive
Location: Hawaii base

Player: Wingnut
Character: Nena Trinity + purple Haro
Allegiance: Fandom
Current MS: Gundam Throne Drei equipped with 00 2nd season GN Tau drive
Location: Hawaii base
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Post by Strike Zero » Tue May 06, 2008 1:15 pm

Name: Strike Zero
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Age: 18 (originally 17; Happy Birthday to me!)
Unit: MSN-001 Delta Gundam
Location: Divine Crusaders Yggdrasil III class Valhalla
Previous Unit(s):
GAT-X1022 Blu Duel Gundam

The cheerful, wacky, and happy-go-lucky member of the Gundam team. One of the first to be brought over to this dimension, he is one of the more experience members of team and always reliable in a pinch. He has skills in combat, but never really seems to take his fights too seriously. Example: he has an odd habit of ripping off already well-established signature moves of pre-existing pilot aces and applying his own name to them, just to make his fights more entertaining.

* * * * * *

Name: Stellar Lousier
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Age: 15
Unit: ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam
Location: Divine Crusaders Yggdrasil III class Valhalla

A pilot from the Gundam SEED Destiny universe brought over to this universe by Strike Zero. She initially started off much the same as she did in her original series (broken vocabulary, simple minded, uncontrollable panic at the mention of 'dying'). However, the companionship of normal people such as Strike and the other Gundam pilots seems to have rubbed off on her--she's now behaving more and more like a regular person. Of all the pilots, she seems to be rather attached to Strike, who in turn seems to view her as a surrogate little sister.

* * * * * *

Name: Xing Xiu
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
Age: 13
Unit: XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam
Location: Divine Crusaders Yggdrasil III class Valhalla

A young girl from the streets of Hong Kong. Growing up on the streets ever since she was a little girl, she made a name for herself by becoming one of the most notorious thieves that Hong Kong had ever seen. If it was valuable, she'd find a way to steal it, especially if it was bolted to the floor (she always took this as an extra challenge made especially for her).

She initially made her appearance in an attempt to steal the Wing Zero, the Gundam belonging to Divine Crusaders pilot Wingnut, from the DC warship Ceres. The attempt went awry when the Zero system went out of control, causing her to go on a mini-rampage through Hong Kong before finally being stopped by the Gundam pilots. They then promptly locker her up in the belly of the Ceres' brig. When the ship entered combat, she was released by Strike Zero, him not wanting to get a civillian like her involved in the war.

However, she made the decision on her own to follow them, stealing a Fandom mobile suit and assisting in the battle before finding her way on board the departing ship. Apparently, she was impressed by the Gundam team and expressed a desire to join their ranks and prove herself as not only a thief, but as one of the greatest mobile suit pilots that ever existed.

Or, maybe she was just bored with Hong Kong. Who knows?

* * * * * *

Name: Marlene Mayfield
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: 18
Unit: AMX-107 Bawoo (custom Navy-blue colors)
Location: Fandom Alexandria-class battleship Mother Wind
Role: Executive officer and mobile suit commander

One of the more recently added member of the Dark Star Knights, Marlene Mayfield is a proud pilot with the skill to match. She was beaten several times, however, during her encounters with the Gundam pilot Strike Zero. She seems to have ever since found an unhealthy obsession with the destruction of that particular pilot, though her fellow Knight Leon Bolt claims that this may simply be a warped kind of infatuation.

* * * * * *

Name: Leon Bolt
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: 21
Previous Unit(s): VF-22S Sturmvogel-II
(B-Mode) (G-Mode) (F-Mode) (Custom lineart done by Outlaw)
Location: N/A
Status: DEAD

A ranking pilot in the Fandom military and a member of the Dark Star Knights. Wild, cocky, and prone to taking reckless action during combat, others take care to be wary when flying at his side. Nevertheless, he is an excellent mobile suit pilot and greatly respected, even among the Knights. He normally pilots a Zaku III, but has recently abandoned it in pursuit of exploring other mobile weapon options...

During the assault on the Divine Crusader's headquarters at Aidoneus island, Leon Bolt was KIA while engaging in a fire fight with Gundam pilot Strike Zero onboard the Fandom Heavy Command Cruiser Thanatos, which was subsequently destroyed by Strike Zero and his newly-commandeered Delta Gundam thereafter.

* * * * * *

Name: Zephyr
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: ???
Unit: VTX-000 Mironga
Location: Fandom mobile stealth-cruiser Andromeda

A man shrouded in mystery. He has tanned skin and spiky blond hair, and is always seen wearing a long, dirty-brown cloak that conceals his entire body. A master at infiltration, he proved his skills by boarding the Federation transport Osprey and remaining undetected up until the point of his escape. When he is not active in the field, he remains on board his custom stealth-ship, the Andromeda, which also serves as his laboratory for soldier experimentation.

He seems to have an acute interest in Newtypes, particularly in that of former-Federation Gundam pilot Emily Stormgunner...

* * * * * *

Name: Elya Aizen
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: 10
Unit: XAM-007 Fairlion
Location: Earth

Youngest of the Dark Star Knights, Elya is a plucky and cheerful young girl. She has clear blue eyes and bright magenta-colored hair that she usually wears in two large ponytails. Due to both her and her custom Gold and pink Fairlion's innocent appearance, people tend to underestimate Elya; something that she eagerly takes full advantage of when demonstrating her skills in battle.

* * * * * *

Name: Berith Darlford
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: 33
Unit: MS-15K Gyan Kai
Location: Earth

A long-time mobile suit pilot, Berith is a master at close-quarters combat, evident by his choice in the Gyan Kai as his personal mobile suit. One of the few Fandom soldiers with an actual sense of nobility, he prefers to engage in straight-forward duels rather than relying on surprise tactics or ambushes in combat.

* * * * * *

Character: Cain
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom (Dark Star Knights)
Age: ???
Unit: PTX-007-03UN Rein Weissritter
Location: Space

A Dark Star Knight completely shrouded in mystery. He wears odd clothing and a mask that completely conceals his actual appearance. He rarely enters combat on his own--he serves as the personal servant of the Nova Prince, completely loyal and willing to carry out any mission assignment his lord might have for him, and to do anything to protect the Prince if need be.

* * * * * *

Name: The Nova Prince
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom
Age: ???
Unit: R-Gun Rivale
Location: Gwadan-class ship Iron Lucifer

The one and only leader of the Dark Star Knights. Barely anything is known about the man--not his name, age, or even his appearance, as he is always wearing a large suit of regal armor as well as long, flowing cape. Rarely ever leaving his flagship, the Iron Lucifer , he spends much of his time training in his own private domain. Nobody has entered into a fight against him and lived to tell about it, for nobody has ever been able to match his skills or his personal machine, the R-Gun Rivale.

Note: The Nova Prince is voice acted by NORIO WAKAMOTO (a.k.a. the guy who plays Charles Di Britannia).

* * * * * *

Name: Kayla Ryder
Player: Strike Zero
Allegiance: Fandom
Unit: FMAN-X-49A Cattleya
Location: Earth

A young officer of the Fandom and twin sister of Kyle Ryder. After an operation against the Gundam team on Earth, she was shot in the back by Sume Gai during an attempt to destroy the Gundam team's transport, the Osprey, from the inside. The attempt, however, was foiled by the other Gundam pilots, and Kayla Ryder succumbed to her wounds in the Osprey's medical bay. That was thought to be the end of her part in the war.

That was until her deceased body was recovered by Fandom Dark Star Knight Zephyr, who had previously stowed away on the ship. He took her to his personal warship, the Andromeda where he proceeded to revive her, place her in a state of suspended animation, and begin to enhance her body and dormant Newtype prowess through the use of surgical implants and artificial augmentation. The result was what Zephyr came to dub as a "Cyborg-Newtype"; Kayla Ryder is now currently the most powerful known Newtype in existence.

Needless to say, Kayla was not at all pleased with what had been done to her body. However, she decided, after a little coaxing from Zephyr, to make use of the new power she had been given, and destroy once and for all those who were responsible from stealing her life in the first place: the members of the Gundam team.
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Post by Cybaster » Tue May 06, 2008 6:54 pm

Character: Emily Stormgunner
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders, "Light Warriors" Squadron
Current Mobile Suit: RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
Class: 3rd Level Monk/2nd Level Fighter/4th Level Paladin/2nd Level Occult Slayer
Base Attack Bonus: +10/+5
+2 Keen Beam Saber --- +16/+11 Attack Bonus, 4d10+4 Damage, 17-20/x2 Critical
Beam Magnum --- Fires 50ft by 50ft by 1000ft line (+18 Ranged Touch Attack, 10d10+4 half Divine, half Force damage) or 500ft AoE Cone (10d4+4 AoE half Divine, half Force damage, DC21 Reflex Save for half)
Hyper Bazooka w/ 8 shells --- +16/+11 Attack Bonus, 3d8+2 Damage, x3 Critical
Beam Gatling Gun --- +14/+14/+9 Attack Bonus, 4d6+2 Damage, 19-20/x2 Critical
Saves: +15 Fort, +11 Ref, +15 Will
Armor Class: 19 Personal (16 Flat-footed, 19 Touch), 25 in RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (+4 Natural Armor, +2 Force Shield; 22 Flat-footed, 18 Touch)
Stats: 14 Str, 16 Dex, 13 Con, 14 Int, 18 Wis (+2 Level Points), 18 Cha
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes, Point-Blank Shot, K-Insightful Strike, Precise Shot, Expeditious Dodge, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (Beam Magnum), Divine Shield
Location: Aidoneus Island, DC Headquarters

A little girl who suddenly materialized in the cockpit of the Unicorn Gundam during a routine transfer, Emily Stormgunner soon became a Federation pilot after it was realized she was an immensely powerful Newtype --- even though she interacted with the world in a strange way, seeing everything and everyone around her in D&D Tabletop Roleplaying terms. Deciding that she and the Unicorn were fated for each other, Emily was soon deployed to the Gundam Team and became one of its earlier members, following them in battles all across the Earth Sphere and later through their defection to the Divine Crusaders. During that time, Emily grew attached to Lune Zoldark, daughter of DC Commander Bian Zoldark, after she and the Gundam Team fought their way through an ambush at Vandenburg to rescue her and Masaki, and through her Emily found a new reason to fight diligently, and loyally, in the DC.

Currently, Emily --- along with Kirie Morgan, Date Masamune and Black Mage --- has been welded into a special squadron known as the "Light Warriors", with the specific purpose of protecting Lune during the Gundam Team's travels. Through her former Federation CO, Steve Livingstone, Emily had further learned of powers that she had not known of before as a Tabletop Gamer: the power of the Munchkin, which Emily had resolved to develop to better protect the people she cared about.

Theme Song: BoA --- "Be the One"
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Post by The Big Zabowski » Wed May 07, 2008 9:27 am

Player: Michael Radachi

AD 2352

With peace having been the standard of the world stage for the past 50 years, many people have become complacent with the fact that the once feared and reviled Federation had done an about face since it’s early days and become that which the UN had striven to become all those years ago during the mid 20th century. Thanks to both Celestial Being, and the Innovators, both of whom followed the gospel set forth by Aeolia Schoenberg: the world was now fully united as one. And at that point, the Organization had been formed out of the remnants of both CB and VEDA’s Innovators. Their aim was to do what the dreaded A-Laws had tried to do during the first tyrannical years of Federal rule and become the guiding light and harbinger of death to those that wished to plunge the world back into war.

The Meisters of the Organization were much different from those of the old CB. These three pilots were the pique examples of what human engineering had done in the past 50 years under VEDA guidance. All three were neither Human, nor Innovator, but in fact a new breed of human that was now slowly forming into the standard of human life on Earth. A breed that, just ten years ago, had begun to venture far into the stars. Each of them were soon tasked with leading three of the Warp Fleets into the stars as the leaders of these new breeds, the new era of human exploration had begun.

Meister Mikhail Zabowski
-Test pilot and Leader of 4th Fleet, Mikhail was tasked with testing the new Whysp drive on his Gundam and his fleet’s vessels in an effort to bring Warp Drives into their next level of evolution. It was his hope to break the 2nd Warp barrier by 2352.


CBS Ptolemaios XIII (CBV-89) Crew:

Name: Cpt. Navida Divan aka Heading Frontier
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Captain
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: Name: Lt. Cmdr. Vasily Marakov aka Solas Stelus
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Executive Officer
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: Lt. Cmdr. Alyn Narissa aka Galgus Magnus
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Chief Engineer
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: Lt. Cmdr. Nolan Vidai aka Brilant Light
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Hangar Chief
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: 2nd Lt. Gayin Rossieu aka Giding Hand
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Helm
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: Lt. Mason Lidiat aka Alphas Unias
Allegiance: Innovators
Station: Tactical
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

Name: Cmdr. Oksana Varipova aka Enlight Endeavor
Station: MS Leader
MS: GNI-696 Gundam Bhayas
Location: Ptoleimaios XIII

CBS Ptolemaios XIII (CBV-89)

Class: Ptolemaios V class
Name: Ptolemaios XIII
Ships of the line: Ptolemaios XIII
Unit type: GN Battle Carrier
Manufacturer: Kung Threp Shipyards
Operator(s): Celestial Being; Divine Crusaders
First deployment: July AD2348
Dimensions: overall length 405m
Propulsion: 4x Class II GN Drives
- Max Warp: 2.0966W
- Cruise Warp: 1.7989W
- Sublight Max: .99999W
- Sublight Cruise: .56254W
Equipment and design features: Warp II capability, Integral GN Drives
Fixed armaments: 4x Twin GN Cannon turrets; 8x GN Missile Banks (24 Missiles total compliment per bank); 14X 45mm AI controlled GN CIWIS; 2x Heavy GN Missile Launch tubes (14 Missiles total compliment)
Mobile suits: 14
Mobile weapons: 12x GNS-0014 Ikarus; GNI-696 Gundam Bhayas

Miscellaneous Crew: 4x 5 man Cannon Crew; 8x 8 man Missile Battery Crews; 2x 10 man Heavy Missile Launch crews; 25 man Engineering Crew; 96 man Hangar Crew (8 'haros' per MS); 15 man Medical Staff

Total crew: 259 Innovators and Haro units

GNI-696 Gundam Bhayas

Model number: GNG-001
Code name: Gundam Bhayas
Unit type: High efficency prototype GN mobile suit
Manufacturer: Innovators
Operator: Innovators
First deployment: CE100
Accommodation: pilot in panoramic monitor cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 21.5 meters
Weight: mobile suit mode: empty 72.4 metric tons, max gross 91.0 metric tons
Armor materials: Prototype GN infused weave E-Carbon armor
Powerplant: GNTau Drive mounted in torso.
Propulsion: 14 x GN thrusters; 2x GN 'overboost' thrusters
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors; 'GN "Gundarium" Armor'
Fixed armaments: 4x GN Vulcans, sequential fire mounted in head; GN Beam sabers, 2x mounted in feet, 2x sheathed on shoulder sheaths; 2x GN 'Full Shield' Plates, mounts Ikarus GN barriers
Optional hand armaments: 2x GN beam rifle

Pilot: Oksana Varipova aka Enlight Endeavor

GNS-0014 Ikarus

Model number: GNS-0014
Code name: Ikarus
Unit type: mass production high efficiency general purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: Kung Threp Design/Kung Threp Shipyards
Operator(s): Celestial Being; Divine Crusaders
Rollout: April AD2340
First deployment: August AD2343
Accommodation: pilot and 'co-pilot', in torso mounted cockpit
Dimensions: head height 19.5 meters
Weight: 73.1 metric tons
Powerplant: GNTau Drive
Propulsion: 9x GN Thrusters
Equipment and design features: sensors, GN 'Gauntlet Barrier'
Fixed armaments: 2x GN beam sabers, stored in recharge rack on back, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: GN beam rifle; 1-2x GN Gauntlet, mounted to right, left, or both elbow(s)

Name: Kit
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders
MS: GNP-WS6 Gundam 'Blackhawk'
Location: DC

GNP-WS6 Gundam 'Blackhawk'

Model number: GNP-WS6
Code name: Gundam Blackhawk
Unit type: prototype super high performance GN transformable mobile suit
Manufacturer: Celestial Being/Divine Crusaders
Operator: Divine Crusaders
First deployment: CE100
Accommodation: pilot in panoramic monitor cockpit in torso
Dimensions: mobile suit mode: overall height 22.05 meters, head height 18.5 meters; MA Mode: overall length 31.94 meters, wingspan 24.26 meters
Weight: mobile suit mode: empty 74.7 metric tons, max gross 97.5 metric tons; Bawoo Attacker: max gross 97.5 metric tons
Armor materials: E-Carbon composite armor
Powerplant: GN Whysp Drive, mounted in torso
Propulsion: 14 x GN thrusters; 2x GN 'overboost' thrusters
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration: mobile suit mode 2.22 G, MA mode 4.44 G
Equipment and design features: sensors; transformation system, GN Barrier, thrust and servo limiters removed
Fixed armaments: 2 x GN rotary beam 'vulcans', mounted under forearms; 2 x GN beam saber, stored in recharge racks in forearms, hand-carried in use; 6 x GNM-04G heavy GN missile, mounted on wing binders, operable in MA mode only
Optional fixed armaments: 2x GN shield w/ 4x GN RPGs each, can be mounted on main body of in MA mode, one per arm in MS mode
Optional hand armaments: GN semi-auto beam rifle, mounts on main body in MA mode

Name: Phyllis Maeve
Allegiance: Fandom
MS: FMS-145 Xeku Funf
Location: AGT

Xeku Funf

Model number: FMS-145
Code name: Xeku Funf
Unit type: prototype attack use mobile suit
Manufacturer: Knight Industries/Fandom
Operator: Fandom
First deployment: CE100
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 27.44 meters; head height 25.2 meters
Weight: empty 78.2 metric tons; max gross 115.6 metric tons
Armor materials: E-Carbon composite
Powerplant: GN[T] Rechargeable Solar Furnace
Propulsion: 24 x GN Verniers
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration: 1.95G
Equipment and design features: 2 x GN Fang Arms, mounts GN field generators and beam sabers
Fixed armaments: 4 x GN beam saber, 1x permanently mounted on each arm; 2 x GN vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; GN Fang pod, 10 Fangs, mounted in rear skirt armor
Optional hand armaments: 1 x GN Semi-Auto rifle

Pilot: Phyllis Maeve

-Funf Updates take effect post Wake Island: Reduced Fang count for 2 extra sabers, 1 installed permanently on each arm.

Saber CANNOT be used when Field is active on GN arms "one thing at a time"-
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Post by Volnixshin » Sat May 10, 2008 11:42 am

Character: Bio Gundam
Allegience: Fandom
MS: Self
Location: Atmosphere
When angry, boost in speed and mobility, known as Vic Viper mode, activated by said words, can only be used for limited time, about ten minutes, then Bio returns to normal. VV Mode can only be activated in extreme duress, which is rare.
Armnements: heavy Oni Shiled; beam submachine gun x2, extra clips stored on underside of shield; machinegun; shotgun; grenades x many; shoulder vulcans x2; head vulcans x2; shoulder spikes x4; high frequency axe x2;
Weapons loadout machinegun and shotgun holster on underside of shield, submachine gun attaches to right hip. Bombs stored in satchel.


MS: double layer anti-beam cloak, shoulder mounted, Shield, mounted on left arm

The BIO Project was a test to see if a human conciousness could be applied to a MS instead of a pilot. Successful in this project, the BIO was sent to Earth where it immidiatly attacked a Federation Outpost. Believed to possess high energy when in battle. *(I mean like adrenaline energy, while not adrenalie, I didn't want high energy to be confused with you know, "High output reactor") Mobile suit has great physical strength as it has "organic muscles" that build up over time. It is superbly fast and agile on its feet. As it has an aged human conciousness, it is smart and capable of learning from past mistakes. Rumored to be capable of speech as well. Uploaded various extreme martial arts to self, highly flexible, strong, and fast. There is no general cockpit in the Bio as the entire "cockpit" circulaits the entire frame. Powerplant unknown.

Theme song

The escort MS for the Bio, each maniuplator is fully functional, and can move quite quickly. The hands carry machine guns, and heat sabers.
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Post by Sume Gai » Fri May 16, 2008 6:48 pm

Character: Sume Gai(E-quip mode)
Allegiance: DC
MS: Alteisen - MAHQ Profile
Location: Valhalla

A mechatalk member wants people to call him "Night Chaser" but no one ever does. Gai was almost killed by Wan when the Gawain was shot down and fell into the ocean, however He was saved by the DC and rebuilt into a G-Stone Cyborg using data that Alex bloke gave them. He is currently one of the centers of the DC's G-Stone Research.

Player: Sume Gai
Character: Wan Fey Lo
Allegiance: Fandom
Mech: Weltall

The base Weltall is a high performance Fist-i-cuffs gear. It possesses very high agility, defense and offensive capabilities and is even capable of flight under its own power. Wan, seeing no weapons other than the Vulcan mounted in the chest, has added A pair of radiation Missile launchers (18 missiles, launched in bursts of 3, on each leg; 36 in total) as well as a Shishioh Blade and cartridge fed Beam SMG. He as also had mounted a pair of Beam chaff dispensers (3 charges each, total of 6) based on the GN-X III's anti beam grenade.

Location: Fandom Hawaii Base

a Gai from another dimension hates the Gundam team and Gai in particular. He is constantly Scheming in hopes of gaining power. The loss of the Guren at Wake Island has angered him greatly.

-Gai and Wan-
while the interference between the two has disappeared because of Gai's near death experience and sub-conscious rejection of each other. they are still incomplete as Newtypes; Wan has incredible power and is capable of launching powerful mental attacks but he has a key weakness where Gai is strong. Gai while not very powerful and having a very limited sensory area has the ability to Shield himself and others form mental attacks.

Player: Sume Gai
Character: Tallis Stenner
Allegiance: DC
Mecha: Weissritter - MAHQ Profile
Location: Valhalla

A mechaholic and mechanic. loves mechs with a passion and is very good at fixing them (and even modifying them) She is native to this dimension. She comes from a wealthy family. With the encouragement from Zaine and Gai she has become a pilot. Her skills are highly dependent on her confidence.

Player: Sume Gai
: Killian Icer, Martin Snow
Allegiance: Fandom
Mecha: Zangetsu, Shen-hu
Location: Fandom Hawaii Base

half of the team was lost in the Battle at Wake only the leader and his youngest subordinate survived. The two will be haunted by those loses.

Player: Sume Gai
Character: Dark Star Knight Raven/Wraith
Allegiance: Fandom
Mecha: Huckebein 008L (Mirage Colloid added)
Location: Fandom Hawaii Base

This man is known as Raven to his Allies and Wraith to his enemies. He wears a full suit of pitch black armor, Matching long sword and a full body Cloak of the same color. somehow even in armor he moves without making a sound, not even his breath has ever been heard. Though he never speaks his intent is made clear by his very presence.

His loyalty is to the leader of the Fandom and no others. His specialty is stealth. He is often sent on assassination missions, however, if he desires, he will act on his own.
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Post by Cybaster » Mon May 19, 2008 8:54 pm

Character: Real name unknown, known only as "Black Mage"
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders, "Light Warriors" Squadron
MS: Ashura Temple
Location: Aidoneus Island, DC Headquarters

Formerly the third member of the Dark Star Knights is a character who is little known even by his own allies, clad almost always in thick, opaque blue-and-black robes and with his face obscured by either a normal suit helmet or a large-brimmed hat, he was among the first to defect to the Divine Crusaders. Even his demeanor and personality is a mystery, as "Black Mage" is not prone to words, except to those he apparently respects (which still isn't much); The only other thing people associate with him is a brutal, uncompromising piloting style and a penchant for causing as much damage and destruction to the enemy as possible...traits which make him highly dangerous to friend and foe alike.

Some Fandom soldiers had claimed to see Black Mage's eyes glow behind the obscured face occasionally, while even fewer had claimed that they had caught a glimpse of his face; What they had seen, it was rumored, nearly drove them to insanity --- although recent events suggest that this was false, and the true Black Mage was a vastly different person once the hat is removed. After a battle with Dark Star Knight leader Leon Bolt destroyed his L-Gaim, Black Mage is currently stuck piloting an Ashura Temple until a replacement L-Gaim can be built for him.
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Post by Kylern » Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:45 am

Player: Kylern
Character: Kayla Ryder
Mech: GNY-001 Gundam Astraea
Alliance: Fandom
Location: Earth

Short backstory: Twin sister to Kyle Ryder of the Federation forces she left home after her brother did. But unlike him she went to Space and met up with Fandom forces. After joining them she went through heavy training as well as psychological reconditioning to create a more powerful foe.

Similar to the Cyber-newtypes of the UC universe Kayla was given the GNY-001 after Fandom acquired GN technology. Now her job is to create havoc on Earth in her new mobile suit and prevent the Federation from starting their campaign to retake it.

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Post by Terrace » Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:52 pm

In order, my killed off character, and the one I'm going to use.

Character: Terrace (No last name given)
Mech: XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW version)
Allegiance: Federation
Location: Dead

Character: Ens. Terrace Manosk
Mech: XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Kai (TV version) Salvaged GN Tau drive equipped for flight abilities.
Allegiance: DC
Location: Aidoneus Island
History: Kidnapped from another universe following the death of the Earth Mechatalk Member Terrace, this Terrace is more experienced at mobile suit piloting, as he has had enough time to practice. He currently is temporary commander of an four-suit mobile suit team that are experimenting with a new GM variant. As the pilot of Heavyarms Kai, he was tapped to lead the unit.

Edit: adding another group.

Player: Terrace (NPCs)
Character(s): GM Heavyarms mobile suit team
Mech: RGM-79HA GM Heavyarms (Mass-production Heavyarms)
Allegiance: Federation
Location: Rock of Gibraltar base
Bio: Three mobile suit pilots who are testing the GM Heavyarms under the command of Ens. Terrace Manosk. Current status: All KIA.
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Post by Cybaster » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:16 pm

Player: Cybaster
Character: Kirie Morgan
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders, "Light Warriors" Squadron
MS: MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame
Location: Assault Carrier Ceres

A 13-year-old martial arts fanatic and Samurai Warriors fanboy, Kirie was brought into the Gundam Party world during a secondary attempt by the Federation to build dimensional portals on Earth. Emerging in Japan just before the Fandom began invading the island nation, he was given the Musha Gundam after his talents for martial arts became apparent; He was, in fact, believed to have had been 'selected' by the portal for being the incarnation of Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura. Kirie had been fighting with the Federation on the Japanese front since then, mainly active on Okinawa against the Fandom, before transferring to the Gundam Team.

It has recently been revealed that Kirie either is a Shuffle Alliance member --- a Gundam Fighter nicknamed the "King of Hearts", or was slated to inherit the position at a later time. The origins of the Shuffle Alliance in this RPG are as yet unknown, nor have any other members been sighted in the Earth Sphere since over 200 years ago.

Player: Cybaster
Character: Masamune Date (Samurai Warriors appearance)
Allegiance: Divine Crusaders, "Light Warriors" Squadron
MS: LRX-077 Sisquiede (Blue-and-white AEUG Colors)
Location: Assault Carrier Ceres

One of the ways the Fandom attempted to even the tide of the Federation's "Gundam Party" was to experiment with their own dimensional portals, but in turn they were met mostly with failure, with very select cases of success. One such case was a strange phenomenon in which a historical character from an alternate timeline was brought in instead --- Date Masamune, the 15-year-old "One-Eyed Dragon". (It is now believed that instead of bringing in a Mechatalk member, the malfunctioning portal instead brought in said Mechatalk member's favorite Samurai Warriors character). Competitive and fierce as ever, Masamune quickly forced himself to learn and adapt to modern times, even so far as to learn how to expertly pilot a Mobile Suit in days.

The main distinguishing features about Date Masamune is his eyepatch over his right eye and a penchant to use the word "imbecile" a lot. Currently, along with Kirie, Emily and Black Mage, Masamune is a part of the Divine Crusaders' "Light Warriors" team, charged primarily with defending Bian Zoldark's daughter, Lune, from both Fandom and Federation schemes to use Lune to get to Bian. Recently, Masamune has managed to steal an LRX-077 Sisquiede from the Federation assault against the Ceres in Hong Kong, reprogramming its OS to suit his needs; Being monoeyed, the Sisquiede is a mark of pride and Masamune maintains a sort of kinship with the Monoeye Gundam, nor would Masamune ever give it up unless he was killed or incapacitated beyond consciousness.

It was also implied from Masamune's reprogramming of the Sisquiede's OS that he might be a Coordinator of considerable power.
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Post by Sume Gai » Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:43 pm

(Please Delete)
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Post by dreacon » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:20 pm

well heres hoping i can actually use this small cast, but i will need help to kick off my entry if i can, a small cast from my Dreacon Saga stories.

Player dreacon
Character:Dreacon Epsolis
Allegiance: Un Aligned at the moment, we just got here
Mecha: RX-1985AZ 111"Gundam Ex-Chaos"
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/ ... xChaos.jpg
Location: Grey Wolf

I'll unveil the character more in the actual story, if i can get away with my plan

any way as for Ex or "The Ex" As its sometimes called, is the Flag Ship mobile Suit of the Epsolis/Myers corporation.
developed for Dreacons personal use after his last MS "Ex-Zer0" was irreparably damaged during the final fight against the forces of a remnant faction of the EDF in his time line.

The unit is Armored with Special Myres Formula Gundainium. Produced in a process witch compresses the already Nigh invincible metal into a metal just as strong but far lighter. as a result his machine is only 22.2 tons unloaded.
its frame has incorporated Psycho Frame technology allowing the a better reaction time.
The unit is powered by a Myers Corporation ZPE MK1 System, this unit is the first to incorporate it as a test. it also carries one Minovsky Reactor in its back pack dedicate to producing minovsky particles
The machine features a panoramic cockpit system an an operation system for use by new types. it is Equipped with 40 micro Rockets (20 in each arm.)
a twin barrel Mega Particle cannon, 2 Beam Sabers, 2 "Grand" sabers (Larger Beam Sabers for anti Warship use) and a Heat Rod attached to the shield. Ex also carries 2 "Wired Bits" each equipped with a small beam cannon. one feature also included (But due to damage I'll assume no one can fix and thus unusable) is the Zero Point Energy Burst Weapon.
By collecting ambient ZPE Ex can charge an release an attack that spreads in all directions around him, at its minimum setting it is equivalent to a nuclear blast.

hope thats not too cheesy...

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Post by sephiroth00055 » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:51 am

Player: NPC
Character: Sephiroth.
Allegiance: The guys with the biggest guns. (Currently the DC)
MS:Terror Judgement.
Location: Aidoneus Island

A mercenary who loves a fight and will fight for whoever has the best chance of winning and whoever can pay him the most to cause destruction to anything he can.
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Post by Kylern » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:58 am

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Post by Sume Gai » Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:20 am

Player: Sume Gai
Character: Alex Bloke
Allegiance: DC
MS: Huckebein 009GS
Location: Aidoneus Island

Brought from another dimension Alex is a recently created Cyborg Solder. His strength, speed and reaction time are notably better than most humans. (though not to an incredible degree). he is the second successful retrieval by the DC along with his specialized unit.

Huckebien 009GS:

The unit is almost the same in appearance as the standard 009
except the rail guns (like the Guaiz R) attached to the hip armor and the work arms that fold away into the back

Power Source: GS-ride
Equipment: Tesla Drive, Biosensor(currently not usable), Direct Link System
Weapons (stored or fixed): Shorty Beam Pistols x2 (stored on rear hip armor), Beam sabers x4 (the extras can be used by the work arms attached to the shoulder joint) Vulcans x2, Railguns x2
Optional Weapons: Boosted rifle x1

The 009GS was thrown together hastily in Alex's own dimension in order to provide cyborg solders with a suitable unit (parts of the design are holdovers from a failed Newtype development project). It's a stable all use model with the DLS that allows cyborgs to interact directly (making use of the work arms in combat possible)


CX series:


The Human Advancement League originally conceived the idea for the CX series in order to facilitate deep space exploration and work without the difficulties associated with humans, however due to the war between the HAL and the Earth Sphere Federation the program was denied funding in favor of Newtype research.

however a few months later the Newtype research fell though (due to ESF interference) and the CX series was reevaluated for military applications. This time the CX series research and development was approved.

CX-0000X series (AKA 0 series):
the first unit was activated a few months after approval. Due to the fact that mechanical limbs and organs were common place no mechanical development was needed.

Due to the unforeseen psychological effects the first unit failed to adapt to it's new body and was destroyed in an accident. The next 3 units received basic drug therapy to allow their minds to safely adapt to the cybernetic parts; these units lasted about two months before their emotions caused them to destabilize, forcing deactivation.

The next four units suffered similar fates but scientists figured out how to suppress emotions in unit CX-00009. However with no emotions number 9 lacked a needed survival instinct to perform in battle and was lost.

CX-0001X series: (the 10 series)
the first 10 series unit took almost a year to finish with computer mind integration system development. Though he was a success, he was lost in battle. This proved that even though the CX series could surpass normal humans in reflexes and thinking speed the limits of a traditional control system prevented them from utilizing these advantages.

the second unit in the 10 series was the first unit to bet fitted for the new Direct Link System; unit CX-00012 proved the first completely successful application of the CX series and even managed to kill a newtype solder.

with their theories proven the scientists in charge Began to produce dozens of new CX series solders which at last count had entered the 30 series.

the Huckebein series was developed by the HAL to test the Black Hole Engine. though the tests proved a success the BHE was far too expensive to mass produce. However the frame proved so effective that the frame (specifically the 009) was mass produced as the mainstay for the HAL.

The G-stone was first discovered in the asteroid belt by the HAL. several months of experimentation determind the G-Stone to be an incredible source of energy and plans to deploy it in combat machines were quickly approved. The first unit to use the GS-ride was a modified 009 unit test proved the stone was indeed a great resource which was rapidly pushed into service.

Huckebein 009GS:

This particular unit was supposed to be a Newtype use variant of the 009 featuring a bio-sensor and psycommu along with bits stored on the hips and rear skirt armor, however when Newtype testing fell through the useless unit was put in storage till it was finally given to the CX testing unit who replaced the psycommu with the DLS and the bits with various weapons.
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Post by Strike_Rouge_Mk2 » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:10 am

character:Mao Suzumiya
Current MS:MBF-04(E) Rouge E
the Mech utilizes the first version of the revolutionary COnnection For Flight INterface(COFFIN) system, which is similar in effect to a panoramic display. This is derived from the Falken,
witch made it easier for Mao to pilot.(Being a previous Falken pilot.)
The Rouge E also has the ability to utilize Many different striker, silhouette, and wizard packs.
The Rouge E can be normally seen as the Aile Strike Rouge E But there are many variations that are not used until necessary. These would include the Sword Strike Rouge E, Launcher Strike Rouge E, and the Destiny Rouge E utilizing the prototype Destiny Silhouette.(dont worry im not gonna kira yamato or shinn asuka random pack changing everywhere, ill use the Aile Strike Rouge E most of the time)

Chief engineer in his region and has been awaiting deployment as both a MS pilot and tech however has not received any replies and is taking a break in his homeland along with his tech and mobile suit squad. His squad often calls him lazy, but in fact, he always accepts the task at hand. But unfortunately he will not do anything unless told to. He often refers to his team as the "Brigade."

player strike_rouge_mk2
characters:Kyon Koizumi, Itsuki Nagato, Tsuruya Asahina
mecha:ADF-01F Falken(s)
Gun: 1x 25-mm multi-barreled cannon(Fixed armament)
Missle: AIM-9M Sidewinder x8,XLAA x12 multi-lock on missiles
TLS: tactical laser systems(basically weaker and smaller beam spray gun)limited fire of 5 shots and 12 seconds of overheat.The Frame of the unit opens when firing.
Bombs: FAEB:Fuel Air Explosive Bomb x2
(note)can only equip two optional equipment at a time.
Wingspan: 15.92m
Length: 24.0mbr
Height: 6.60m
Weight: 23,300kg
Max Speed: Mach 2.2
Engine: WWX-GD-425x2
Created by: Grunder Industries
Also the plane utilizes the Second version of the revolutionary COnnection For Flight INterface(COFFIN) system, which is similar in effect to a two-way mirror or an extremely tinted window. In which the pilot can see out, but no one can see in. This is achieved via a series of monitors that read information from externally mounted cameras and display the information on a number of hexagonal screens.(Basically its a panoramic display witch does not use a class canopy over the cockpit, take a look at the falken to see what i mean)
Falken in action

The team of mechanics/pilots that follow Maos orders and are his combat backup team.These pilots are his "brigade."
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Post by SNT1 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:06 am

Player: SNT1
Character: Slugger Shot, Antonio
Allegiance: Federation
Mecha: Zeta Plus CX
Location: Arizona

Zeta Plus CX - An experimental Zeta Plus design outfitted with GP01fb's 45,000-kg thrusters. The frame has been fortified to withstand the higher speed of this Zeta (theoretical acceleration=~2.5g). Uses the same weapons as the Zeta Plus C1, plus the beam rifle of the Zeta Plus A1 for midrange combat. Updated nanny computers make this ZetaPlus a nice-maneuvering, nice handling mecha in the atmosphere. Can supercruise at Mach 2.5+, although the full top speed performance on earth has not been tested.

Zeta Plus CX2 - With the ZPlus CX as a base, this unit has been modified to give it more speed, more edge, and more adept at hit-and-run while compromising some of its agility as a mobile suit in melee range. The frame is further reinforced, and the Full Vernian engine performance have been upped 10 percent.

Ex-S Gundam
- Sidewinder Industries had barely touched it, with minor modifications like ECU mods, and I-field control, to suit Slug's preferences. It's a damn beastly unit fo'sho, surpassing Slug's Zetaplus in all aspects---speed, mobility, ability to break through tough defenses, intimidation, protection... you name it.... and that's in relatively stock trim.

"Plan 201" = Ex-S Gundam with larger wings and removed ALICE.

Slugger Shot / Slug Shot - A test pilot for a non-military company that has trophies as the best simulation fights, although his real skills increased and developed when he was ambushed by narcotic terrorists in the jungles. His junkyard company was hired by the local South American governments to help whittle the illegal drug bases. Now, his mercenary work, along with Antonio, extends to the Federation, and now receives some funds for their R&D in the full-scale 'kitbash' category. A laid back guy, this latest conflict would make this aftermarket company, Sidewinder, more well known.

Antonio - Slugger's buddy and a chief engineer, co-owns his little private aftermarket company with his brother-on-law and wife. Originally intended to build mecha for airshow stunts, recent developments have influenced the small company and now focuses on military weapons. Sells refurbished and/or modified thrusters for a decent price (thrusters on UC Gundams from 0080-0093). Get yours now!
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Post by Terrace » Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:33 pm

My own villian character!

Player: Terrace
Character: "Two-Face" Terrace
Allegiance: To Be Revealed
Mecha: GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy
Appearance: Older-looking than the Gundam Team's Terrace, but the entire left side of his face is covered with horrible, puckering scars.

A version of Terrace from an alternate future, where he went insane after being caught in an acid-based explosion that ruined half his face. He chose the additional nickname Two-Face after the Batman villian. A powerful Newtype, but he disdains most Newtype-use weapons, prefering to use his powers to mess with his opponents' perceptions and minds. He wants to turn the current Terrace into something like himself, and has allied with persons unknown to acheive this goal.
Heavyarms is the best walking weapons pile of all the Gundams!

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