Round 1, Fight 4: Neo Brazil vs. Neo Spain

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Post by Wingnut » Sun Mar 18, 2007 1:30 pm

Peering through the long range gun sight, the Neo Italian judge was able to witness the final blow be delivered in a brilliant turnaround by the Luta Livre Gundam and the result being the destruction of the Don Quixote's head. An automatic loss condition for the Spaniard.

"This match is now over! The winner of the fight is Akinkawon Zeferino d'Santos Bisneto and the Luta Livre Gundam!
Crews may now retrieve their fighters and Gundams. Caution is advised when descending into and back up from the canyon."
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Post by Ziryab » Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:08 am

Even after hitting the ground Akin still held tight to Fernando. The Luta Livre Gundam practically pinning the Don Quixote Gundam as if it were a wrestling match. The grip did not begin to loosen until the referee officially called an end to the match. To which Akin's straining body was greatful for, uncertain if he could continue if Fernando was still willing to fight.

Softly groaning, Akin slid the Don Quixote's heat sword from his MF's shoulder. Pain in his fighting suit still being felt. Probably couldn't pry this from you if I actually tried, noticing the weapon still clinched in the Gundam's hand.

Slowly the Luta Livre Gundam pulled its right arm from underneath the Don Quixote's waist. Gently brining a hand to the MF's own head. The feed from the camera's head finally went blank in a secondary monitor but by using the hand, as he lifted himself off Fernando's MF, he could tell it was still there. Yet the sight of it must have been somewhat grotesque. There was almost no metal keeping the Gundam's head on its shoulders. Attached to wires and cables, that had not been severed by the heat tizona earlier, the head hung limply as if by a broken neck.

Rubbing his left shoulder as he stood, Akin was immensly thankful that the trace suit's receptors stopped above neck.

I'm amazed of anyone that goes through this tournament more than onced. Thinking to himself. Truly, an old sport played by the young, calming himself to hear the cheers of the crowd. But that does not mean this old man won't at least try to keep up.

"Up we go amigo!" his tone elated more by the fact the match was over than by victory. A hand reaching down to help the Don Quixote up. "I must so if you're going to be this much of a trouble in the free-for-all I then I'd rather fight you last!" he laughed.
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Post by Cardi Doorl » Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:09 pm

Match Result: Neo Brazil wins
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