4GFFG: Round One: Neo America Neo Switzerland

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Re: 4GFFG: Round One: Neo America Neo Switzerland

Post by Tangerine » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:49 am

Wizard eyes glowed bright despite the thick smoke and heat wave around it. One of its shoulder armor was burning bright. It still looked like it refused to give up, powering its thrusters downward and knelt down between the rubles.

Calm down my wizard, we’ll get our time to shine. After all snowy landscape doesn’t come in the first day of winter.

As if understanding Marcella’s train of thought the bits returned to the back of the Gundam. There they formed beautiful but sad looking wings of metal, broken and chipped.

"Miss, we both know how this is gonna end..." Chris voice was heard which triggered generous amount of laughter from Marcella. The eyes doesn’t shine brightly anymore while Marcella busied herself using the Victorinox knife to undo her shoulder armor.

“Yes, Mister Anderson it seems the victory is yours. I hope the match pleases you as it pleases me. May peace guide you way.”

Wizard plate armor floated away from its shoulder, enables Marcella to breathe easily. She relaxed her head in the cockpit, waiting for the rescue team to arrive, thinking ‘Oh, I’m such a spoiled princess.’

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Re: 4GFFG: Round One: Neo America Neo Switzerland

Post by mcred23 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:13 pm

It seemed to take forever, but finally Värme laughed and spoke. “Yes, Mister Anderson it seems the victory is yours. I hope the match pleases you as it pleases me. May peace guide you way.”

Anderson still had a beam in his hands. He turned and flicked his wrist, sending the ball into the ground a short distance away, where the beam burned away a small chuck of the arena floor. Chris let out a breath and tossed a wave in the direction of the downed Wizard Gundam as the Neo Switzerland ground crew started moving toward it. "It's been fun, Miss." He said simply, before walking off toward the exit of the arena. It was a slightly odd feeling to exit the zero gravity zone, and as he did, a small chuck of damaged armor on the Quarterback Gundam's damaged back clanked off, prompting a slight pain in his back as he walked to where the rest of the Neo American team was waiting with the sponsor-covered bus.

Chris powered the Gundam down and finally exited the cockpit, stepping into the hand, which automatically lowered him to the ground. The support team was waiting for him. Chris wiped sweat from his forehead and scrated at his shoulder, already tired of the mobile trace suit. "I need to talk to you." He said with a wave toward Sanders, who seemed smaller than everyone else.

The young mans eyes went wide behind thick glasses. "What?"

"I've got an idea," Anderson gave a grin, which Sanders returned with clear relief. Cabbie and Dwight Jackson were also smiling, mainly because the damage to the QB Gundam that they would have to fix was largely minor and things they were used to dealing with. Doc was impassive, having seen Chris was alright, but he still had to do his usual post fight check, just in case. Valerie also stood impassively, but for another reason. She gave everyone a moment before speaking.

"We've got that press conference later today." She reported.

Anderson nodded. He didn't mind doing such things, they were sometimes fun, but you never knew how they'd turn out. He'd doubtlessly get a lot of questions on this fight, and the NFL season that was still going on, and who knew what else. "How soon?"

"Not until we get back to the base in town. They want to do it outside the bus, and there really isn't a place here for them all to set up. Figure, oh, four hours." She shrugged. There was more to it than that. They had to time it so it would be live on SportsCenter, and be in a place where they could park Anderson in front of the video board that would show all the sponsers logos and whatnot. That it would give Chris some time to rest and get cleaned up was merely a bonus for him. With that in their future, they went about getting the Quarterback Gundam secured on the hover bus and themselves ready to head back to the city.
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