4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by mcred23 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:03 pm

Things had gone from weird to weirder to totally insane, which the Neo America team was finding highly entertaining. After being forced to sit through countless formal events in their home country related to the Gundam Fight, not to mention Anderson being dragged into even more with the Chargers, the chaotic nature of this banquet was a stunning contrast. It seemed that every other fighter, and the people they brought with them, was trying to be as wild or unusual as possible. One was stealing food, another smoking something, there were girls kissing, which had caused another suprised reaction and laugh from Anderson and Roosevelt, people running around. It was like something out of a movie, although the first thing that came to Anderson's mind was a badly busted play. He glanced around and wondered if anyone was filming all of this. It would have made for a great segment on NFL Films...

And then the children stormed in, which made things even crazier, something Crusoe doubted could happen at this supposedly formal affair. Anderson grabbed his can of Dr. Pepper so it wouldn't be knocked over, just a hair before a blonde boy who looked to be four or five dove between Chris and Cabbie to grab a slice of pizza, with another two right behind them. Chris noticed the Neo German fighter, he remembed his name to be Dieter and he was easily recognizable, seemingly disappear under the table.

"Here kids." Cabbie beamed, handing each of them a slice from the nearest tray. While he was turned, another blonde child snagged another slice from the other side of the table. One child poked a finger at the captain's 'C' patch on Anderson's shoulder, to which he just smiled, before the boy took off in pursuit of one of his siblings. Chris and Cabbie looked at each other and chuckled again.

There was a slight squeal to Anderson's left, prompting him and Cabbie to instantly turn. Crusoe was blushing and half turned in her chair, where another of Dieter's children, a ten or so year old boy, was removing his hand from the base of her chair, grinning broadly inspite of being caught before he took off towards the head of the table.

"That boy's already takings after his faddah!" Cabbie declared, trying not to laugh.

Chris couldn't keep a smirk from his face. "Now this is a party." Another blonde child dove between him and Cabbie, snagging the last slice of pizza from the nearest tray while Chris took a sip from his can of Dr. Pepper before turning back to Crusoe. "Alright, Val?"

She sighed and shrugged. "That was the last thing I expected to happen here," she admitted.

"Betta da boy then dad." Cabbie pointed out, finishing the last slice of his own pizza, which the kids somehow hadn't snagged.

Valerie simply nodded in agreement, while Chris shook his head and laughed quietly to himself. Down the table, the man who had been smoking was batting around what looked to be a flaming glass, while across the room, a woman fell from somewhere into a man's arm. "Now this is a party..." Anderson repeated.

"Oh yeah!" Cabbie followed his comment with a big drink from his own can of Dr. Pepper, which somehow hadn't been knocked over by Dieter's kids. Crusoe nodded and shook her head as she dismissed the actions of the child and calmed down, keep a bit more of an eye on the blonde kids that were still rampaging around.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by The Big Zabowski » Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:06 am


"<I've seen enough.. we've wasted our time here, Tatiana. Time I could have spent preparing the Buran for the upcoming fights. The superiors will be addressed on this matter.>"

"<Wha.. Wait, Ivor!>"

Reaching after the man with an exclamation, she couldn't stop him as he simply shrugged her off and walked out.

Tatiana could only scoff and leer at the room before turning to follow after as he left the room in a silent fume. As the pair walked past the guard detail that had followed them to the dinner 'party', Ivor waived them along.

"<They should be glad I kept my sidearm in it's holster..>"

Tatiana gave a stern glance over to her fellow Neo Russian.

"<They may have been a waste of population resources but we still abide by human decency in Neo Russia, Ivor.>"

"<When Neo Russia wins this tournament some of the things that just might need to be corrected in this world should be 'human decency'. I'm sure there are others in the Politburo that would agree with me..>"

Now Tatiana was fuming as the pair slid into the waiting Neo Russian limo and drove off back to their 'camp' for the night.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by thatguyent » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:28 pm

The Neo Spain representatives walked in to the hall at the most inopportune time, for almost as soon as Mario had opened the doors to lead in his nephew and the rest, he was thrown to his back. The continuing rush of the children through the same doors, put their entire party, other then the Ninja like Malia, who had leaped up on to a statue's shoulders, and Sir Mario himself. The elder knight in fact had reached for one of the children's collars and pulled toward the air when they shot forth. Having a grasp on the fair haired child for a moment, the dark eyes of Sir Mario bore in to those of the northern-descended child. "Where are your parents little one? They should be keeping a better eye on you."

The elder man said in heavily accented English, before catching a shoe to the elbow from the young child, and one to the shin from one of its siblings, causing Mario to release the one in his grasp. Now screaming for the children to return to no avail, Mario hopped up and down on one foot grasping his leg. Caleb had to smile, now this really was going to be interesting.

"Your best wine for my team, and keep it coming!" Caleb called over the raucous toward a server, a wide smile having crossed his face. He hadn't had much time to enjoy himself during the last few years of training, so far from the looks of things, he was going to make up for that here.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Donna Strife » Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:22 am

After landing hard but catlike on one hand and two of her feet, and still holding the hat undamaged in her other hand, Makii sprung up as Simo made a joke about her 'falling for him' and introduced himself.

She responded while smiling wide though gritted teeth, "Makii Kuninaka, fighter for Neo Ryūkyūs." Letting her expression fade into a deadpan gaze, she continued, "And yeah, I fell for you pretty hard. But don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll fall for me when we fight." She then causally spun the hat on one finger and flipped it towards Simo. Without even looking to see if he caught the accessory, she turned her back to him and started walking back into the dining hall. Whispering under her breath she added, "Fall to peices."

Though she had to admit he was kinda cute for a guy shorter then herself. Kuu sa kana sa (Small things are lovable), she thought.

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Inferno » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:55 am

"Sir, I have reports of multiple intruders in the dining hall. Preparing to begin assault."

"They're kids, Reaper. I'm not in danger, they're just a little bit of a nuisance." Marcus offered some of the children the food he took from Neo-Austrailia. They greedily devoured it, and he had some few candies left for the others. Marcus had learned that food was the easest way to calm someone down. Whenever a fight broke out in her kitchen, his great-aunt Gloria, God rest her soul, would always just pass out more bread, and pour more wine.

As if automatically reacting to his memory, Marcus grabbed the bottle he had been pouring for himself. "Hello children," he said in his best German, "Are you thirsty?" The ones that were flocked to him, and Marcus began to pour them the wine. It was a very sweet one, so he knew it would go over well. Of course, there was also very little alcohol either, so he felt entirely justified in serving it to children. After all, Marcus himself was not permitted to drink until he was 10.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Robo Jason Mk1 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:33 pm

*Thwid* the door closed, "Idiot" Simo said to himself. Placing his hand on his face, realizing what he did. He entered the Restaurant, and then the "dining hall of chaos". We turned to the table, dodging Handlers, Guards, Kids, Brats, and Germans words he could not identify. He knew all he needed was on that table, some nice Fish for dinner, now if he can only navigate to it...

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:19 pm

Dieter hid under the table for as long as possible, stifling curses and trying to stay quiet and motionless as the insanity happened all around him.

"Why Mister Gemany, what are you doing under the table?!"

Meyers' eyes grew wide at Rin's deliberate reveal of his position, and he immediately began to slither towards the end of the table without coming out from under it. "Aikofollowme!" he yelled as he expertly bear crawled down the length of the banquet. Of course, most of the children within earshot dropped what they were doing when Rin spoke up and rushed over to see what she was yelling about just like they had been instructed to by their angry handlers.

Dieter was nearly at the end of the table when the first kids stuck their heads under the tablecloth. "PAPA! PAPA!" the yell rose up again as they tumbled in after him, some backing away and running to the other end instead of crawling after him. "Not a chance!" Dieter growled, rolling out from under the table and demolishing a chair as he did. He was immediately on his feet and sprang up onto the table, dodging grabby children left and right as he deftly sprinted back to his seat to pluck up Aiko.

"Let's go!" he grunted, running for the closest exit now carrying Aiko on his back. The vast majority of the kids had stopped their rampage and taken up the chase, mercifully putting an end to the security team's nightmare. As Dieter got to the security checkpoint he didn't even slow down, instead vaulting easily over the metal detectors and shocked guards. The herd of kids however were mostly stopped by the waiting men, allowing Dieter a few precious seconds to continue his escape.

He didn't slow down outside when he found himself face to face with several bitter-looking women either, and they looked just as surprised and angry as he did when Rin gave him away as he blew past. "Would... you... put... me... down! I can't see them any more!" Aiko demanded as they got further away. "Not until we're back at the zeppelin! I can run faster!" he answered.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by teleute » Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:33 am

Coming back from the restroom, stomach empty and still a little out of it, Samiir took a look at the destruction left in the room. Ignoring the angry sounds of mothers and the gleeful cries of children near by for the sake of his eardrums, Samiir started cleaning the mess at full battle speed and left plates of still warm Neo Kurdish cuisine on free place sets.

Seeing Simo walk in, Samiir comments, "What is the matter, brother. You seem sad and angry at the same time. Here this will calm your...," unable to think of the best word in English he continues, "your apparent sanger. A good meal is divine gift." Samiir then hands Simo a Neo Kurdish dish which just happens to be a spicy fish kofta (sorta like a big meatball) while setting up his hookah all over again with his other hand.

"What could possibly be troubling you on this wonderful day before our great competition begins in earnest?"

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by blind_dead_mcjones » Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:00 pm

"AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA! DAMN BLONDIE CAN RUN HAHAHHA" Allison yelled inbetween laughs as Dieter litteraly bolted for the exit, the tide of illegitimate offspring following after him, leaving a huge mess in their wake, eventually her mad cackling died down the woman suddenly finding herself with little to do and nothing much going on to entertain her

well this is boring. she thought as she looked around for something to occupy her, settling on the neo american end of the table, with a grin she got up from where she was around rin, but not before telling the japanese woman that she was welcome to join her, and relocated to where chris and co were seated.

"say boys" allison began, sitting down in cabbie's lap "what do you say we ditch this tea party and paint the town red?"


some distance away from the dinner, Allison's brother graham was overlooking the last minute tune up being done to Neo Australia's gundam
"Hector, hows it comming along?" the buisness man asked, the head mechanic, a large well built man with scruffy back hair turned around
"It should be about right now, everythings in working order" Graham nodded
"Good, give it another once over before locking everything down" before he could finish Graham paused and mentally shuddered
"everything alright mate?" Hector asked after a pause, graham remained motionless before replying
"...something bad just happened.." he then looked at one scrawny looking man who was nearby "Milo, after its locked down the gundam is in your care, you know the drill"
"yup" Milo replied simply, graham nodded again before walking away, eager to get back to the dinner in order to see what his crazed sister was up to
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Robo Jason Mk1 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:11 pm

*Last post for me in the fanfare*

"ohh? Thank you, sir." Always polite around food, and fighters, Simo accepted Samiir dish. "Whats on my mind, well You know what they sat about first impressions? Well I juked it." as he looked at the kofta. "Hmmm, nice." as he tried the fish dish. Not the Cod he was thinking, yet the night seemed to get a little better. Hat on head, and fish in hand, things are not going to be this calm*Crash* "Well, relatively calm", as the last of the kids left the area.

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by Momaru » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:51 pm

Raphael had just about enough of his fellow fighters' antics. Especially Dieter and his horrible brood. The formally exquisite banquet hall was now completely trashed in their wake. It looked like a tornado had come through, and in some ways it really had. This only served to increase Raphaels anger and he could feel his face burning and his blood pressure skyrocketing. The slightest thing could set him off into a furious rage now. "Excuse me but I must take my leave now." Raphael said through clenched teeth while unintentionally loudly banging his hands on the table as he got up a little too quickly and knocked over his chair.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by liubei013 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:50 pm

Li continued to watch calmly at the oddities of this banquet. Several fighters had left, possibly due to their distaste of the current events. He had already finished his meal and even sampled some other nations' dishes. He cleaned up briefly before he stood up and stood back.

Then with a clear, calm voice, he said, "I must take my leave now. My thanks to the Guillaume family for hosting this generous banquet." He then held his hands to his sides and bowed waist-deep toward their host's direction.

"And I shall see the rest of you in our respective arenas, honored fighters," he added as he held his right first against his left open palm and rotated his torso, emphasizing the gesture of respect with a nod toward each remaining fighter. Then he left.

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Zero-Fanfare

Post by thatguyent » Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:34 pm

"This shall indeed be the greatest experience of my life," Caleb said, as he sat back in his lounging seat within the banquet hall, laughing hysterically at the actions of the tiny blonde haired children. "If the preliminary activities are like this, the actual matches will be exhilarating..."

Standing in his cockpit the next day, preparing to enter combat with Neo Canada, Caleb couldn't agree more with what he had said the night before.
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