Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

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Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by EZero8 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:03 pm

Here's the backstory again...

Lunar Mobile Frame Gundam: Dominion's Rise

Sixty years ago, the evolution of technology led the mankind into a new era. A new infinite power source that harnesses clean solar energy had been developed, stabilizing countries around the globe and making atomic nuclear energy obsolete. Resource satellites are later brought into Earth’s orbit to provide enormous amounts of useable metals and minerals. Colonization on the Moon is made possible from the industrial and economic boom, with plans to colonize Mars in development. Foreign disputes ceased worldwide, and eventually an agreement was made to unify all nations under the power of one centralized government. It seemed that universal peace had finally been obtained after centuries of conflict. A new calendar is raised to commemorate this monumental event; this period would be known as the Dominion Era.

It is D.E. 059; fifty-nine years have passed since peace was established under the United Earth-Nations Federation. With the founding fathers of this alliance retiring from public view, the government is currently run by new blood. Amongst them are sons and daughters of the once celebrated sovereign elite. In their meteoric rise to power, this ambitious group shamelessly promotes their avid fascination for Victorian-era aristocracy. Holding lavish balls and luxurious tea parties, this society captivates the population with vintage living. This fever for classical living only grew more popular as society conformed to these values.

By taking powerful political offices and directing the masses, the new breed’s grasp on the Earth Sphere strengthens. The Federation is renamed the Utopian Earth Nobility Dominion to mark another new era for the new generation. Standards and lifestyle became much more strict and proper. Men and women both face massive changes to their daily roles and fairy-tale personalities emerged. Even the Victorian-style of dress and speech became common. Detractors to the “tea party regime” immigrated to the Moon colonies, where Dominion influence was minimal at best. As a result, the Moon became a place for diverse cultures and individualism. In a much more relaxed atmosphere the people did as they pleased, but within reason.

As the Moon’s population grew, the Dominion began to exercise increased control over the lunar territories. However, the lack of direct authority made it easy for liberal extremists to lay the seeds of rebellion. The Moon became a production facility for building and testing new weapons to arm a revolution. But before long, the projects were discovered and subsequently confiscated by the U.E.N.D. To prepare for a potential uprising, the Dominion builds up a standing military with ease using the data confiscated from the rebels. Meanwhile, the loss of their first “Mobile Weapon” design plan only increased the lunar society’s motivation for independence. Another project is launched and developed more discreetly this time to form a perfected design concept.

Fast forward to D.E. 060: the Moon’s dissent has reached a boiling point. The U.E.N.D. had increasingly restricted the rights of the lunar colonists to discourage rebellion, but these measures only triggered the opposite effect. Proclaiming themselves the Lunar Protectorate, a rebel military group based on the Moon declares war against the U.E.N.D. The Dominion reacts to the hostility by deploying the AMD-006 Dominion Pawn, an Armored Module based on the Protectorate’s original design concepts. With their superior numbers, the Dominion military sends out several fleets into space to invade the Moon, seeking a quick victory. Though unprepared to roll out their own Mobile Weapon, the Protectorate responds with their defense forces consisting of gunboats and space fighters. The first battle ends with devastating losses for both sides; the Protectorate’s superior anti-fleet defenses perfectly matched the Dominion’s massive attack strength and numerical advantage. With the initial skirmishes leading to disastrous results, the war reaches a stalemate.

Months pass since the start of the rebellion. Attempting to break the stalemate, both sides have begun to wage territorial warfare, collecting surrounding resource satellites and initiating invasion operations. The Protectorate finally deploys their first Mobile Frame, the LMF-01 Raptor, to combat the Pawn. Armed to challenge the U.E.N.D. at last, the Protectorate sends out their MS teams to engage enemy fleets. Meanwhile, the Dominion pushes onwards in their goal to retake control of the Protectorate territories and to reassert their philosophy to the “uncultured” remains of mankind.

Some technical information:

There are two types of mobile weapons: Armored Modules and Mobile Frames. The U.E.N.D. uses the former; the Protectorate uses the latter. Both mecha are powered by miniturized versions of the solar battery and have operational time restrictions. As a result, use of energy-based weapons is limited.

Armored Modules are the first mobile weapons to appear. They are imperfect versions of the Mobile Frame and are structurally weak because of its humanoid form. This problem was solved by making them heavily armored to improve structural stability at the cost of speed and mobility. Most AM's are powered by cheap, low energy batteries to significantly increase production totals.

Mobile Frames are perfected humanoid mecha. M-Frames are structurally sound, eliminating the need for heavy armor. They have a more advanced battery to give it extended operation time and improved overall performance. Mobile Frames also have greater (albeit still limited) flexibility to use energy-based weapons like the plasma saber. Because of the production costs, fewer M-Frames are fielded than the AM's.

Information on individual mecha can be found in the discussion thread.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by EZero8 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:04 pm

Character template:

Code: Select all

[b]Desired Rank/Title:[/b]
I will PM you when your character is approved, or if I have questions/concerns regarding your characters.

(Note: we'll be using US Navy Ranks for this RPG)
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by The Big Zabowski » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:34 pm

Name: Devorah Elyansha
Age: 26
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant (O-3)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 138lbs

Bio: Born on the Palestinian coast of the Mediterranean during the middle of the renaissance on earth, Devorah was the daughter of a fiery, strict UENF Air Force Colonel and Army Captain mother. Even in the days of the UENF the middle-east was a powder-keg whose leaders were seemingly at the bartering table day in and day out. For that reason, she had been brought up to never see any lull in the fighting as ‘peace time’, no matter what the press or any official source would say.

There would always be a reason to fight. It was human nature.

It was this belief that lead to her parent’s death at the hand of some detractors of the old regime. The ‘incident’ had been blamed on poor traffic management in Damascus but Devi knew the truth. For that reason she was threatened to ‘keep quiet’ in fear of ‘possible extremist attacks in the region’ that ‘rebelled against society’.

What a crock of S**t.

Soon enough; a series of ‘suicide bombings’ of the likes that hadn’t been seen in a while began to pop up in the area. Everyone began to blame everyone else, and with the instability, the Dominion stepped in to bring ‘order and peace’ to the region.

Just one more reason to fight.

A flight to the Moon during this time of emigration would lead her to quickly file into the armed movements against the Dominion. Those that took her home and family would pay dearly in blood and flesh. She would be obliged to collect that debt and in the following years would garner the nickname “Wolf” for her bloodlust and tenacity in battle.

Personality: Tenacious, vicious, and at the same time protective of those she flies with. Quick with wit, yet adherent to strict military protocol, she is always one to push the envelope in order to gain whatever ground she can against the Protectorate. Also considers herself ‘never off duty’ and that the term is a contradiction in itself.

Appearance: Athletic build, with tawny skin. Grey eyes that clash with her somewhat unkempt curly black hair. Usually found in a flight jump suit on and off duty, via personal convictions.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Attomoku » Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:48 pm

Name: Catherine ’Cat’ Dodgeson
Age: 28 ( May/32 DE)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Dominion Forces
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant Junior Grade (or Equv.)/ Lady Dodgeson
Nickname/Callsign: The Cheshire Cat
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 106 lbs

Bio: Born in Manchester, England Lady Catherine was happily married at 19 and loved her husband, LtCmdr. Henry Dodgeson, who's star could only rise, with an unmatched passion. He was from a long and distinguished military family witch had produced a few noted Captains and Admirals and she was of noble birth, the daughter of an Viscount and former member of the House of Lords. They had a perfect, picturesque life for 3 year before fate conspired to destroy it.
Whilst pregnant with their first child Henry was killed in a training accident. Soon after the tragedy which was only made bearable by the comforting thought that she would still have their child, there was a major complication with the pregnancy and their son died in stillbirth. The was mother left barren as a result of what was required to save her. When Catherine came to and learned what transpired she became unhinged and began to laugh.
After a few months of recovery she came to realize that the last connection she shared with her late husband was her last name and the military accomplishments that went with it. With little else to turn to for comfort she decided honor the Dodgeson name she bore, enroll and make a name in the military for herself as he might have done once. Pulling some connections she signed up soon after.
Proving to be highly skilled and driven she rose through the academy ranks through her merit rather than her name. Cat's impressive record (and admittedly her name) let her participate with the invasion fleet. She manged to down 2 gunboats and 3 fighters in the initial battle, and prove that the Cheshire Cat (A nickname given for her purr and seeming ability to appear and disappear like batman) has claws and fangs too.

Personality: Not quite all there. Her losses have made her uninhibited, and often does as she pleases, sometimes to the consternation of her former teammates. However they often as not ignore/glossed over her indiscretions perhaps out of pity for her losses/resulting mania or perhaps of a healthy amount of respect for her ethic.
Very driven to live up to her last name in combat she often throws caution into the wind and feels that their is little to live for, but maintains a clear demeanor nonetheless (Not suicidal, just a very high risk taker). Not one to make true connections with others for fear of getting emotionally hurt as baldy as her marriage she is still a friendly enough person to know and never forgets her manners.
She also is masterfully astute and enjoys giving sage if not cryptic advice to whoever asks.

Kinda looks like this. Unruly, slightly beyond shoulder length, light auburn hair and pale pale blue eyes. Accented with eye shadow and paints her nails in alternating pink and light violet. Speaks in a soft slow voice like a purr.
Her AM had a distinct Color scheme, with stripes of alternating pink and violet similar to her nails

EDIT: Added picture, expounded on family nobility status and nickname fixed DOB
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by EZero8 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:16 pm

Name: Eric Zhang
Age: 24
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.

Bio: Born and raised on the moon, Eric was always exposed to the diverse culture of lunar society. He wouldn't have it any other way; the lifestyle was remarkably comfortable. But as he grew older, he became more aware of the U.E.N.D.'s blatant attempt to suffocate the moon's uniqueness with what they call "culture." Slowly, he watched life at home become more and more dull as restrictions were enacted one after another to limit their freedoms.

Eric never had any problem with the Victorian fanatics down on Earth; he was brought up to accept their differences and to see them as individuals. The general opinion around the moon was the same aside from a few anti-Dominion extremists. However, with increasing regulations being made by the Dominion government, this opinion changed for the worse.

The liberals took the opportunity to rally the people, igniting a revolution. Eric found himself swept up in the fervor and joined the Protectorate military, vowing to fight for his freedom. Initially a fighter pilot, he witnessed the disastrous first battles of the war. He managed to score several kills in those fights, enough to rise in rank and qualify him for immediate training to operate one of the first LMF-01 Raptors.

Personality: Calm, quiet, and laid-back. Though he is not as outgoing as he once was during his happy childhood, he still retains his good-natured attitude. On the battlefield he can be a vicious fighter when provoked, but normally chooses to methodically eliminate his targets with a cool and calm demeanor.

Appearance: Dark hair and eyes. Slender but strong build. Can be seen wearing either the Protectorate uniform or a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Kavik Ryx » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:18 pm

Name: Maximilian Stern
Age: 22
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant JG
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 147 lbs

Bio: Born to one of the most powerful and influential families on the moon, Maximilian has has been cultured not only in Lunar customs, but Terran ones as well. Not that he would care really. He is too self centered to worry about politics or social issues. He generally spends his time hopping from one interest to the next, mastering it, and get bored in the process. On occasion, he also happens to be incapable discerning his thoughts from the suggestions of others, leading to impulsive actions. His joining of the Protectorate was on little more than a dare.

Using what he could get of his family's assets, he bribed himself into hiding, and into the hands of the Protectorate. He is seldom trusted, however. And is thus put in positions of low responsibility. Seeing this as a personal challenge (not to mention thinks this is some sort of test), Max continues to hone his skills as a pilot, living on the rush of possibly getting found out or killed, and having no regard for the consequences at hand.

Personality: Bored tactless and unprincipled are perhaps the best words to describe him. Possibly mildly disabled, Max is more or less incapable of reading people. This causes him to be tactless, forget TPO (Time, Place, and Occasion), and sometimes lose his theory of mind (can't distinguish his thoughts from others). Anal retentive, and easily bored, he sticks with things until they become uninteresting. And the events taking place give him quite the rush.

Appearance: Relatively average, except for his very slanted eyes and unusually light hair.

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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:34 pm

Name: Cecil Callow
Age: 26
Affiliation: Dominion Forces
Desired Rank/Title: ensign/2nd lieutenant / Gentleman (lower than squire :( )
Height: 173cm
Weight: 76kg

Bio: Born in Cardiff, Wales to a family clinging to their status as nobility, Cecil has been a spectacular underachiever for most of his life. Sent along with his older brother Percival to live with their quite well-to-do Aunt Camille at her estate outside of Essex, he grew up to be little more than a fashion plate with a mediocre vocabulary and a sense of entitlement. After a disastrous stint as apprentice to a lawyer he just barely managed to gain a position as a local government official (which would be more accurately described as a senior clerk with simple responsibilities) because of his neat penmanship. Strictly speaking, he and his brother would only be referred to as 'Gentlemen' because they own no land or higher titles outside a "good name", but they are known to claim the rank of squire based solely on their aunt's sizeable wealth.

After he became bored with his position in the county government (which actually took a few months, much to everyone's pleasant surprise), he and his brother somehow conjured up the idea that they needed a military career to gain more political power. After enough pestering and upper-class whingeing directed at Aunt Camille, she agreed to purchase commissions for them. Training was difficult, as Cecil was used to keeping strange hours and was known to be quite lazy, but eventually he and his brother managed to be cleared as pilots (they bribed the commanding officer). Outfitted with new, finely tailored uniforms (which are dreadfully dull) they have been stuck in some unfortunate officer's unit as combat pilots.

Personality: Cecil rarely does anything he can have a manservant do for him. To important peers and those of higher social standing he is fawning and obsequious to an almost sickening degree; to commoners and servants he can be quite rude. Because he often doesn't know when to close his mouth he routinely ends up talking long enough to insult one of his betters without realizing it, and he is rescued by his servants on a regular basis. He doesn't possess a full understanding of the political climate, but he knows he doesn't much care for those moon rabble flouting good and proper order.

Appearance: Cecil's brown hair is cut just below the top of the ears and is always kept perfectly parted down the middle (and well oiled). He isn't ugly, but he isn't remarkably handsome either (though he doesn't let that stop him). There is little disputing that the one thing Cecil and his brother are gifted with is an impeccable fashion sense. Cecil has spent outrageous sums of money on the latest styles of clothing, at one point even having a prominent French fashionista flown to Essex to design several fancy pairs of stockings. Favoring bright colors and flamboyant styles, to those outside the nobility and anyone else not impressed by high fashion he and his brother would be described as foppish dandies.

Secret Shame: Is a Welshman.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by wonton bob » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:25 pm

Name: Klaus Von Kappelhoff
Age: 37
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant Commander/ Baron
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 370 lbs

Bio: During the golden age of peace rightful heirs had worked their way and claimed back their titles in the Bavarian region. With financial wealth and allies in political power they rebuilt the royal house in Bavaria and reestablished a King in name only. But having deep pockets their influence spread by backing the Dominion and being a large contributor in the funding of their research and development section. It would be seen as a favor in taking on the Baron and his escorts as an independent force to the unit it was assigned. (think Mr. Bushido)
Nephew to King Ludwig VIII of Bavaria and next in line to succession since the passing of both of the King's sons. Like all nobility his experience in real combat is null but he is quite capable in handling an Armored Module since the royalty in the region have purchased a few and use it "for sport".

Personality: Wicked in demeanor but does have a nack for reading people and is not afraid to speak his mind. His ultimate goal is to seek out who has the seat of power in the Dominion and to slither as close as he can next to it.

Appearance: Amazingly agile for an obese man yet lacks the stamina for a prolong fight in which case he relies on his bodyguards to assist him. Hair of gold and a long mustache to complete the look of a noble. When not dressed in his custom suit of armor and matching long cape his "dress blues" has rather a large number of medals and ribbons which mean nothing. The Armored Modules for him and his escorts carry the "Kings of Bavaria" coat of arms in the front to distinguish himself from the common people.
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Name: Franz Meier
Age: 41
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant, Junior Grade/ Knight
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200 lbs

Bio: One of two bodyguards assigned to the Baron. Commissioned to the royal guards from the regular military service when the nobles reclaimed their status. Comes from a long line of soldiers who saw great military service. He enlisted when he was 18. Hand picked by the King to accompany the Baron, mostly to be the King's eyes and ears.

Personality: Sworn to duty first, will give up life for the King. Not pleased at first to be selected but will continue diligently to uphold the King's orders and protect the Baron at all costs. No home life or family to speak of.

Appearance: pic1

Name: Stefan Bäcker
Age: 27
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Ensign/ Royal guard
Height: 5'7
Weight: 188 lbs

Bio: Also enlisted in the military at 18 but sought political power instead. He saw entering the service as gaining credentials. Quickly attained the ranks during his academy training while also running several gambling rings under the noses of authority. Caught the eye of the Baron one night in town when Stefan was caught by police transporting over 200 women for a "casino night" at an abandoned mansion. The Baron insisted to the King that Bäcker join him and refused any other bodyguard.

Personality: Older of two brothers and very protective of him. Stefan sees eye to eye with the Baron and sees this as an opportunity to advance even more than on his own. Has an agenda and will strike when he's given the chance.

Appearance: pic2
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by King Monkey » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:55 am

Name:Percival Callow
Affiliation:Dominion Forces
Desired Rank/Title:Ensign/2nd lieutenant/Gentleman
Bio: Born in Cardiff, Wales to a family clinging to their status as nobility, Percival has been a spectacular underachiever for most of his life. Sent along with his younger brother Cecil to live with their quite well-to-do Aunt Camille at her estate outside of Essex, he grew up to be little more than a fashion plate with a mediocre vocabulary and a sense of entitlement. Even then, Percival had dreams of being a knight and begged his aunt to pull strings until she managed to get him a commission in the military, despite his complete lack of potential.
Percival was despised by his subordinates and his superiors found him completely incompetent. He skipped almost the entirety of boot camp because of a mysterious ailment and proved incapable of even the simplest tactical thinking. Nonetheless, he is quite proud of his first military career and will quickly show anyone his medal (really the campaign ribbon for his non-combat deployment) and talk about his old war wound (actually a broken arm he received when one of his subordinates purposefully threw him out of a speeding jeep.)
Eventually (approximately 18 months,) the rigors of military life proved too strenuous for Percival. He once more convinced his aunt to use her considerable pull to get him an honorable discharge and he spent the next year living the life of a true gentleman (i.e. doing nothing.)
Discovering that such a life was not getting him the power and glory he deserved, he and his brother conjured up the idea that they needed a military career to gain more political power. After enough pestering and upper-class whining directed at Aunt Camille, she agreed to purchase another commission for him and one for his brother. Training was difficult, as Percival had beomce used to keeping strange hours and was known to be quite lazy, but eventually he and his brother managed to be cleared as pilots (they bribed the commanding officer). Outfitted with new, finely tailored uniforms (which are dreadfully dull) they have been stuck in some unfortunate officer's unit as combat pilots.

Personality: The hallmark of Percival’s personality is his firm belief in the superiority of his (rather dubious) bloodline. He believes wholeheartedly that he is a noble and, beyond that, that his family is the most noble. With those he considers his social inferiors he is condescending and snobby and with those he considers his social superiors he is alternately fawning and subtly (to his mind anyway) snide. He is certain that he deserves all the finest things in life and will sulk and brood if he doesn’t get them. He never forgets an insult, whether real or imagined but is rather ineffective at getting revenge.

Appearance: Percival’s brown hair is cut in what could charitably be called a pageboy but is really a bowl cut with the hair coming to the tops of his ears before it is shorn short. He is rather plain looking though he thinks that he has a classic, patrician beauty. He also almost constantly has a look on his face as though he’s smelled something unpleasant which doesn’t help his appearance at all. There is little disputing that the one thing Percival and his brother are gifted with is an impeccable fashion sense. Percivall has spent outrageous sums of money on the latest styles of clothing, at one point even having a prominent Italian fashionista flown to Essex to design several fancy pairs of gloves. Favoring bright colors and flamboyant styles, to those outside the nobility and anyone else not impressed by high fashion he and his brother would be described as foppish dandies.

(With liberal borrowing from Fritz's bio.)
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by ScornMandark » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:39 pm

Name: Donovan Reinhart

Age: 23

Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate

Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant J.G. (O-1.5)

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 245 lbs

Bio: Donovan was born to a lower-class family in D.E. 37. His family were farmers in southern Germany, and growing up his greatest hope was to join the military. When he was 16, already much bigger than most adults, he went to the local U.E.N.D. recruiter and joined up. Within weeks, it was very obvious that his peasant status would forever hamper him in his career, and he would always play second fiddle to less capable but more connected individuals. He tried to stick it out anyways, hoping the merit of his actions would prove his worth to the commanders, and worked at it for several years. After another "training session" that left him and his instructor in the hospital for weeks, he finally decided he had taken enough. He was assigned the graveyard watch, and he simply vanished into the night. Having heard about the LPs actions on the moon, he snuck onboard a ship disguised as a mechanic.

Donovan escaped notice as he had fixed and repaired many nobles' machines for them (as they couldn't manage to do it themselves) and disembarked on the moon. He soon encountered the LP and signed up immediately. He has been with them for 2 years now, and is much more content. He is advancing slowly up the ranks, but he is advancing. He started training on LMFs recently, and has shown a reasonable aptitude for it. He has not participated in any LMF combat, but has proven instrumental in a number of ground ops, where his massive size has been leveraged quite usefully.

Personality: Donovan is very big, and very aware of it. He has used his massive size to intimidate others in the past, and he isn't shy about doing so currently. He does know when to turn it off, however. With his friends, he is quietly intense. With his enemies, he is murderously intense.

Appearance: Massive, germanic man. Dark blond hair just past his shoulders, heavily muscled accentuated by his form fitting clothing. Tends to wear tight T-shirts and dark slacks off duty, and his pilot suit when on duty. Always wears heavy boots. His face is hard lined and tanned, but free of any particular scars.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by blind_dead_mcjones » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:18 pm

Name: Jane Godfrey
Age: 27
Affiliation: Luna Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Ensign(OF-1)
Callsign: Talisman
Height: 164cm
Weight: 49Kg
Bio: born in Essex and originally known as Belial, a Baroness and the Third daughter of a margrave of 'House Bohemund' one of the prestigeous noble families in the Dominion. however, following a scandal on her 19th birthday involving her and a duke from Saxony. Jane was disowned and stripped of her title, name, possesions and even the clothes on her back, and sold off to the owner of a shipping company on the moon, her father telling her "If you wish to behave like a whore then on your head be it, you shall die as one." from there it got worse as her 'master' discarded her on the streets after becoming bored with her. (said treatment at his hands also left her sterile)

Despite being forced to live in the slums of one of the lunar cities, Jane made the best of her situation using her charm, intelligence, vocabullary and if need be the very 'skills' that got her into her predicament, she was eventually able to carve out a comfortable lifestyle for herself and wormed her way into the Lunar Protectorate under the pseudonymn 'Jane Godfrey', where her intellect, powers of persuasion and aptitude for on-the-spot thinking earned her the rank of Ensign. during that time she also dmonstrated a resonable aptitude for LMF piloting, knew percival and brother cecil in her younger years, nicknaming percival 'percy'
Personality: appears to be calm, indifferent and enigmatic, at times cynical and sarcastic, and is very cold, calculating and ambitious to a fault, with a repuation of being ruthless towards those who cross her, but she does have a warm side and feels genuine compassion for those living on the moon due to her experiences, likes to play around with people with puzzling speach and behaviour, excels at tactics, but is merely passable with strategies. has named her LMF 'talisman' due to it also being her callsign. prefers hit-and-run tactics and uses a 'bushwhacker' style of combat, is fiercely protective of her new identity and will go to any lengths to preserve it and make sure no one learns of her origin.
Appearance: Slender build, Dark hair and blue eyes, very pale skin, tends to dress as inconspicouously as possible when off duty, wearing a turtleneck, boots, cargo pants (will submit pic later)

Name: Eric Bohemund
Age: 24
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant/ Baron
Height: 192cm
Weight: 70kg
Bio: the heir of house bohemund, Eric is a bombastic yet stern man with a lot of pride, adherent to the beliefs of the dominion, he sought a comission in the Dominions armed forces, where he proved himself to be a surprisingly competent officer thanks to his fathers teachings, and proved himself on the battlefield when the war between the protectorate and the dominion first began. this combined with his personality has made him somewhat of a posterboy for the dominion's military
Personality: very proud, serious and confident almost to the point of arrogance. with zero tolerance for failiure, always errs on the side of caution during battle. considers his cousin Belial's (see Jane's profile above) actions, and by extension her continued existence, to be a huge stain on the family's honour, and will stop at nothing to eliminate her should he ever find her, although a competent officer he lacks imagination, often fighting on the defensive and prefering ranged combat over melee.
is a very open and proud misogynist.
Appearance: tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome, neatly combed brown hair, lost left eye in a hunting accident, and as a result can't see to his left.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Xvlai » Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:12 pm

Name: Leikar Rivers
Age: 31
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Ensign
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Bio: Born the third child to the Lord Rivers, Leikar lived a pampered life for much of his earlier childhood. His father, Lord Leir Rivers was a governmental official in the U.E.N.D, with sizeable estates scattered throughout the northwest of North America. The family’s power didn’t come from their father though, High Lord Aknir Rivers, the family’s patriarch had been a member of the Federation when it became the United Earth Nobility Dominion receiving his title after the creation of the new government. Shortly after its creation he withdrew from politics and started his own company.
Owning much real estate before the boom on the moon he made a fortune selling the land rights. Using that fortune he created a Lunar based Industrial-company that owned and operated a number of the resource satellites in Earth’s orbit. The family increasingly over the years strengthened their base with the “uncultured” men and women of the moon.
Leikar had a relatively uneventful childhood, everything he desired he had and more, he was raised as part of the new breed and accepted it without a second though. Upon graduation of his school he took a small low level role in his family’s business where he stayed up until his family moved to space.
Sensing the impending war the elder River males decided to move to the moon as they had more business interests in the Lunar Protectorate. Upon moving to the Moon they dropped their titles and honors and assumed their places as an extremely wealthy business family. The family still sees themselves as better than the rabble and does look down on some of their ways, but so long as they make a profit they care little.
While they care little over this war of “culture” as they more closely identify with the Nobility on Earth. The River family simply cares for their own profit, as such both the elder Rivers entered politics in the Lunar Protectorate, Leikar’s older brother now runs the family business with assistance from his sister, wanting to create his own path in life for once Leikar enlisted after the opening battles in the war. He was selected when he enlisted to pilot a Mobile Frame given his scores, and family background. He was offered an officers commission but declined it, wanting to be promotoed based on his own merit.
Personality: Astute, patient, and cunning. Deliberate in his actions both on and off the battlefield, seems amiable enough to talk to but still gives off an edge of aloofness and coldness from his childhood. Being raised to think he is better than the “common” folk he still holds many of these opinions.
Appearance: Short brown hair with some flecks of gray, athletic build, nothing particular stands out about him he is completely bland to look at.

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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by The Loser Villain » Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:09 am

Name: Bonito Fernández de Córdoba
Age: 23
Affiliation: Dominion Forces
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant J.G. / Squire
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 180 lbs

Bio: Born to a common family in Madrid, Bonito was orphaned at a young age due to an automobile accident in the province of Andalusia. With no known family he became a ward of the state and was living in an orphanage till he ran away at the age of 6. He lived as a street kid in the city of Sevilla for about a year till a nobleman named Francisco de Córdoba, caught him trying to steal his wallet. The man questioned him as to why he was committing a crime and upon hearing Bonito's story offered to take him on as a stable boy on the family's estate rather then turning him into the authorities. Seeing it as a chance to escape he agreed.

Upon working on the Córdoba estate the families only child, Antonio befriended him and as they grew up he became closer to the rest of the family. One day an unfortunate accident occurred while riding a horse and Antonio was severely injured. His injury prevented him from being accepted into the military which would end the tradition of at least one man of the Córdoba family serving. Seeing no other option, Francisco offered Bonito another job. He would be adopted into the family and serve in order to preserve the tradition. Having a noble name would help him later in life, so Bonito accepted the offer.

Having worked hard all his life he didn't slack at all during his basic training. Much to his dismay he did witness several unmotivated men go through basic as well and was shocked when they even obtained pilots status. Seeing as his personal mission he worked even harder and had to prove his skills in order to become a pilot. The first day he wore his uniform was one of the proudest in his life, and the Córdoba family was proud of him as well. Initially he only sought to serve the minimum number of years required to be discharged, but he soon found he enjoyed serving and made it his career.

Personality: Having gone through life without the benefits of nobility, Bonito is a rather down to earth guy. Hard work seems to be his guiding philosophy, however he does know it isn't the solution to everything. He is also a devote Catholic and can be heard rattling off prayers before going on any mission.

Appearance: A man that lives up to his name, Bonito is attractive and cuts an imposing figure. With a slight olive complexion, black hair, and brown eyes and a slightly pronounced nose, he is very proud of his Spanish features. Other then wearing his uniform he tends to stick to slacks and button up shirts of muted colors.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by EZero8 » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:38 pm

Some additional characters:

Name: Alexander James Wilmer Von Ponce de Leon IV
Age: 27
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant / Knight
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Bio: Alexander was born into a well-to-do family with a long military history, inheriting the name of his great-great grandfather, a former General. Though they are not nobles, the family is well-known based on their military exploits. Alexander had always known that it was rare for a non-noble family to garner such a lauded reputation, and took full advantage of his comically long name.

Following the footsteps of his father, grandfather, great grandfather, and great-great grandfather before him, Alexander joined the military. Unlike the men he inherited his name from, Alexander was remarkably lazy and slacked off at the academy. But with his hopes of becoming an Armored Module operator, he trained hard enough to earn a commission. He would later earn a long line of promotions based on his combat record, downing various gunboats in the first battle alone.

Personality: He is extremely friendly and carefree; his slacker personality contrasts his strict surroundings. He is also slightly dim-witted because of his laziness. Despite this, his piloting talent remains top-notch. He also prefers to speak in "uncultured" slang and "commoner-use" English, citing simplicity and personal intrigue for the dialect.

Appearance: He has a prototypical "Knight in Shining Armor" appearance, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. He is extremely tall and athletic.

Name: David Williamson Huntington
Age: 28
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Ensign / Gentleman
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs.

Bio: One of few common-born aces of the U.E.N.D. military. A hard-working trainee while in the academy, David performed well in only to be demoted because of his social status. Because of this, he strives to earn a title by any means necessary, conjuring delusional plans to join the Dominion's elite.

Personality: Uptight and strict, he serves as a foil to his good friend, Alexander. Besides his unusual friendship with Alexander, there is little else to color his dull and boring personality.

Appearance: Brown-haired. Tall and muscular, fitting for a soldier. Always dressed in a clean and minted Dominion uniform.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Kavik Ryx » Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:19 pm

Name: Sid El Facil
Age: 23
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Petty Officer/Commoner
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 134 lbs

Bio: For the nobility, military service is an opportunity to further distinguish their family, and by extension themselves. For commoners like Sid, sometimes it is the only option. Born in Sussex England and mothered by a scullery maid. His father is unknown, and his identity is allegedly hidden. There are rumors.

While Sid lived amongst the nobility, he was perhaps farther from them than anyone else. The Duke of the territory displayed a particular hatred toward him and his mother, and thus faced constant humiliation. Being barred from just about every freedom and privilege that even most commoners were allowed. Despite ultimately self teaching himself, he was deemed "unfit" for any sort of occupation. Once again, there are rumors.

Military service, on the other hand, is not controlled by the local nobility, which prompted Sid to enlist in order to get a fresh start.

Personality: While self-loathing, and competed with authority, Sid always displays a facade of self-respect and obedience. He displays the properties of a doormat in order to survive. When alone, he will curse those he hates, while visualizing strangling them to death.

Appearance: Shabby, and unkempt. A look which the upper class expects of people of his stature, and ignore so long as one is kept in his place.

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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by blind_dead_mcjones » Sat Aug 29, 2009 1:14 am

Name: Jeremy "The Chief" Lloyd Vimes
Age: 54
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Warrant Officer
Height: 199 cm
Weight: 67kg
Bio: Chief technician for the LMF's on board the Darkvasser, Jeremy has always been fascinated with machines since he was a boy, other than that not much is known, having worked with the raptor at the end of it's devlopment cycle and the first prepoduction batch of LMF's he has grown rather attached and protective of them, is more or less considered the Darkvasser's resident 'Grumpy old dad'
Personality: slightly aloof due to a speech impediment, but is rather friendly to people he knows, He is a kind hearted man but gets angry when his machines are damaged, often views and refers to the LMF's like they're living beings, he used to get annoyed that people call him "the chief" as opposed to his proper title "Warrant officer Vimes" but has grown used to it, course he will only let people he's close to call him "the chief", any newbies have to 'earn' the priveledge of calling him that, and is rather sensitive about his height.
Appearance: short hair (mostly black but is greying due to stress), wears glasses, has a neatly trimmed beard that frames his entire jawline, average build, and has a bad back
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Thechoort » Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:44 pm

Name: Philip Clermont
Age: 24
Affiliation: Dominion
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutent/Count
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Bio: Born to a French family of noble name and history, his family's House fell to ruin when his grandfather squandered the familie's wealth serving as a suborbinate House to a House that fell out of favor with the general nobility, eventually being dissolved, leaving Clermont's house to sink into finacial ruin and poverty.

Philip's memories of childhood are of a country estate with perfectly manicured gardens, expertly sculpted fountains and empty rooms devoid of furniture or decorations. His maids spent most of thier time tutoring the young noblemen in proper chivalrous behavior. They were his constant compaions as his mother was ashamed to send him to associate with other noble's families to closely. With this background of honor and duty drilled into him, he knew he was failing his noble birth when he'd walk in on his mother weeping because she'd never be able to host any of the elaborate balls that her fellow members of the nobility did, or ever provide for her son the elegant lives of his peers. His father, ashamed at his inability to provide the noble life his family needed, turned to drink and further sqaundered his family's rapidly dimishing wealth. He eventually grew ill and passed away, leaving a 13 year old Philip the sole surving male heir to the House Clermont, and the future of the House more uncertain then ever.

A glimmer of hope shown when Philip turned 16. He appealed to his mother that if he was able to enroll in the military acadamy, he'd be able to bring honor to his family once again. Selling the last of her jewels, his mother paid for his enrollment. He worked hard to earn his place in the pilot corp, with the intent to either win enough wealth and fame in battle save his family, or give House Clermont an honorble send off with his death.
Personality: Carries himself with a trained regal bearing around his fellow nobility, but his time spent being taught by his servents had rubbed off on the young man, giving him a coarse, almost humorish side dealing with those of lower station, treating them as equals, sympothizing more with them then any other nobles. Willing to do anything to further his family name. When his family honor is brought in to question he will quickly lose his composure.
Appearance: Short brown hair, closely cropped. Clean cut, with a trained neatness so as to always make a good first impression to nobility and look like he fits in. Leanly built, modestly muscular. Wears his dress uniform when not on active combat duty. When on combat duty wears a uniform jumpsuit and a pilot suit when sortieing.

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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Shadow Knight » Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:33 pm

Name: Jack Reddington
Age: 23
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant / Son of a Duke
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180
Bio: Originally born to Dominion Nobility in the North Eastern United States, Jack was experimented on by his father to change his lazy, unruly, non intelligent behavior. The immediate result was perfect, but days later at a large formal dinner party, Jack went insane and began killing them. He swears to find who ever escaped, they were responsible for his state of mind. He moved to the moon to see if zero gravity could repair his brain chemistry, it failed. He joined the Lunar Protectorate to satisfy his mind's bloodlust for the Dominion.
Personality: Highly unstable, multiple personalities. When normal, he is unruly, lazy, sometimes nice and caring at times. Takes strong medication in an attempt to block out the others.

He named his personalities using colors;
Red: Rage, Revenge, Homicidal, loves to see death and destruction.
Blue: Intelligent, Cold, Kills anyone Dominion affiliated who he believes is inferior, loves a good intellectual challenge.
Green: Spastic, low intelligence, almost suicidal in battle tactics.
Appearance: Caucasian, short spiky black hair with side burns, that go half way down the length of his ears, blue eyes, officer's uniform has sleeves torn off, wears punky street clothes in public; red sunglasses, dark blue jeans ripped at the knees, wear a white t-shirt under a black vest.
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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by The Red Nova » Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:25 am

Name: Roger Davis
Age: 25
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Lieutenant
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Bio: Roger was born into a wealthy Lunar family which unlike on the surface was very patriotic towards Lunar independence. Roger's father owns a big Lunar mining company as well as electronics company, he privately funds the Protectorate. When Roger was 16 he joined the Protectorate.
Personality: Layed back, Intellectual. Loves to flirt with girls and build things. Very organized, keeps schedules.
Appearance: Caucasian, combed short brown hair, brown eyes, wears street clothes most often.

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Re: Dominion's Rise Sign-Up Thread

Post by Adrikan » Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:15 am

Name: Marcus Hypnos
Age: 20
Affiliation: Lunar Protectorate
Desired Rank/Title: Midshipman
Callsign: Vajra
Height: 6 feet / 183 cm
Weight: 180 pounds / 82 kg
Bio: Marcus Luther is a member of a small community of Europeans whose ancestors migrated to India to escape religious persecution in the 16th century A.D. His family was always regarded with some contempt by their neighbors because of what one of their ancestors did, which eventually caused his parents to migrate to the moon to seek a new beginning. His family had always been Dominion loyalists, and his habit of questioning the dominion's policies eventually destroyed their relationship. After he was cast out, he gave up his old surname, and took the name of the Greek god of dreams, symbolizing the loss of his old life, and how he "woke up" as a new man. He joined the Lunar Protectorate, not because he agreed with it's views, but because he wanted to ensure that he woul never have to abandon another life. He participated in the first battle of the war as a lunar defense pilot, and demonstrated his ability by shooting down three Pawns who were demolishing a Lunar fighter squadron.
Personality: Somewhat jaded by his family's legacy, he is very suspicious of others, and has become something of a misanthrope. For reasons that are beyond him, he always tries to alleviate any suffering he sees. This quality has caused him no shortage of trouble, because his thoughts and actions take entirely different paths.
Appearance: A tall, thin, gaunt man with short, brown hair and dull green eyes. Usually wears a uniform or flight suit, beause they are much more suited to his life than civilian clothes.

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