Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by hellbore » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:26 am

- Federation Fleet -

Rawn internally gaped in awe at the Iron Lucifer, a reaction which was shared openly by others on the bridge, though outwardly remained stoic. How such a massive ship had managed to sneak up on them was not odd, with the amount of Minovsky and GN particles flying around, but yet was still some disconcerting.

The Victory was struck high by the fire from the Daggerhead the dorsal 'Gottfried' ripped away by the orange-gold beams. The remaining 'Gottfried' swivelled to target the unfamiliar class and fired it's own green beams, followed by a wave of Helldart missiles from the many launchers, while the 'Igelstellung' CIWS continued with their high volume of fire, keeping the Fandom mobile suits on their toes, while the Lohengrin blasters quickly charged up for another shot..

The Farnsworth continued on its course to the colony miraculously unimpeded and contiuned blazing it's guns and missiles at the Fandom ships and mobile suits, while the Delilah was suddenly stuck by the Daggerhead's beams, though their punched through the hanger, killing many people but hardly halting the ship which had now picked up a great deal of speed.

Rawn suddenly came to himself as an operator yelled out, "Sir, incredibly high energy reading from the new ships, it's-"

"EVADE! NOW!" Rawn roared, interrupting the operator, and the helmsman quickly responded, the Grey Wolf suddenly making a climb the threw unprepared crew members to the ground as the fire from the Iron Lucifer, Ananta and Lucifer II erupted from their many cannons.

- Mobile Suits -

The pilot of one of the Windams, perhaps too overconfident, suddenly found himself skewered by a dying Barzam. Both mobile suits were annihilated in the following explosion, though its not clear which one went first. The remaining mobile suits quickly moved on, knowing the price they were paying. They joined with the Daggers as they began to weather the missile storm from the Daggerhead, with two of the unequipped Daggers falling to the attack. The fired their beam rifles at any Fandom mobile suit that came in range.

The Jegans of the other team soon found their numbers thinned, the B-type falling to the incoms while the Stark Jegan jettisoned it's armour to lighten the load as it dodged around, but it too was devastated by the fast moving remote weapons. The last two Jegans, in some shared inspiration, broke the lock by swiftly moving away from the Dooben Wolfs and making huge sweep with the beam sabers as they rushed back in.

The Jestas fared a little better from the GN-Xs returning fire with their beam rifles with only one of their number losing an arm and another a leg. the Heavy managed to come through unscathed and moved up to target the GN-Xs with beams sabers, using their small size to move around quickly.

The last Doppelhorn Dagger managed to survive only by ejecting the heavy Striker Pack which was destroyed my missiles, though the Launchers managed to protect themselves with the vulcan guns on the weapon pod and head. They recovered and fired one shot each from the 'Agni' hyper impulse cannons at the new mobile suits launching from the new arrivals.

- Rogue Squadron -

Corran Horn, effortlessly it seemed, his Newtype senses leading him through the fire from the GN beams, firing his own weapons in short controlled bursts giving more time to his comrade behind him. His feeling of every death on the battlefield was almost overwhelming him, but his heart had hardened over many years. Those comrades, Tyria and Inyri, now deprived of ships to target, turned to the Geara Zulus and fired their beam launchers into the dense cluster of mobile suits.

The other Rogues were not faring much better than the rest of the Federal mobile suits. Donos, distracted by his kill only managed to fire twice with the sheild beam cannon before the Xeku Eins' beams tore through his suit, which seemed to drift in space for a moment before exploding violently. Tainer, who had manged to regain control of his own ReZEL, roared in wordless fury as he saw a better pilot than him die. Pushing his suits thrusters to the maximum, he charged straight at the Xeku that had killed his friend, aiming to impale the larger suit on the nose of his mobile amour, his beam cannon firing as fast as it could.

Celchu, saw the explosions out of the corner of his eye, he diregarded them for later. His mind was working at almost inhuman speeds, ceating and discarding plans as he weaved around the Xekus fire, waiting for a moment... there. He had closed within metre of the Xeku, he knew what to do. He transformed the ReZEL, discarded the beam rifle took a beam saber in hand and slashed at the Xeku as he passed it, all in what seemed one movement.

- Cobray -

Seeing the damaged Bawaoo ready itself, Cobray readied the crippled ReGZ. He took a deep breath before discarding the shield and rifle, and fired the wrist mounted grenades before drawing both beam sabers and charging at the navy blue mobile suit as bast as he could.

- Maarek -

Seeing the strange looking Personal Trooper intervene and point an equally strange weapon right at him, Maarek decide that a different approach was needed. Replacing the beam saber, Maarek ignite his thrusters to rise straight up, flipped over onto his back and made some distance between him and the Weissritter. A few mment later, he flipped back over to start closing with the enemy machine, he released all six of his Fin Funnels which criss-crossed in front of him as the fired multiple times before changing position and firing again.
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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by Sume Gai » Sun Jul 26, 2009 4:24 pm


The Fafnir had no time to go back, Lauren lamented this fact as the Positron cannon's finally fired. She lowered her head and said a short prayer as the Cone of ionized air surrounded the ship and carried it into orbit. It was a long, quiet ascent. Finally the silence was broken when the helmsman solemnly announced.

"we've reached orbit ma'am. orders?"

Lauren looked up her face steeled but sad.

"set course for Blue 79 gamma" Then Lauren reached forward and tapped the button for the Ship's PA system. "Attention all hands, we've reached Outer Space however as most of you undoubtedly know it wasn't without sacrifices. If I may I'd like to ask for a moment of silence to honor those who gave their lives for this."

Without protest the entire ship complied. It was as though Thr Fafnir was as dead as the cold space around it. all seemed to have stopped until...

-Killian Icer-

"Target Spotted. Moving to intercept" The GN Ginn's Eye flashed and it raised the beam rifle. "Suffer our Judgment federation fools"

Three orange beams flashed from the muzzle as the GN Giin HMII as it began the first run on the Fafnir.

(I ask that everyone else pretend to be Struggling against Aheads for sake of time.)

During the moment of silence the Fafnir suddenly shuddered. The PA still on the whole ship was soon filled with the frantic voices of the Bridge.

"Enemy attack!!"
"Why didn't we see them"
"most likely GN interference"

The last order didn't even need to be given. Johann Taylor and Rachel quickly launched.

Johann was first and launched with the Aile pack due to the lack of time needed to reload the IWSP. He was silent as he left the ship. Slug had been a good freind and a respected co-worker and his Death troubled Johann deeply. Nonetheless this was a fight for their lives, Johann couldn't let Slug's sacrifice go to waste by just sitting there.

'you won't have your way you Fandom bastards....'

Johann raised his Beam Rifle and fired at the formation of Fandom suits. He didn't hit anything however he attracted the attention of one Mao Suzumia.

In the Rouge E Mao quickly chose the similar looking gundam as his prey. The Destiny silhouette's Wings Flipped open and began to shine. Zig-zagging rapidly Mao Raised both High energy beam cannons and let loose.

To Johann it appeared that the single unit had become multitudes he was so surprised at first that he was almost struck down by the heavy beam fire. Rising his shield Johann managed to block one blast and then dodged another as he ascended and fired his Rifle rapidly.

Mao responded in kind climbing with a speed that was much greater than Johann's. He stored the Beam Cannons and quickly produced the pair of Boomerangs which were sent spinning toward the Strike E.

The Enemy had already ascended well above Johann and attacked again. Johann was forced to switch targets to the Spinning blades. It took three shots to strike the first boomerang which promptly exploded. Johann turned to attack the other only to find it slicing cleanly through his rifle, which he promptly discarded before it exploded.


Now lacking his primary long range weapon Johann drew a beam saber with his free hand and lashed out sideways to cut the remaining boomerang on it's return trip.

Johann had only a second to feel proud of his accomplishment. From above, the Rouge E descended with it's ASS Drawn Johann managed to raise his saber in a block but was still forced downward. by the surperior gundam. AS the two came to a stop The Rouge E flipped it's Beam cannons forward and began building up energy


The Akatsuki was launched from the Fafnir's good catapult and made quick work of several GN-XIII's. In addition The Akatsuki launched it's Beam turrets to act as secondary guns. It struck her as odd though when a majority began to make some sort of hole in their lines..

"Why are you.."


A pink stream of GN particles lanced out from the rear of the line toward the Akatsuki. Instinctively she threw her arms up and the refractive armor on the suit sent the beam back toward a nearby suit, destroying it handily.

"It's over Feddie! You've lost the war.. Stop resisting and accept your fate as a lesser being!"

Taylor raised a brow along with her weapon, her Turrets formed up with her but soon came under fire of their own. A pair were felled quickly as small, blue, arrow-like Fangs continued to hassle the other turrets. Her attention drawn elsewhere she almost missed a second volley of shots..

But not the pair of arm fangs that hacked up the nearest of bits and soon attempted to grapple with her..

"What is this..!?"

"Your end!"

The Xeku Funf appeared about a hundred meters out and was soon right in the Akatsuki's face.


Following soon after Johann and Taylor Rachel was easily the most "fired up" of the group. The only thing that would sooth the loss of Slug was Fandom blood. That thirst soon found a target as Three Green mechs broke off, Three ZAKU Gunners leveled their Orthos and fired at Rachel

Rachel, was moving erratically as she bobbed her head two and fro looking for targets. Suddenly a trio of ZAKU units engaged her. She could feel them. They were living breathing people just like Slug. But to her, they were nothing. They had to be removed.

"Murderers!" She screamed her eyes still red from before. As she instinctively rolled out of their line of fire as she transformed into fighter mode and began a selfless charge.

The trio were surprised by her sudden and fierce Charge. They quickly split, two of them moving to either side firing with their beam rifles while the other tried to track her with the Large Beam Weapon.

Rachel ignored the two that spread out. The lone Zaku was a sitting duck to her, she charged in, looping around the attack, and quickly pulled up. Transforming back into mobile suit mode Rachel fired a quick pair of beam shotgun rounds at the suit from a range the machine would find it difficult to answer back. A stream of attack's from it's allies forced her to ascend and return to fighter mode. She put some distance between herself and the ZAKUs. She sobbed quietly as the closest one erupted in an explosion from her recent barrage.

"mission over?..." Nagato was the first to fall. her mech blowing up dramatically as the beam shotgun blasts shredded it. The other two soon redoubled their attacks sweeping thier weapons from either side to try and trap the Airmaster.

Rachel sobbed as she threatened the pilots. "Just go away, I don't want to take you away! Just leave, I don't want to take another life. Too many have been lost already!"

"Then why did you kill Nagato?!" an enraged Kyon cried out as he discarded the Othos and pulled out his Beam Axe. He charged in and made a brutal Slash at the Airmaster.

Rachel didn't have answer, she just flipped rolled her wing harshly narrowly avoiding her attack. "I-I warned you!" She said suddenly bearing down on Asahina and firing with her nose guns.

Asahina cried out in terror as the beam guns smashed into her clumsily positioned shield sending her spinning. Kyon twisted his wrist and made an upward attack at the Airmaster's side.

Rachel's mind and body were one with her mobile suit as she graciously tilted out of the way sending another pair of shots at Asahina as she started to bank around, and try to put Kyon in her sights

Asahina was struck in the back by both attacks. "KYON!!" She cried out before the battery exploded taking her from this world. Kyon's rage exploded as well. "you don't want to kill? you're just another filthy federation liar!" He denounced her and chucked his Axe at the Airmaster.

"sorry..." Rachel mumbled as tears strolled down her cheeks. "At least, you died protecting your friends." She said with a sniffle as she pulled the trigger. Eradicating the axe in the process

"I'm sorry nagato... asahina... I couldn't avenge you." Kyon only managed a short apology before his world ended in a burst of fire.


Acting quickly Johann shifted the Shield in front of the Strike's chest just as the cannons let loose at point blank range. The result was detrimental to both pilots; the burst of energy torn off Johann's shield arm and melted both the Cannon Barrels and Johann's other forearm into uselessness. Mao was forced back a bit by the backlash of his own attack but now, seeing the Strike E as a defenseless target, he moved to finish Johann with a downwards slice.


at the last minute, the Airmaser intervened. Transforming into MS Mode Rachel kicked Johann out of the way sacraficing her left leg in the process.

"I won't lose anyone else!" Acting on her Newtype intuition Rachel leveled her right shot gun and fired.

Mao however responded quickly to this change in circumstances. The shining wings carried him downwards as he followed through his attack on Johann. With a twist Mao drew the second ASS and came back at Rachel with a spinning slash.

Rachel herself wasn't quite ready for the Speed of the Rouge Impulse and as she brought her other Shotgun to bare the whirling Blades bisected it.

"Ack!" Rachel felt the pressure as her senses screamed to descend to safety. She did so and brought up the remaining shotgun, firing twice as Mao spun over her.

The first Blast missed but the second managed to Strike the left arm mid-whirl. The forearm along with the ASS were thrown free of the spinning Rouge E. As Mao came out of his spin he accelerated away and tried to call out for his team.

Rachel, felt a flash guilt as she sensed the enemy pilot calling out for allies she had killed. She hoped this one would run. That wasn't the case, Mao receiving no response fear the worst and was filled with rage. The nearest, and coincidentally correct target was Rachel. Tightening his grip on the remaining ASS Moa turned sharply.

"Federation Scum! You'll pay for that!!!"

Raising his last weapon over his Head Mao began to charge in a vertical Zig Zag that would allow him to come down on top of his opponent.

Rachel tried to fire her shot gun but to her dismay the weapon merely fizzled It was empty and the enemy was baring down on her. Rachel threw the useless weapon aside and drew a saber with her off-hand. It was then that the Rouge E came down on her and sliced into the Right shoulder despite Rachel's attempt to sidestep. Rachel sensed her opening in that moment, she stabbed forwards and ignited the beam saber.


"You have made quite the name for yourself within the Fandom ranks miss.. pity it was more an embellishment than the truth. I was looking for somethi-"

"Well here it is, wretch."

The Xeku was soon pelted from behind by two of the remaining turrets. Phyl looked skyward in her panoramic cockpit to see debris denoting that she had lost several of her fangs.. and her computer confirmed this, and then some. Taylor had actually felled her fangs.. all of them. But at the cost of her own bits. It was now down to two fang/bits a piece..

"A fair fight.. interesting choice of facing death. It's a pity that you're still no mat-"


Phyl wrenched her controls inward as she tried to regain control. Her pompous attitude toward the whole mess was allowing Taylor to be the tactician that she was meant to be. The Xeku spun in space until AMBAC was restored. Taylor took advantage of this and let another pair of shots pelt the head and blow a good chunk of the chest armor off at the shoulders. The mounts for the arm fangs were thrashed in the process, but a similar fate was befalling the Akatsuki as Phyl began to make mincemeat of the suit itself. From only a kilometer away, the suits scrapped one another.. Taylor's bits shredding the Xeku and Phyl's Arm fangs making quick work of the Akatsuki. Chunks of blue and gold armor soon littered space as the suits ducked and weaved from the others remote weapons, the pilots both trying to anticipate each others next action

"I'll END YOU!"

"I'd like to see you try, ya fandom whore!"

But it was with a bright flash that the fight would end. A voluntary overload of one of Phyl's arm bits as it's comrade bit succumbed to vulcan and refract fire caused the Akatsuki to be bisected at the waist.. rendering the already 'armless' suit a floating torso. As the Akatsuki began to power down, Taylor found herself inside a darkening cockpit as she got a good look at the beleaguered Fafnir.



She got one last alert of incoming fire and accepted her fate when she saw chunks of blue armor fly past her view in flames and smoke. She wasn't sure what happened but the signature of the Xeku disappeared from her sensors before they too failed completely.

Soon thereafter Taylor lost consciousness. as the battle around her continued without heed.


In the cockpit of the rouge E Mao had a moment to wonder why the metal in front of him was changing from gray to orange before his body was engulfed by the roaring plasma.

Rachel winced as she felt another life disappear at her hands. "How much more death must I experience..." Rachel asked aloud with as she withdrew the saber and let the Rouge E float free.

"Just one more, Newtype," A man's voice answered. "yours!" From the left the GN Ginn HMII appeared, propelled by a wake of orange particles. Icer had seen Rachel's previous fights, how she had stormed her way through the Suzumiya group and the Suzumiya himself. Icer could not leave her up to anyone else. He grasped the hilt of his blade.


Lauren watched with frustration as unit after unit in the fafnir's arsenal fell. though they were doing well the number disadvantage was slowly but surely wearing them down.

"It was a mistake..." Lauren admitted it, They couldn't hope to fight through.this. then there was only one option left.

"Prepare to descend. Recall all MS and take us back to Earth. We've failed here..."

the bridge crew didn't waste words and set about their duties, The Fafnir began to drop below the main area of the fighting. The Fandom had seen through the Fafnirs actions to this point; why then, would they not have prepared for this last act?

"Ma'am, Incoming! It looks like some kind of large missile." The sensor operator was the first warning even though he was wrong.

"Prepare to intercept. I won't let a single attack finish us here."

Before Lauren had even finished this order the situation was made clear to them. The "Missile had stopped as though something had grabbed onto it. That "something" began to appear from "empty" space as the Mirage colloid dissolved around the 008L. Wraith had been waiting, ready should this moment come. Wraith hoisted the Black Hole Gun and fired on the Fafnir's Bridge.

Lauren hadn't even had the time to respond to the 008's appearance much less to it's attack. The purple sphere Struck it's mark dead on and expanded into a small singularity. The Fafnir's Bridge and a good chunk of the center sections of the vessel was crushed into oblivion, many were lost including the whole of the bridge crew.


Icer drew his sword and attacked in a single, swift motion. Rachel managed a horizontal block thanks to her Newtype senses. With Rachel's arm now occupied Icer kicked out at the Airmaster's chest. Rachel had no time to respond and no way to evade. As such the lighter Airmaster was shoved back sharply.

Icer dashed after with a burst of orange specks and launched another fierce attack. This time his Strike cutinto the Airmaster's remaining shoulder. Icer quickly brought his right leg around to kick the Airmaster sideways. Again Rachel wasn't prepared and the lightweight mech was punted aside.

Even though the Airmaster's arm was still partly attached Icer's attack had left it completely useless and the Airmaster was now defenseless. Icer Gripped his GN Katana in both hand and again made to chase Rachel this time intent on fishing the job. However he was cut off as a pink battleship class beam cut through the space between Him and his prey.


Captain Edding tugged at the brim of his hat. ON the Bridge he saw as the Fafnir was finished by a weapon he'd never seen before. It didn't help his nervousness about leading the ship into battle for the first time, but the captain's anxiety did not peak through today.

"All guns, Fire at will! I want you to pour it on thick."

"Have our mobile suit teams launch but do not engage the enemy yet. Standby and prepare to pick up survivors. Have the Infirmary prepare to take on the injured as well."

The man winced slightly. Thank god he disobeyed orders. If he hadn't, the survivors of the Fafnir would be in even worse shape.

The GN Ginn fell back slightly and noted that with the addition of this new ship and the losses they had already suffered The Wraith team no longer had the distinct advantage.

"Master your orders?"

Wraith made his decision quickly, They had done what the team set out to do and it would be wasteful to keep going at this point. Retreat flares were launched by the various Fandom vessels. and promptly the Fandom troops began a coordinated retreat...
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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by Strike Zero » Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:44 pm

- Daggerhead -

“Persistent bastards,” the Daggerhead’s captain muttered. “Fire again!”

The Daggerhead’s primary battery roared, twice this time, sending powerful beams at the speeding Delilah.

“Full power to engines. Set a course for point seven-zero-nine.”

The ship’s pilot froze. “But sir, that’s…!”

The captain smiled. “Just do it, soldier.”

“Y-yes, sir…”

The engines of the Daggerhead suddenly roared to life and the ship began picking up speed… directly on a collision course for the approaching Farnsworth. If neither vessel corrected course, the two of them would plow headlong into each other, and the Captian was willing to bet that his ship’s power and unusual construction would beat out the armor and weapons of the older Salamis class. It was a game of chicken of colossal proportions, and the Fandom officer was to risk everything by playing it. Unfortunately for everyone else involved, however, he didn’t seem concerned in the least. All he did was smirk as the two ships drew closer and closer to one another.

- Dooben Wolf Squad -

One of the Dooben Wolf’s was successful in deflecting the saber attack directed at him, expertly parrying the Jegan’s saber with its own blade. The other wasn’t as fortunate -- the Jegan’s burning blade cut in swiftly, goring cleanly at the waist. As the mobile suit bled sparks and machinery fluid, its pilot fired off one last burst from its binder-mounted beam cannons in a last act of defiance before the reactor exploded.

Now faced with a two-on-one fight, the surviving Fandom pilot knew his only chance of survival lay in finishing this battle here and now. Firing his thrusters, he quickly skirted away from the two Jegans and locked onto them with all weapons. Using the Dooben Wolf’s belly cannons, missile launchers and beam cannons mounted on its binders, beam rifle and INCOM weapons, the pilot unleashed what was essentially his version of a full burst attack, filling the space in front of him with deadly energy.

- Xeku Eins Squad -

The Xeku that had felled Donos quickly spotted the approaching Tainer, However, he reacted to counter too late. One of Tainer’s furious beam struck the mobile suit in the shoulder, knocking it off balance. Before the pilot could do anything else, the ReZEL was barreling in, and the blue-green armor ran the hulking blue mobile suit clean through its lower torso. It was a move that sealed the fate of the Fandom pilot, but possibly also Tainer’s as well, for though it had been by mere inches, Tainer’s attack had failed to pierce the suit’s cockpit. Its pilot, knowing that he only had moments before the suit exploded, decided to try and take the Rogue with him by planting the barrel of his beam rifle’s muzzle against the ReZEL and firing as many shots into the enemy armor point-blank.

The other Xeku Eins wouldn’t fare much better. In his sight, Celchu had become something of a speeding demon, dodging through his beams as though the action was effortless. The ReZEL closed, transformed, slashed, an in what seemed like an instant the blue mobile suit was suddenly in two pieces, both of which burst into glowing balls of fire. Celchu had won flawlessly.

- Diablo team -

This pilot wasn’t normal, that much the Ahead pilots were able to discern. Still, they did not let up, not in their pursuit nor in their constant fire. They quickly closed in upon the ReZEL at either side, drawing their beam sabers and rushing to attempt to skewer the transformable suit in a deadly pincer maneuver.

Meanwhile, the Diablo team’s GN-XIII cannons found themselves targeted from all sides by multiple targets. Windams, Daggers, Jestas & Heavyguns, not to mention continued support fire from the i]Victory[/i], all of them were moving to engage the crimson-clad mobile suits, and closing fast. Caught in the heavy field of fire, one GN-XIII lost its head. Another lost its left arm and leg. Faced with such opposition, it seemed as though the Diablos would quickly join the comrades that had fallen before them.

That was, of course, until the Iron Lucifer’s forces made their appearance.

Though certainly not the absolute best, the Iron Lucifer’s pilots always exhibited impressive skill, enough, some claimed, to rival even the deadly soldiers of Garmin Aelfhere’s infamous Honor Guard. As the Daggers and Rogues 7 and 10 attempted to stall their approach, none of the Geara Zulu pilots appeared phased in the least. Most of them, in fact, hardly even moved -- they dodged only when it proved necessary, and did so calmly and collectedly, displaying perception and reaction that were well beyond those of normal soldiers. This continued until the entire formation of fifty had positioned themselves directly “above” the Federation formation. Once there, the Geara Zulu command type at point gave signal to the rest of the pilots.

“All pilots swarm and destroy.”

And in beautiful unison, they did just that.

The bulk of the force -- twenty-five units -- set their sights on the Federation mobile suits. Half their number held back and provided covering fire while the others quickly descended into close range combat, beam rifles blazing on full-automatic. Of those that remained, ten closed in on the Victory, raising the massive Izumo class with beam fire in a similar fashion. Their aim, however, was not to destroy the ship completely but simply to disable it, targeting the cannons and missile launchers across its body. The remaining fifteen held back in their original positions as if waiting for something.

Spurred on by this new display, the GN-XIIIs resumed their support fire, hoisting their mighty cannons and adding to the hail of beams that threatened to envelop the Federation suits

- Iron Lucifer -

The Nova Prince looked on upon the ensuing fight seemingly passively. After a few minutes, he cast his gaze upon the weapons command. “Status on the main battery?”

“Charge registered at eighty-five percent and climbing,” the main gunner replied. “Will be ready to fire in t-minus zero-zero-two-four seconds.”

“The time has arrived,” the Prince said, squeezed a gauntlet. “With this blow, we will see the end of Federation power in space, and with it, the Fandom’s victory assured once and for all time.”

- Marlene -

Marlene gave a great battle cry as he surged forward to meet the Re-GZ head on. She spun the controls and the Bawoo spun along with it, gracefully dodging around the grenades and drawing its own beam saber all in a single motion. As she neared the Re-GZ, she met it with a vicious, hammering swing down at the legless unit’s head.

- Cain -


Seeing the Fin Funnels launch and form up, Cain knew exactly what to expect and prepared to counter. His years of combat experience were not simply for show, after all. The funnels fired once, Cain spun his PT, and the Rein Weisritter slipped gracefully through an opening in web of fire without a scratch. They fired again, and the masked man gave a graceful repeat of the maneuver, only this time blending a leveling of Howling Launcher at the Hi-Nu Gundam into his motions.

“Howling Launcher: E-Mode.”

Their was a split-second pause, then a powerful, concentrated beam burst forth from the elongated rifle. Cain fired it at one end of the Funnel swarm then swept it across to the opposite side so as to annihilate them all in one shot.
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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by hellbore » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:51 am

- Farnsworth -

The captain of the Salamis Kai-class cruiser, a grizzled veteran of almost sixty, merely ordered all fire be brought to bear of the closing ship. No attempt to manoeuvre was made as the ships closed, and with what seemed like awful slowness, the two impacted, the Farnsworth bending amidships before disappearing in a flash of light.

- Jegans -

The two Jegans, caught off guard, were engulfed by the volume of fire that the Dooben-Wolf poured out and exploded.

- Rogue Squadron -

Tainer felt a small feeling af satisfaction that he had avenged his friend has his existence was obliterated by the beam fire from the doomed Xeku, his ReZEL exploding, likely taking the Xeku with it.

Deprived of targets for the moment, Tycho looked around and saw the mass of Geara Zulus 'descending' from above, he fired his beam cannon up at them in vain as the mass of fire, too much even for him, slow chipped away at his mobile suit before one bam finally entered the cockpit, ending his life. Tyria and Inyri met similar fates, the younger women going first, her death distracting Tyria that she also was killed by the overwhelming amount of fire-power from the forces of the Nova Prince.

Feeling the last of his comrades die, Corran Horn, last of Rogue Squadron, released his controls, closed his eyes and did not even feel the moment one of the beam sabers entered his cockpit, obliterating the contents along with him.

- Victory -

The wounded ship, firing valiantly with every missile launcher and CIWS left as each was picked off one-by-one, until either a poorly aimed or deliberate fhot went through the bridge killing all the crew contained therein. The guns abruptly fell silent and the ship drifted arimlessly, all control lost, her fate achoing that of her beloved Federation.

- Grey Wolf -

Rawn sat broodingly on the command chair as operator listed off the almost complete losses, the panic in their voices rising with each statistic. Having hung back, the Ra Cailum-class battleship was not in the field of fire, yet.

So, this as far as we can go. The last great Federation offensive dies in failure.

"Begin to retreat, there's nothing left for us here. Signall anything left to do the same."

Hooded eyes turned to him, glazed over by shock. Only the helmsman, who may have been not right in the head, immediately begun manoeuvre the ship to an escape vector. It took several seconds for the rew to return to their dutires, some calling for retreat some merely watching the Federation die through the bridge windows.

- Cobray -

Something went wrong. The ReGZ did not respond the way he wanted it to, sluggish and unbalanced. Marlene's attack went unanswered as Cobray Gorden vanished from this timeline to the sound of familiar, mocking laughter.

- Maarek -

The Funnels were not, however travelling in such a predictable group. While one of the six was caught and destroyed by Cain beam, the other five flitted aroun, tw attacking from behind as they passed the Personal Trooper. The other three fire from either side as they also flashed past.

Maarek him self however was using his bits as merely a distraction, as he fired his beam rifle three times at the PT before his comm system cracked to life. The message that he heard confirmed his worst fears, they had failed. Knowing that dying here would serve no purpose, he commanded his Fin Funnels on a suicide run to cover him as he brought he Hi-v to a sudden stop, the G-forces pulling at his body, as he flashed away from the battle, trailing blue thruster flares behind him.
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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by Strike Zero » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:46 pm

- Daggerhead -

Through the wreckage of the Farnsworth the Daggerhead emerged, scared, burned, but otherwise full intact. Amidst the sighs of relief from her bridge members, the captain smiled broadly.

"Now we deal with that remaining pest," he said, refering to the still-moving Delilah. "All engines to full. We pursue..."

- Iron Lucifer -

"Confirming," the Iron Lucifer's CIC announced loudly, "Enemy Salamis, Izumo classes destroyed. Enemy mobile suits have almost been completely eliminated."

"Main cannon charge at one hundred percent, my Lord!" came another call.

"Very well," the Nova Prince replied with a nod. "Target the Grey Wolf and deliver her unto oblivion."

"As you wish," the ship's head gunner replied, immediately calculating a firing solution. Outside, the ship's massive double-barreled main gun turned and tracked, humming with sheer power. After a two second pause, the weapon fired. The beam that resulted was enormous. Through the dark of space it coursed like a torrent in the direction of the retreating Grey Wolf's bridge. Closer and closer it came until finally the beam bore upon its comparably pitiful target and...

Missed completely. Though it was only by mere meters and the bridge crew was bound to feel the effects of such a shot passing by at such proximity, no compromising damage was inflicted upon the proud, white ship.

Other targets, however, would find themselves having no such luck...

- Daggerhead -

"C-captain!" came the sudden, frantic cry from the CIC. "Massive energy surge detected... it's heading right towards us!"

The Captian did not need pointed out exactly what was responsible for the surge -- almost immediately after the junior officer finished speaking the light from the Iron Lucifer's shot filled the Daggerhead's bridge compartment. The man did not waste time contemplating why in the hell the Nova Prince was firing in their direction. "EVADE!" he barked instead, and his subbordinates immediately complied.

Emergency thrusters flared and the Daggerhead thundered out of the way of the approaching beam. Not soon enough to emerged unscathed, as it turned out, for her right engine was still grazed by the massive torrent of energy, jostling it and sending the junior officers into a panic.

"Port engine output down by forty-three percent and dropping!" the systems officer cried, his voice cracking.

"Calm yourselves!" the Captain barked. "It is merely--!"

"Oh, no...!" the CIC breathed. "The colony...!"

"What?!" the Captain roared and craned around to look towards the ship's rear where the beam was still burning strong...

Colony 57J was struck at its side. Like the Pericles' shot before, the mighty beam easily ripped through the colony wall, shaking the massive structure. What the Pericles hadn't done that the Iron Lucifer proceeded to do, was tear through the rest of the colony itself. The beam burned itself through the colony shaft striking several critical points and out the other colony wall, causing the entire structure to groan from the immense force. Inexplicably, three mighty explosions flared out of the colony's sides, these being the rest of the emergency charges planted by the Fandom fleet, triggered by the Iron Lucifer's shot. Having gone off simultaneously, however, they did not act as thrusters but instead put even further strain on the already weakening colony structure.

What resulted next was already apparent.

The colony's outer and inner structure, with a great report, cracked. Metal whined and beams split like toothpicks as the iron that made up the colony wall began to pull itself apart. The incredible decompression of the air inside the colony only added to the effect, forcing the weakened colony shaft to the breaking point. The forefront of the descending colony was now, quite literally, disintegrating, as was the Fandom's beloved plan. It would only take a gentle nudge to make the entire thing fall apart -- a cannon shell or even a few missiles.

- Daggerhead -

"No!" the Captain roared, standing from his seat, staring at the spectacle in horror. "What has he done?!"

"Sir, the enemy Clop..."

Still the Delilah was speeding towards the colony at an incredible rate, but there was nothing they could do to stop it. Moreover, if the attempted to give chase with a damaged engine, the Daggerhead would likely be...

With a cry, the Captain slammed his fist into the arm of his chair. Gone. Their perfect victory, in one swift sweep, completely gone. It was... incomprehensible.

"Full power to engines..." he growled out of fury. "We are leaving this sector."

- Iron Lucifer -

The bridge of the Iron Lucifer was a scene of complete silence and shock. All eyes were fixed on the destruction of colony 57J in the distance, the crew left completely thunderstruck at what had just happened. Worst in composure was the gunner, who seemed just about ready to faint.

The Nova Prince looked down at him. "What happened, soldier?"

"I-I don't..." the blanching man stammered out. "T-this... I don't understand it, my Lord... I was positive in my calculations... it... it couldn't have..."

The masked man stood silent, unmoving for what seemed like an eternity. Then he returned his gaze to the forward view screen. "What's done is done."

The gunner looked up. "S-sir?"

"Have the mobile suits fall back," he ordered to the CIC. "There is little else we can do for this battle."

"Y-yes, sir..." replied the young female officer, also visibly shaken, before beginning the task.

Slowly, activity resumed like normal amongst the crew. Still, the occasional glance at the compromised colony couldn't be helped. The tension that filled the air did not yet recede. And the Nova Prince...

The Nova Prince, though it could be seen by no one behind his dark, impenetrable mask, allowed a small smile to crawl over his lips.
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Re: Chapter 24: Judgement[Space]

Post by hellbore » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:32 am

- Grey Wolf -

All eyes on the bridge looked on in shock as the colony began slowly breaking up. For a few moment all present had believed that they were dead, but as the bight glow of the Iron Lucifer's beams passed them by, shock and dread mixed with a fearful sort of hope settled upon them. Adding to the miracle, all Fandom mobile suits were withdrawing allowing the survivors to return to the Wolf. A quick check revealed that a single Windam, and both G-Cannons, with a single VSBR between them were all that was left, along with Maarek Steele's Hi-v Gundam which was approaching from further away. The loss of so many pilots and mobile suits dampened the mood further. Rawn took the initiative and ordered the rear hatch be opened, the crash nets be readied and the medical staff be on alert. The returning pilots might need some help.

"Sir, were are we headed?" someone asked and the already muted activity on the bridge dimmed to absolute silence, bar the humming of the ship itself.

Rawn considered the question, and answered firmly, "First to Aratea, resupply and then to Sweetwater and Side 1. Aratea is too much of a target now and I will not surrender this ship to the Fandom, whatever happen next. If Aratea is already compromised then we head to Sweetwater immediately. Keep up a constant vigilance"
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