Chapter 22:-455 Fahrenheit [Space]

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Re: Chapter 22:-455 Fahrenheit [Space]

Post by Wedge14 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:06 pm

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The trio of youngsters all launched without a hitch, they carefully made their way to where the explosion was traced.

"Doesn't look like theres any landmines here..."

"You're right Brenden..."

They were silent for a moment when they spotted what looked like a wrecked mobile suit of some kind.

"OMG!!!" Shrieked Brendon "How did it get out so far?"
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Re: Chapter 22:-455 Fahrenheit [Space]

Post by Zangetsu » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:25 pm

-Justin L. Ceossroad-

He looked at the wreck that appeared on his screen. "Dang. Someone other then me is having one bad day. Think that they are alive in there?" He asked aloud to the other two. "I couldn't imagine how, but it could happen, I guess."
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Re: Chapter 22:-455 Fahrenheit [Space]

Post by Sume Gai » Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:17 pm

-Debris Belt-

The wrecked machine was little more than a torso, head and arm now. Nonetheless it wouldn't be long till one of the three Vexation pilots would find the mech's ID in their database, it was the AS-04 Soleares. Along with the machine's ID they would find standing orders to Destroy the mech if encountered and capture or kill the pilot. this would prove a rather important issue as any detailed scan would detect subtle but definite signs of life within the deformed.cockpit.

-Von Braun-

Try as they might the Spies and Urai herself couldn't find out -exactly- what was happening. They only managed to find pieces of the puzzle. They overheard the scientists mention the words "Viking 2" often and in addition one lucky spy manged to sneak a look inside the crates that the team had brought. Inside those crates were innumerable electromagnets and various ordinary bits of hardware.
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