Chapter 22:Terminus Pluvia [Earth]

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Re: Chapter 22:Terminus Pluvia [Earth]

Post by SNT1 » Sun May 10, 2009 1:27 am

--Juan Santi--

It was a bit of an interesting move for a man affiliated with the SNRI. Livingstone had a pair for sure, and things get interesting as Santi listened in. He would like to take this with a grain of salt, as there are some SNRI people with lower-tier ranks that likes to try to influence Santi's decisions regarding the battle for Pacific, and nearly every time Santi would have none of that. The only time he felt like he agreed with SNRI was fresh off the Ceres defection, where Fed technology was at stake.

Livingstone brings up Tokyo... and as he says, that was a mess. The complications that Ptolemy caused escalated and brought Tokyo's forces collapsing on the ship, with a not-so-trustworthy mecha with a not-so-trustworthy looking pilot barging in without a care (at least that's how Taylor Reese described it).

Even then, Santi doesn't completely know what Ptolemy's intentions are, so as Livingstone continued hopefully he can shed some light here, and tell his side of the story. As this seemed important, the General held his hand on his subordinates, signaling that this conversation may be important. "Richter... can't say I am," Santi says honestly.


She simply listened in to the woman's requests. She even interjected midway and whispered to herself, "wow, what a name."

However, after hearing Jo's requests, Lauren's answer is clear. "Are you in charge of your division? This ship is currently under direct orders from General Santi to fly back to Tokyo after stopping at California to put these GN drives in a secure location. As such, we cannot help you."
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