Chapter 20: La chute du juste [Earth]

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Post by Wedge14 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:03 pm

-Wedge Fifteen-

Wedge's Z II swung low firing two thundering bazooka rounds infront of Johan and Taylor.

"Quick while i got you both covered from the air pull out."

He frowned, a bit annoyed he had just been finally able to push as far the others and now he had to withdraw.

-Wedge Fourteen-

"C-c-commander!" Wedge murmured quietly as his suit hit the ground. The signs of death and chaos were everywhere as he lept from his mobile suit landing on his feet and not even taking notice the drop he had just survived.

Fourteen ran like a madman towards what was left of the Tallgeese, placing his hands on the hot molten metal he tried to do something. But the heat was too much. Fourteen backed off without a burn on his hands and fell to his knees in frustration.

He could still see the EX-S limping back to it's ship.
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Post by Omega » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:05 pm


"Aidoneus... Island?" She seemed shocked at that bit of news... "Then that means... maybe I can change it then, the terrible fate awaiting the earth..." She refocused her attention on Zangetsu.

"Thank you..." Then one of her legs went numb on her, forcing her to one knee. "Damn it..." blood began to trickle down it from a bit above the knee where a gunshot wound was.

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Post by Zangetsu » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:15 pm


"Hey hold on your injured." Zangetsu said as he kneeled down and examined her wound, which was more important to him then this talk of fate. "I need to get you to the infirmary ASAP." he said. "How do we get you there without further injuring yourself I don't know."

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Post by Sume Gai » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:19 pm

-Clare Rosewater-

'No I won't let him escape' Clare is about to chase after the retreating Kizu, intent on finishing her hapless prey, when another voice cuts into her com.

"Subject 01 retreat. Those are direct orders."

Clare is furious her only desire is to kill him; to hurt Zaine as she had been hurt.

"Negative I will- GAAAAH"

she's cut off by a sudden and painful shock. The result of her disobedience.

"Do I need to do that again? retreat."

begrudgingly Clare turns and heads back towards the shuttle. which would rendezvous with the fafnir later.

The Twins

Between the two of them 9 0f the GN-X in the western field were felled. but when the reteat order came they dutifully obeyed and made a beline for the Fafnir.

Raven Sterling

By Forcing a powerful burst of particles out of her Drive cone Raven evaded the second set of Railgun shots, her sadness shifted to anger "Damn you!!!"

Raven let out another pair of hasty shots at the retreating Strike only to be met by a beeping that indicated her particle level was getting low. "No, not now, not now!" Raven had no choice but to return to Hawaii.
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Post by chiku_shou » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:33 pm

-Aile Temple-

Aile would have liked helping Lyon but before she could, another GN-X appeared on the battlefield and charged her GM Custom. Grabbing her own Beam saber out of her units 'backpack', she swung her saber downwards to block Dan's own swing. Aiming her riffle at the GN-X other arm she pushes the trigger and tries to blow it off. She might have only had one Beam saber and her MS might not have been able to fly without the sled, but Aile was better at closecombat than she was at engaging an enemy with long ranged attacks.

-Johann Trinity-

Having failed to completely destroy the Strike Gundam, Johann is about to fire off a few more shots at it when he notices the Airmaster rapidly approaching the battlefield. With her bits still at her disposal the female pilot of the Airmaster was probably the biggest danger Raven was facing right now. Taking aim for the Airmaster and it's Bits Johann starts to open fire on Rachel instead. This time he was the one that was going to surprise her.

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Post by Strike Zero » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:48 pm

(I can't believe I completely forgot about this. I hereby commit a thousand suicides for making you wait so long, Cyb. >_<)

- Elya -

For a long while, all Elya could do was stare at Masamune with gaping eyes. Then, her head inched down towards her lap.


It was then that she leaned back and returned her head to her soft white pillow.

"I'm... feeling kinda tired. Could you... let me get some sleep?"

That was an outright lie -- she wasn't tired in the least. How could she be after witnessing such a confrontation, subject to such a revelation? Going to sleep was the last thing that she felt like doing. However... what pretending to go to sleep did do was provide the perfect excuse to not to have to look at Masamune anymore by giving him her back, which she promptly did by rolling over onto her side and dragging the covers up and over her shoulders.

Elya's still-wide eyes became fixed on the blank, colorless wall opposite of the door.
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Post by Dark Duel » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:56 pm

"Bloody H..." Commander J. L. Kinney mumbles to himself as the order to fall back goes out.
Turning the Chaos,he pushes the throttle all the way in and returns to the ship, as the Duel mod2 and Verde Buster are loaded into the hangar bay of the retreating ship.

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Post by Kylern » Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:02 pm


(Despite the fact you pulled an impossible move to escape I'll let you run away. I'll remember this though)

He was about to deliver the killing blow to the Chaos his opponent tried to change course in mid-bull rush. The GN claws instead cut a swath through one of the last three gunpods tearing metal from them. Nowe was left standing there fuming as his target escaped without finishing the fight.

"I'll kill you next time... Just you wait..." The GN-XIII hung in mid-air with his bustersword out and ready to evicerate any Feddie unit that dared cross his path. He was pissed and nobody would dare cross him at this moment.
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Post by hellbore » Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:51 am

- Eljas -

((As requested by Omega))

As the flightless Gundam began to fall, Juuso with all the speed he could muster from the wing of light, closed with the GP01 and with one single sweep of the Arondight Anti-Ship Sword, parted the Gundams legs from its body. When the crippled mobile suit fell past him, the Destiny reached out and fired once more with the palm beam cannons, catching the mobile suit, high in the torso, severing the head, but unknown to Juuso, missing the cockpit by inches.

- Practice Team -

Dan grimaced as his slash as caught by the GM with its own beam sabre. As the sled carried on passed, he dodged return fire and sent a spray from his GN Vulcans back at the enemy as he chased after it.

As the enemy ship began to withdraw, Simon and Hendrik pulled back as well, sending a few shots towrd it, but without much heart in them, and the all were very wide of the mark.
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Post by Omega » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:28 am


The core fighter ejected automatically and went at a high speed to reach the Excalibur before it got too far away... Lyon hersef had been knocked out by a few consoles blowing up in her face.

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Post by chiku_shou » Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:21 pm

-Aile Temple-

The GN-X had agility on it's side but Aile was making use of her experience to full extent as she let cranked up the thrusters of her sled to the max. It would be harder for her to control and pretty much impossible for her to hit her enemy, but in return it should also be harder for her opponent to tag her too.

"Cela vie mon cheri" She laughed over the intercom as dodged the Vulcans shots. Lyon's unit had been destroyed but the young woman's core had ejected and was returning back to the Excalibur and safety. The orders to retreat had been issued and with the Excalibur preparing to pull away, Aile hightailed towards it trying to make her escape as well.
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Post by Omega » Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:20 pm

(You can lock this chapter now if you want, Wedge)

"Ma'am, everyone's on board." The comm officer said. "Good, now get us out of here!" The Excalibur began to make a full retreat, and high-tail it back to Wake Island.

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Post by SNT1 » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:34 pm


She hears the signal to retreat as she battled in close range. While her beam bayonet slash missed, the wide reach of the weapon meant that the enemy couldn't easily make a retaliation slash without going back right at the Akatsuki, who after the attack, made a beeline for the retreating Fafnir.

--Johann N.--

His wounded gundam limped slowly towards the base, relying on the ZII-s pilot to protect him. "Err you didn't have to see me like this," he broadcasts, his pack all but totaled, after more stray shots at his back. He finally gives it up and ejects it as the pack itself explodes.

His Strike would attempt to coast downwards at a slow pace.


"I'll be back for you, don't worry," she mutters at her opponent. Rachel was disgusted at her performance this battle. She cusses about something about playing with one arm and that "****ing cast." She dodges away at any attacks from units further away from her, unable to fire back as well as she would with perfect health.

Eventually her suit's top end performance will allow her to escape the crosshairs of the opponents.


The two remaining units attempt to fly right back at the Excalibur's side for protection.
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