TFtF Sign-up Thread #4

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Re: TFtF Sign-up Thread #4

Post by hellbore » Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:33 am

Mod Edit (Fritz): Character approved!

Assignment: post-arc replacement

Name: Kate Elliott
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Titans
Desired Rank: Ensign
Age/Date of Birth: 21 / 5/10/0066UC
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Appearance: 5', 100lbs, shoulder length blue-black hair and blue eyes. Features are fine and almost pixie-like.

Personality: Professional to point of impassivity, Kate takes her duties very seriously and interprets her orders to the letter. Has trouble connecting with people, or rather she doesn't want to.

Bio: When the colony hit Sydney in early '79, Kate was away visiting family in Britain. Losing both parents in the cataclysm, Kate retreated into herself, keeping active but staying solitary. On her eighteenth birthday she surprised everyone by enrolling in the Federation military academy, as a potential mobile suit pilot. Proving herself a competent, if unimaginative, pilot and the ability to work well in a team, she graduated, not at the head of her class, but close. A few months later she was scouted by the Titans.
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Re: TFtF Sign-up Thread #4

Post by blind_dead_mcjones » Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:45 am

Mod Edit (Fritz): Character approved!

Assignment: post-arc replacement

Name: Wales Ingleshard
Gender: Male
Affiliation: AEUG
Desired Rank: Ensign
Age/Date of Birth: 24 16/7/UC 0063
Place of Birth: Adelaide, Australia
Appearance: 5' 11" 64 kg, slim build, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, wears glasses when not piloting, has a pair of oldschool pilot goggles worn on his forehead (or over his eyes when piloting) as a keepsake/good luck charm.
Personality: slightly reclusive, aloof and standoffish, but knows how to work effectively in a team, suffers from a mild case of Obsessive Complusive Disorder and has a strange habit of giving the mobile suits he pilot's names, sometimes can become cruel and sadistic during combat.
Bio: ever since he was little, wales has had a fascination with things exploding, so much so that when the OYW began he immediately sought to get into the earth federation forces as a means of seeing more explosions and hopefully get a chance to test out some of his home made bombs, however, by the time he was selected and had completed the required training the OYW was already over, much to his disappointment, to add insult to injury he was soon discharged 6 months later after being declared "mentally unfit" for duty.

embittered by the experience, Wales eventually joined the AEUG after drifting around aimlessly, though he was initially hesitant when fighting eventually broke out due to having practically no combat experience, as the battles wore on any hesitation he may have felt on the battlefield soon gave way to feelings of pleasure at defeating Titans.
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