Chapter 13: Rude Awakening (Earth)

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Post by Strike Zero » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:34 pm

- Xiu/Stellar -

"Heh... no, I'm alright. It'd take more than that guy to finish me," Xiu replied with a thump to the chest, her confidence slowly returning.

Stellar, in the meantime, gave a start at the sudden appearance of Lowind.

"O-Oh... so you're..."

Her encounter with the deadly Gundam Epyon seemed like an event long past. Still, the ordeal had left her with some bad memories.

"W-What are you doing on this ship?"

- Strike -

"'Sup, Wingy," Strike said. "Glad to see you made it up there alright."

"We're doing fine down here..." he let out a sigh. "But just barely. I gotta say, you and Zero sure picked a fine time to leave us and take a trip to space."
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Post by Kylern » Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:19 pm

-Lower mobile weapon hangar-

The previous event with its ex-pilot had caused a strange resonance within the V-Crystal of the TEMJIN. But because the machine was still in disrepair, which was being worked on slowly, it wasn't able to do much. Instead it was giving off an energy wave-length that pulsed from within the machine almost seeking out something.

Within the cockpit several lights turned on as a small screen activated.

M.S.B.S. Searching... Searching... VO+ Location Unknown... Initiate Search Protocol...

The machine began to search out for something using its VO+ compatible wavelength...


She watched as Kylern was taken away hooked up to what appeared to be life-support equipment. What happened out there? She looked over at her Flag and saw that it was more than just a wreck... That otherworlder bastard had gone to lengths to destroy her ride. In anger she kicked a mechanic's large toolbox over onto its back with a thrust front kick.

The mechanic who was using it didn't say a word because he knew she would hurt him in that mood. Instead he turned around and continued work.

Natalia didn't feel better though, even after that. Whatever caused Kylern to go all ape-crap had to do with one of those other people he was hooked up to mentally. She had heard rumors one of them was a DC pilot but the other must have been the one that caused this problem. He was willing to place odds it had to do with that Wake Island incident and if the Valhalla came back she would find out what had been the X Factor there. Then she would personally hunt that Factor down and make them pay for her Flag. This incident wasn't be let down easily and her fury had been tested.
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Post by Omega » Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:31 pm

(Just wanting to get this out of the way)

The ship landed at the assigned area and it's crew and pilots had a chance to relax or train, one pilot was going to do just that.


She soon departed the ship's hangar with permission to train in her machine. At the training area, Lyon started practicing basic sword maneuvers...

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Post by SNT1 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:43 pm

--Slug and Antonio--

As the last two of the Federation's team landed, Antonio shows Slug to land farther away from the concentration of military forces and instead park near the end, next to the Hummingbird.

Getting off the Ex-S, Antonio didn't even have to ask evaluations as he saw Slug with his teeth flashing, two thumbs up in the air, and climbs out of the cockpit as if he'd just won the Daytona 500. Antonio had read the initial reports of the Wake Island rumble---and to see that the Ex-S is unscathed, Antonio could see why Slug is happy.

"Dude, I've seen a 3-on-1 and lived. This one's HOT! The AI you told me about is fantastic! Damn! &^%*!" Slug says, "Sup with you, trying to build a ride of your own?" Slug points out the Hummingbird.

Antonio replies, "heheh, welllll, it's just a f'n fast plane right now. I can't calibrate large weapons for %$^&. That's why... we're going to Europe!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yep! To see an old friend. You know he's an expert with weapons and AI."

"It'd be good to see Johann again," Slug replies. Of course, he means Johann Nueve. Outsider brought to this universe. Non-alcoholic nerd extraordinaire turned 3rd drinking buddy after business trips with Slug and Antonio.

"Yeah, he'll calibrate the crap out of the Hummingbird. And your Ex-S, too! Did you know that your smartgun isn't even running at full potential?" Antonio says. Slug, recalling the fact that his weapon was quite good, even scored quite a few hits with it, thought about the fact that the powerful rifle could be even better. He just shrugs at the thought of its 'potential.'

"Yeah, you'll one shot Fandom bastards with that thing if we work it right."

"Nice. So we leave now?"

"Nah, I want to know what the hell is going on here. It's a f'n Fed party down there!"

--Rachel and Taylor--

The two women had exited their cockpits and were walking towards the nearest building. Both of them easily have obvious looks of awe and, a bit of confusion.

"Mind telling me what the hell is everyone else doing here?" Rachel asks bluntly.

Taylor replies, "Beats me. All I know is that I was sent to aid your Duskraiders Team, or, rather, the Gundam Team. I honestly don't know who and what everyone else's purpose here."

"Gundam Team, eh? That 'other team' had better start calling themselves something else!"

Rachel would soon head for the briefing room, where she would do her report. Taylor accompanies her.
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Post by Sume Gai » Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:36 pm

Claus Rissur

The commander of the Silver Knights had upon the Excalibur's landing left in hopes of meeting the Leaders of the other groups they would be working with in the near future. He hoped to be able to sit in on the Debriefing from the latest battle.

Hal and Jason

The rest of the knights had been given a short shore leave and Hal, against Jason's Protests, had dragged him out to get a look at the Excalibur and its pilots. It took a little convincing to get past the guard but Hal smooth talked his way in.


Jennefer tried of being cooped up had changed into a tank top and shorts and gone for a run. Exercise was for her a time of Zen where nothing could perturb; her muscles pumping her Lungs Huffing and the scenery passing in a blur.


Clare herself had taken to running simulations, something she couldn't do aboard the Avalon, using the limited Data the Federation had for the Blue machine.
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Post by Wingnut » Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:00 pm

- Wingnut -

While he was not a newtype or anything like that, one didn't need to be psychic to tell that something had not gone well down on Earth.

"Something went wrong with acquiring the GN drives, didn't it?" Wingnut too sighed as that could mean any number of "less than favorable" outcomes.
"So just how bad did things go?"
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