TARRRPG Chapter 7: A new path (Earth)

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Post by SNT1 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:16 am


Well, good thing there aren't any hostilities,
Slug thinks. It was as he expected---he's in a ship with deserters. But he is let go peacefully, and that's fine.

"Well," Slug says, with that 'see ya later' look. Really can't say anything at this point. Two MPs escorted him out (without guns drawn) as he makes his way towards the ZetaPlus. "Looks like we're getting outta here..." Signaling the bridge crew, he is cleared for takeoff. To where? he doesn't know---gotta look for some Federation guys.

As Slug looked around for the hangar for the last time like this, he takes mental notes on his enemies. He now knew who he could take, if it comes down to it.
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Post by Wingnut » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:19 am

Lune was puzzled by Wingnut's last comment.

"He's not that bad. He had no trouble getting us to Point Alpha."

"Then you have the honor of witnessing a very rare event indeed, Ms. Zoldark."

It must be something that has to do with this world. That would never happen normally. Wingnut then glanced at the man who seemed to know him. Speaking of things that wouldn't happen normally... That guy must be on something strong to be acting like that.
Still Wingnut humored him for now.
"It was destroyed. A double KO against a Psyco Gundam type. I had to eject."

"Well in any case..." interjected Lune. "I'm going back home. Dad's not going to like what I almost got caught in, but I should tell him about it anyway."
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Post by Cybaster » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:28 am


Emily nodded, nodded and nodded some more. "Yeah, that's a good idea, Miss Lune...I wanna meet your Dad, too, if I'm allowed to!" Emily waved enthusiastically. :) "I have a feeling Masaki'll find something he's been looking for there, too...someone, actually, but I feel he's been looking for this guy a long time, Miss Lune."

Seeing Wingnut and Lune all serious, Emily shrugged, yawned, and put another big smile on her face to lighten the mood some; Otherwise, it'll be a very long trip to Aidoneus Island. "Hey, you want me to show you around? The Ceres is a bit boring by now, but it's actually not that bad..."
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Post by Kylern » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:33 am

"Yay Lune is going back home." Kylern clapped his hands after she spoke. "Your dad was being a pain in the ass about making sure your safe. Though why he worried I don't know... You did more destruction then we could ever muster." He laughed before sitting on the cold steel ground.

"Sorry I'm making any of your uncomfortable..." He seemed to have regained a moment of normacy. "Its just hard to process things when my mind is so cloudy. Maybe its this damn device thats doing it." He tore the anti-neural defense system from the side of its head and instantly he was overcome by the sheer force in the room. Even under the mental cloud of the pain killers he felt pressure beating down on him from all the newtypes on this ship. It was rather horrifying as he drew his knees into his chest in order to feel safer. He wasn't a newtype himself but he had acquired several traits from Kyle including the ability to sense others around him. And the only thing that had been protecting him this whole time was the device.

"Don't come any closer to me... Leave me alone." He whimpered for the first time since he was a kid. Finally the shock put him out of conscienceness for awhile. Besides he needed the sleep as he fell backwards onto the hanger floor causing the bandage on his head to begin bleeding through again.
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Post by Sume Gai » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:41 am

Alex Bloke

Alex moved extremely quickly as kylern began to fall. catching him before he hit the deck. something that if they were not already aware would tip the others off about being more than human. replacing the neural inhibitor he rose with Kylern in his arms.

"my apologies he seems to have been overwhelmed by recent events; is there somewhere he could rest?"
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Post by Wingnut » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:55 am

"Yes, there is. We'll take him to the pilot's lounge unless you think he needs to go to the infirmary." said Wingnut as he went to pick Kylern up off the deck.

Lune, with nothing else to do at the moment, took Emily up on her offer.
"Sure. This thing is the best the Federation has right?"

- Ceres bridge, some time later -

"Sir, we are approaching Aidoneus Island and they are demanding that we divert at once." said the comm officer.
"Patch me through to their main control center." replied Ryker.
"You're on sir."

"This is Commander Thomas Ryker of the EFS Ceres. Myself and the officers and crew under my command formally request asylum with the Divine Crusaders. I repeat. This ship and crew request asylum with the DC."

It was several very quiet and tense moments on the bridge before a reply finally came through.

"EFS Ceres, this is Aidoneus transit control. Begin approach and landing at the following designated bay. Do not deviate from course and disarm all weapons and have all personnel step away from your mobile weapons as well. Prepare to be boarded after your ship has been secured."

So they're going to let us in after all. "Acknowledged, control. Helm, follow the course they have laid out for us.

Attention all hands, prepare for landing and all maintenance crews and pilots please step away from your mobile weapons as per orders from the DC."

Our future is about to take a major turn. But in what direction will we go next?
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