ComicCon 2011 photos

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ComicCon 2011 photos

Post by kayone73 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:06 pm

Anyone went/still in SD checking out comic con this year?

I just went for the day on Sat and then drove back home, fun times, walked the convention floor all day, specatated the cosplayer walking the streets of Gaslamp, went to one industry afterparty which was lame and then attended the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick who had Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Karen Gillam as guests (who were also doing press at CC for the upcoming season. All in all, a fun if exhausting day. Took about 600 photos so I won't post them all here, but my full album is ... 145301679/ ... b655_b.jpg ... 61ab_b.jpg ... bb13_b.jpg ... 3056_b.jpg ... 7fba_b.jpg ... 6f55_b.jpg ... cd21_b.jpg ... 3121_b.jpg ... 9959_b.jpg ... 7f02_b.jpg ... 7e19_b.jpg ... d060_b.jpg ... 2545_b.jpg ... a9b5_b.jpg ... 46b3_b.jpg ... 7360_b.jpg ... c365_b.jpg ... 4b5c_b.jpg ... 5e0c_b.jpg

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