Gundamn and Mecha Talk Shoutouts from Wisconsin

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Gundamn and Mecha Talk Shoutouts from Wisconsin

Post by Nick Izumi » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:27 am

Hi Mecha Talk,
I know its been a LOOOONG while since my last post but I thought some of you might enjoy a couple little anecdotes from a recent con.
I was a founder of Daisho Con in WI and I've been running pretty much all of its mecha related panels. This year I had the pleasure of hosting a Macross panel with my many-times YouTube partner Arcemise and I decided to end the panel with a shout-out the Gundamn, encouraging those in attendance to listen to the show to hear about such brilliant ideas as Dennis and Roy in a buddy-cop show.
A fellow came up to me after the panel and preceded to quote every one of Dennis's english lines to me in its entirety...

I'm not sure what I made of that, but I figured I'd see what any of you thought. Were you that guy?
Best wishes from the frozen Mid-West.
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