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 Post Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:12 pm 
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r34racer01 wrote:
Well its all over now. Thoughts anyone? Overall I'd say it was a really good show. Best of the Heisei in my opinion.

The finale more-or-less ruined the climax from the previous episode. I mean, after all that hard work (including Phillip sacrificing his very existence) to save her,
Spoiler: show
Wakana goes and kills herself a year later to bring Phillip back to life.
I mean, really? I get that it's a kids show and happy endings are preferable, but... really? Here I thought this was going to be an ending that rivaled Blade in greatness.

Ultimately all of the plot's ingenious build-up to that final battle was wasted; all of the emotional stuff and the character development went down the drain. I mean it's still a great series and second only to Blade within the Heisei Era, in my opinion, in terms of the plot and the execution since the ending was such a cop-out that it kept the series from being "perfect." Had it ended an episode earlier, the "Best in Heisei" title would've been more of a toss-up for me.

ShadowCell wrote:
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 Post Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:53 am 
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Yea, it was a bit too happy in the end but I think the series itself was good. The ending was meh though. I would have rather watched Shotaro stand up by himself and beat Energy's ***.

Blade's end was surprisingly sullen, but no one died. Not like Ryuki, kinda >_> well...

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