questions on CE defensive systems?

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Which is a better defensive system?

beam shields
Positron Reflector
Armure Lumiere
Total votes: 14

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questions on CE defensive systems?

Post by ned_2007 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:15 am

I got a bunch of questions regarding CE defensive systems. Any answer is appreciated.

1. Umbrella of Artemis wrote:The lightwave defense barrier which protects the Eurasian Federation's Artemis military base. This "umbrella" is impenetrable to physical and energy weapons alike, but the devices which form the barrier are activated only while enemy forces are in the area.
The question is, can the umbrella survive a blast from GENESIS or Requiem?

2. Which is better: Positron Reflector, beam shields or Armure Lumiere?

3. When the Armure Lumiere is in spike beam form, could it also penetrate beam shields and positron reflectors?

4. EA had some of their Drake class ships refitted w/ positron reflectors, although its only covering one side. Over time, is it possible to see EA ships w/ all-around positron reflector coverage around the ship?
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Re: questions on CE defensive systems?

Post by Homeless » Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:25 am

ned_2007 wrote:3. When the Armure Lumiere is in spike beam form, could it also penetrate beam shields and positron reflectors?
This one I can answer. In the Destiny Astray photonovel, Dreadnought H uses the Armure Lumiere Katar to punch through a Positron Deflector and skewer a Gelles-Ghe.
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Post by razgriz » Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:15 am

1. a beam as powerful as genesis or requiem possibly could overwhelm the umbrella with sustained fire that would overload its field emitters which obviously are easily destroyed should one fail or be deactivated. again possibly.

2. the positron reflector seems like it would use too much generator power to maintain itself constantly. the armure lumiere is the newest and most advanced technology and we have yet to see a real weakness, although technology being what it is, there will be a weakness sooner or later.

3. already got answered

4. in time the EA will probably advance positron shielding to encompass an entire ship, it only took a couple years to go from positron cannon to a barrier that can resist such a weapon. they probably just need to work on enough reactor power and field stabilization devices in order to keep the shield coherent.
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