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Re: Gundam SEED-ZAFT Gundams

Post by Evex » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:04 am

latenlazy wrote:It might have been implied in Delta Astray that Durandal got the technology from the Martians.
It's possible, since the Delta Astray was at EA's first attempt to nuke the plant's, before they got hit with the neutron stampeder. Ergnes Brahe even uses the "Voiture Lumiere" system in that battle. Actually the tech section on the delta astray's "Voiture Lumiere" from Gundam Wiki does suggest that it is where ZAFT got there hands on it.
The Δ Astray is equipped with the "Voiture Lumiere" beam wing propulsion system, a variant of the same system used in the GSX-401FW Stargazer of the DSSD. This system grants the suit superior agility.
It makes sense since durandel gave the martians a single ZAFT escort. Then again the Delat astray is also equipped with this little trap.
Self destruct system

Possibly the most notable trait of the Δ Astray is its self-detonate system, which was installed by the Martians on the suit to prevent others from learning of their technological level. The system causes the suit to automatically detonate the reactor if one tries to study its internal system. Because of this the Acidalium's mechanic crews must be careful and brief when performing routine maintance on the Δ Astray. The system is also supposed to activate if the Δ Astray suffers heavy damage.
That makes it doubtful that durandel got the variant system from the martians, since they seem to be highly secretive of there level of technology.

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