Episode 12 - Operation Apollo

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Episode 12 - Operation Apollo

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:42 am

~August 10, Universal Century 0087~
~11:48 Coordinated Universal Time~

- Von Braun City -

- The Dervish -
- Bridge -

The “defensive positions” plotted by the AEUG command in Von Braun consisted of the 4th forming up around and just below the Argama, and the whole lot floating above the city. The ships of the 4th had gone to indefinite yellow alert, meaning at least one of the Dervish’s MS team was on standby at any time.

“Team 2's shift is ending at noon. You might as well head to the hangar, Fritz,” Abbey observed from his chair. He pushed his sleeve back down over his watch and crossed his arms. Ever since he had pulled bridge duty during his time without a mobile suit, Fritz had found himself volunteering for it whenever he had openings in his schedule. “Yes sir,” he nodded, saluting as he turned to leave.

As the door closed behind Fritz, Filmore leaned over to Jungst and asked, “Hey, think it’ll be today? We’re smack dab in the middle of their prediction, yeah?”. Jungst shrugged and replied, “Can’t exactly say I want them to be precise in this case. You want to get shot at or what?”.

- Hangar -

When Fritz entered the main hangar after changing into his normal suit, he found Michiko already sitting in the open hatch of her Dias. She smiled weakly and nodded, and Fritz returned her nod without attempting to force her into a conversation. He had talked to her the day after the incident in the hallway and had managed to patch things up a bit, but she was still sensitive about the postponement of the hunt for 27th bunch. He kicked off the floor and headed up to his suit’s cockpit. Time to sit in a mobile suit for a few hours. Maybe he’d talk to Jim about the war some more...
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Post by Cardi Doorl » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:10 am

~ August 10th, Universal Century 0087

- Approaching Lunar Orbit -
- Alexandria-class Kirov -
- Main Bridge -

Commodore Wolf Ritter XXIV stepped into the main bridge, the sound of the door drawing Commander Andrewson Trent's attention.

"Sir," he said briskly as he stood at attention along with the bridge crew.

"At ease," replied the Commodore. As Trent settled back into his command seat, the Commodore noted, "I presume we're nearing Luna by now..." The man had enough experience traveling through space on military vessels to have a natural sense of how long trips would take.

"Correct, sir," answered Trent, "The taskforces are already breaking off to their designated patrol sectors."

As if on cue, Fyodor Pavlichenko's console came to life. "Contact from the Alexandria, sir!"

"The Alexandria?" mused Trent to himself, "The flagship for this operation? What do they want with us?" To Nakagawa he then said, "Bring it up on the main screen."

The face of Jamaican Daningan promptly filled the screen. Without preamble, he said, "We have little time, Commander, so I will make this quick. I will pull Taskforce Echo from its sector patrol and instead have it work more closely with the main attack force."

"What's this about?" demanded the Commodore with eery calm, "What necessitates this change?"

Without hesitation, Jamaican retorted, "Forward scouts have confirmed that the rebels have amassed a larger force around Von Braun City than we'd anticipated. We'll have your taskforce draw some of them out to reduce their ability to defend the city."

"Ridiculous," grumbled Trent, "That sounds like a suicide mission, with a good chance we'll be surrounded by the entirety of the AEUG's defense force.

"Then again," he continued before anybody could interject, "It's highly unlikely the AEUG will risk vacating too many units from the city itself, in fear of being blindsided while dealing with us. It's possible they may even choose to ignore use unless we attack them outright. This might prove to be less dangerous than it may seem."

He looked up, now apparently talking to Jamaican, "However, Echo's current numbers are inadequate for such a job."

"Duly noted, Commander," replied Jamaican coolly, "That was already taken into account. We're bolstering your numbers for this maneuver, and supplying you with special equipment, too."

Trent blinked at that. He hadn't expected Jamaican to so readily give him a hand. "Understood, sir."

Jamaican went on as thought Trent had never spoken, "All you have to do, as I've said, is draw as many rebels away from the city as possible. Make sure they stay away from until we confirm we've secured Von Braun. Once we do, you're free to operate autonomously again. That is all."

"Aye, sir," said Trent with a salute, but he was saluting to a dead line.

Minutes later, they were hailed yet again. This time, the face was of a stout man in his late thirties, his large cheekbones set high so that his eyes appeared to be in a perpetual squint. "Lieutenant Commander Det Gert reporting. I was told my unit was placed under your command."

Fyodor went wide-eyed at the sight of the man. The other bridge operators were no less taken aback. Trent, however, wasn't quite shocked, even if he wasn't expecting what he saw.

Lieutenant Commander Det Gert was clad in a Zeonic uniform, replete with helmet and cape. The bridge behind him was that of a Musai Kai-class. He was from the Republic of Zeon. Everyone on the bridge was well aware the Republic actively helped the Titans from time to time, but none had ever operated in conjunction with Republic troops. Rumors were that their combat performance wasn't exactly reliable.

"That's correct," responded Trent, "I am Commander Andrewson Trent of the Titans Autonomous Raider Taskforce Echo. What kind of forces can I expect from you, Ltcmdr. Gert?"

"Commander, I am leader of the 9th Expedition Squadron, Zeon Republic Space Force. My own ship is the Musai Kai-class Miguel Gaia, which is loaded with some modernized Rick Doms. I have two more ships of the line: the Randarmel and Zomel, both full of Hizacks."

It's not much, but it'll help. Those Musais can add to the fire support, at the very least. Don't know if the mobile suit pilots are worth their weight, but unless they're borderline brain dead, they should at least be good for getting the enemy's attention.

"Have your ships form up with mine, Det. We're advancing on Von Braun City soon."

"Understood." came Det's gruff reply.

"Tell me, Lieutenant Commander," was the sudden chiming-in of the Commodore, "You were born in the old Munzo Province, yes?"

Det paused, then replied, "That's correct. What's this got to do with anything?"

"Don't get me wrong, Ltcmdr. Gert. I'm not accusing you of being a closet Zabiist just because of your birthplace. I just wonder, though, what motivates you to fight against Zabiists."

"Commodore," answered Det evenly, "I was just a kid during the revolution, and when the Zabis took over. My parents supported them at first, but got critical when they turned politics and liberty into a monarcho-fascist joke. Of course, being critical of the Zabis was dangerous, and after Sasro bit it our family started getting death threats from people who considered us scheming traitors and state enemies. They even bombed our house a few times, but the police put no effort in even pretending to investigate the incidents. Our only choice, really, was to seek refuge from the Riah Republic or get lynched eventually.

"I have no love for those Zabi f***ers, Commodore - pardon my French. I grew up to become a ship captain in Riah, then after the war I emigrated to the new Republic, because with the Republic we have hope of keeping the madness of Zabiism out of the country for good. No way in hell will I let those bastards take over my home and turn it into a mockery of freedom ever again. I'll fight it until I damn well die if I have to."

He'd become rather impassioned by this time, so the Commodore nodded and said, "That's good, Lieutenant Commander. Your country needs more people like you, who has your head in the right place. Now, let's go forward and land a crippling blow on those who would gladly have the Zabi family back in power."

Det grinned, "S**t, I get paid to kill people like that? What a hell of a deal."

The transmission cut. The three Zeon warships were now in formation with Echo.

"Enough talk," murmured Trent, "Let's advance on the set path."

"Aye, sir," grunted Mortimer Kellman.

"Call general quarters, too," added Trent, "All mobile suits must be on standby and ready for launch. Have all crew don normal suits, and prepare to transfer command to the combat bridge."
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Post by Agent Fisher » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:40 am

-Lt. Brown's Quarters=

Jonas jerked his head up at the sound of General Quaters. He grabbed his flight suit and took off towards the Suit Bay. He reached the bay and headed towards his Hi-Zack. He reached the feet and put on his suit. Once he had it on and sealed, he entered the cockpit, strapping in.

Jonas Brown reached down the side of the seat and pulled out a checklist, starting up his suit. He spoke into his comm set. "Flight Ops, this is Herakles One, checking in."

"Roger, Herakles One, moving onto elevator and to the catapult, hold for launch orders."


Brown walked his suit forward onto the elevator and raised up to the exterior ship, waiting for the go orders.
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Post by Cybaster » Wed Apr 18, 2007 11:42 am

It was obvious that Gilliarme, already decked in the standard Titans normal suit, was trying not to think about in such close proximity to his former CO even now, even when the call for General Quarters came in, causing him to scramble towards the hangers. In the past, he would be a tad faster as his movements on scrambling for the Mobile Suits would be very much spirited; This time, however, his expression was a tad distant, and he seemed to be moving more out of trained habit than anything else. Only when he actually got to the opening that revealed the Kirov's flight deck did he glance up at the Mobile Suits lining up to launch already...and feel slightly reluctant.

It was also obvious why, either: Gilliarme wasn't sure if he'd be able to resist shooting Jamaican anyway the moment he got out of the Flight Deck. He surmised that if he did very few would complain, but with the upcoming operation losing their commander like this be the last thing the Titans would want.

Gilliarme frowned. Perhaps you need to stop worrying about everything at once for awhile, Gilliarme, old friend...first Samantha and Shin, then Apollo and now Daningan and 30 Bunch again? You're turning into a worrywort like Nadine, really...you should just concentrate on getting off the flight deck for now.

Bringing himself back into a more spirited rush, Gilliarme then floated quickly, and with controlled bouncing steps, over to his own Marasai, jumping upwards and climbing into its cockpit soon after. Taking only a moment's pause before settling into his seat and strapping himself in, Gilliarme took a glance around at the emerging status screens as the entire cockpit display began booting up; at least a Mobile Suit was always reliable in that regard.

"Kirov flight control, this is Delta Leader. All systems green, preflight completed. I'm ready to sally at any moment."

The Marasai then marched, and Gilliarme began stomping forward to take his place on the launch catapult line. He'll meet up with Shin and Samantha on the way.
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Post by Wedge14 » Wed Apr 18, 2007 12:19 pm

-The New Yark-

Pan sat in the cockpit of his Nemo, he was on stand by with the ensign. He had his feet propped up over the console, and was sitting pretty comfortably.

He was pissed though, and pretty damn irritable. Being on standby, meant he couldn't go to the lounge and smoke, so he was forced to bunker up in his nemo and do it in there where hopefully noone would notice. To make things even worse he had to go to the washroom too.

He grumbled some swear words to himself as he put his cigarette out on his helmet and instantly lit up another. He opened the cockpit hatch a pinch to let some of the smoke slowly seep out and let some fresh air inside....well as fresh as the air aboard a Sally K could get.

He was in a foul mood and the ash floating everywhere just made it worse. Of course the they had to sit around with their thumbs up their buttholes waiting to be attacked, but perhaps, the positioning of the AEUG fleet wasn't so bad. They had the city right underneath them.

Where they trying to protect it? Hell if Pan knew...perhaps they would just use Von Braun as a shield. Would the Titan's have the gusto to open fire on Von Braun?


Pan smirked as he put out his cigarette and lit another one. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad afterall....
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Post by Psyden » Thu Apr 19, 2007 1:22 pm

It does not take long for Constantine to get suited up, as shown by his prompt arrival after the alarm sounds. Not 5 seconds after Lt. Brown started his checklist, the young ensign is through the door into the hanger and bounding off the floor and into the air towards his Hizack.

Soon, he completes his own checklist and is on his way to the elevator.

“Ens. Constantine Pendragon, ready to launch and awaiting orders.”

His voice is calm, but he is just a bit excited. This might be his first chance to prove himself. Sure, defensive point is not the most glamorous job, and the AEUG probably won’t come from behind, but he can feel it. This will be his first chance of actual combat!

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Post by EfreetCustom » Thu Apr 19, 2007 2:09 pm

The alarm rang and Alex, already in his flight suit, bounded down the hall into the hanger where he saw Constantines Hizack move to the elevator.
Alex then completed his checklist without problems and moved to the elevator, he could still see Constansine's Hizack infront of him.

Although he may be on defense duty, he can still show everyone he is not a coward and he has what it takes to stay in the Titans, especially to his the rest of his team.

"Ens. Alex Lepak, ready to move out and awaiting orders."
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Post by RGM-79G GM Command » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:05 pm

Ryo hears the annoucment and goes to the hanger before changing into his pilot suit and getting into his Marasai. 'Good thing I read the manual for this thing it is a lot different from a GM II.' He thinks to himself before starting the unit up and grabbing the beam rifle and moves his Marasai closer to a catapault so he is able to launch as soon as he can. "Lt. Ryo Naka ready to launch." He says before waiting for orders.
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Post by RGM-79 GM » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:12 pm

Shin leaves his quarters after hearing the annoucment and goes to the hanger and then goes to change into his pilot suit and he puts the helmet on and heads to his Marasai and gets into it and begins the start up procedures and after starting it up he moves his Marasai into the launch catapault line. "Ltjg. Shin Yamamoto ready to launch." He then begins to wonder if Samantha or Gilliarme are already here or not.
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Post by Cybaster » Thu Apr 19, 2007 11:11 pm

"Right, it's good to see you, Lieutenant Yamamoto," Gilliarme's voice promptly rang out into Shin's Marasai after it took its place on the launch catapult; Gilliarme's own Marasai was two suits away in line. "Just keep together, nothing fancy, and we'll be fine. How're you feeling right now?"
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Post by Bezerker » Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:42 am

Dante arrived in the hanger with his gear already on, he wanted to make a mark this time, show everyone what he was made of. He looked at his Grey and Crimson Marasai and laughed. "This will be the last time you get new parts, Sai" Dante said as he climbed into the cockpit. "I'll wait til Nick gets here to launch, wouldn't want to piss him off this early in the fight" Dante said with a chuckle.
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Post by Cardi Doorl » Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:16 am

- Alexandria-class Kirov -
- Mobile Suit Bay -

Lieutenant Commander Aleksandr Ivanovich Stukov stepped his Marasai onto Alpha Team's launch catapult.

"Alpha Team, report in," he murmured as he went through some final checks.

"Leandro here," was the cold reply from Lieutenant, j.g., Leandro Fulgencio Alvarez. Stukov knew Leandro's old friend Erebus Jones had been killed in a terrorist attack on Gryps days ago. He'd have to make sure the Hizack Custom pilot didn't lose rationality out there on the battlefield as a result.

"Ens. Ritter reporting," came Mercedes Ritter' voice. Her Marasai got in line behind Stukov's. Since Leandro's suit was a support unit, it was more sensible for the general-combat suits to go ahead of it.

"Alpha Team's ready, then," nodded Stukov.

The CIC operator's voice filled his cockpit. "Understood, Lieutenant Commander. Remain at ready - mobile suits are not yet cleared to launch." There was a pause as the operator appeared to be receiving some new information. "All units be advised; we will be operating alongside units from the Republic of Zeon. These include Musais and apparently Rick Doms. Do not confuse them for the enemy."

Stukov smirked. Republic of Zeon, hm? He'd heard stories about their combat effectiveness, and none of them good. But Stukov wouldn't pre-judge their ability to fight. No, Stukov, as he does with Federal regulars, won't automatically assume they're inept, but he will have his doubts as to how dedicated and willing they are to fight.

Stukov sat back in his seat and ran some minor cockpit sims to make sure he remained warmed-up as he waited.


Lieutenant Commander Wolf Ritter, clad in full pilot suit with the helmet visor down, floated to the gaping cockpit hatch of his custom Marasai. As he gripped the edge of the opening to pull himself in, Alexandra Engel, in pilot suit sans the helmet, approached.

"Alexi, what are you doing?" questioned Wolf once she was near, "You should prepping your mobile suit."

Alexandra clutched Wolf's shoulder to pull herself forward and gave Wolf a soft kiss. When she pulled away after the face, Wolf smirked. "Fight well out there, Alexi."

Alexandra pushed off Wolf's Marasai and replied, "I won't let you down."

Wolf watched her go for only a second, then slipped into his Marasai, closing his helmet visor as he did so. As the machine came to life, he saw that Lt. Ryo Naka was already in his own Marasai and ready to go. Wolf nodded in approval as he set his own unit to launch first from Beta Team's catapult.

"Wolf Ritter, Beta Team ready," he said automatically. Then, to Ryo, he said, "Listen, Lieutenant. You fought through the war like I did, so I expect you to know what you're doing out there. How you fought in that last sortie in Earth orbit was inexcusable from a veteran like you, so let's see you actually fight like something better than a rookie this time."


The last Delta Team Marasai set itself in line for the Delta Catapult directly behind Shin's Marasai.

"Ens. Samantha Fulton, prepped for launch," said the pilot flatly.

* * *

- Salamis Kai-class Hades -
- Mobile Suit Bay -

"Let's do this," said Lt. Picard Kamek smugly with a grin as his Hizack activated. He clambered the mobile suit onto the Hades' launch catapult.

"Now," he intoned, "Where are my men? They should be here by now."
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Post by RGM-79 GM » Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:34 am

"I'm feeling alright sir. This will be third battle this year where I have atleast one different teamate though." Shin then hears Samantha. "Well sir now all three of us are here." he then begins to wonder when they will launch and what kind of leader Gilliarme will be.
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Post by Cybaster » Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:16 pm

"Well, I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen again here, then, Lieutenant. You can be sure of that." Gilliarme smiled wryly at the comment Shin made, and hoped that he wouldn't be proved lying out there --- especially with Republic of Zeon ships out there supporting them. Like most of the others around him, he couldn't help but feel uneasy; Gilliarme was glad that the Kirov's teams were comprised mostly of veteran pilots, but couldn't speak for the other ships --- one wrong shot or targeting 'error' could easily turn those Republic allies into Zeonic enemies.

Noticing Samantha's Marasai getting into the queue, Gilliarme nodded curtly. "Ensign Fulton, it's good to see you as well. Are you feeling alright?"

Then, with a small frown, Gilliarme pressed some buttons on his Marasai's communications console, and narrowed his communication channel to a private one with Samantha's Marasai. There was one question, remembering the details of Samantha's file, that he felt he had to ask.

"Ensign Fulton, that officer that you were forced to take the blame for back in May...who was he?" Then, Gilliarme gave a small pause and continued to the real inquiry behind it. "And would he, by any small chance, go by the name of Jamaican Daningan?"
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Post by Gambit01 » Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:49 pm

Nick entered the hangar with his helmet under his arm; forcing Leandro to at least stand on his own two feet if not get over himself was more difficult then Nick thought it would be, but it seemed that he at least acomplished the intended task.

Going up to his customized Hizack, perhaps the only Hizack in the entire fleet that could match a Marasai pound for pound, he placed his helmet on his head and began to prep his mobile suit.

"Gamma Team, report in."
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Post by wonton bob » Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:13 pm

- Salamis Kai-class Hades -
- Mobile Suit Bay -

Jason enters the hanger, all suited up with helmet in tow. Rushing over to his assigned Hizack, he can't help but notice the machine gun.. He kicks off and enters through the open cockpit hatch. After a quick systems check, he closes the hatch which brings up the panoramic monitor.

"Ens. Drossel, ready to go."

The Hizack moves into position. I hope Miller at least got past page 5. And who is our other pilot?
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Post by mcred23 » Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:17 pm

- The Dervish -
- Hanger -

"Ten more minutes..." Marvin muttered and stretched his arms.

"Anxious to go somewhere?" Ian asked. Roy snorted, "Got a date or somethin' kid?"

Before Marvin could reply, as usual, Eckardy got it with a reply. "No, but I do damn it!"

"Ya know, I think it's actually eleven minutes..."

"Ian, don't make me hurt you." Eddie warned, although his tone was anything but serious.

"Whadda ya gonna do? Make him listen to more of that music?" Roy quipped.

In the cockpits of all the Team 2 members, they saw Eckardy's face take on a hurt expression. "Traitors! I should have you all busted down to Ensign, court marshalled, raped and...um..." Eddie trailed off.

"Nice Dombrowski impression." Cowboy said with a grin. Eddie, again, as usual, returned it.

"Oddly enough, my Godfather was named Dombrowski. I wonder whatever happened to him..." The other three Team 2 members all shook their heads and went back to killing time. Eddie fiddled with his helmet, which he had rested on the control panel, scratching at one of the black stripes for a moment when he noticed Fritz heading for his MS' cockpit. Team 1 would be taking the next alert shift. Eddie keyed a comm channel to Fritz's MSA-099S; "Hey Fritzy, any news on whats goin' on?"
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Post by EZero8 » Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:15 pm

--The Dervish--

Wes heard that Team 1 was going into alert shift as Team 2 finishes up theirs. Taking a deep breath, he walked over to his Rick Dias and got in. Once he was inside, he kept his unit on standby as he waited.

Sitting there, he rolled his head around his neck to stretch it out a bit before putting his helmet on and gripping the controls. He was not the least bit anxious... but his thoughts were still in the back of his mind and poking at his confidence. He couldnt lose this time... as a loss here would mean more than losing mere supplies...

"Keep your cool man..." he thought to himself as he closed his eyes for a bit to relax.
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Post by ORegan » Sat Apr 21, 2007 3:54 pm

The Hades

Patrick stumbles into the hanger in his pilot suit. He still had the manual from earlier in his hand, although he was only able to make it to page 15 before taking a brief nap. when he woke up some officer told him to get into a normal suit and get to the hanger. when he got to the hanger, he was yelled at by a technician to get into a Hizack.

when he entered it, he knew where to start up the hizack. he radioed Picard. "Um sir, what does my Zack have for weapons?....and uh.....uhhhhh what is my mission?"
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Post by Imperial » Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:17 pm

The helmet came together with a pronounced "snap." Randal really had to had it to himself. He looked damn good in the trademark Titans black, especially when it came to normal suits. And the visor, from the right angle, could obscure his scars. It was a win-win.

But Randal knew someone would come along to bust his balls if he continued dragging his heals. He slid out of the pilot changing room and floated out into the spacious hangar.

No matter how many times he saw it, Randal never tired of gazing upon his brand new Marasai. He'd been puttering around in a Hizack for most of his career as a Titan. The red mobile suit was several notches up the proverbial mobile suit food chain. He enjoyed that.

That suddenly jogged his memory. He overheard talk that the Republic of Zeon would be assisting in the operation. He snorted at the thought. "Zeon? Helpin' us? We don't need a buch o' whipped dogs pickin' up after us."

He couldn't help but run his hand up toward his face at the mere mention of the spacenoids from Side 3. The helment prevented this, of course, only exacerbating the situation. He was mad as hell. And, if, by chance, a bit of friendly fire happened to go astray, who was to judge him...?
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