Episode 19 - ...Is My Friend [Axis]

The last RPG was "Zeta Gundam: Tales from the Frontlines - The AEUG" which ran from 2006-14.

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-Ready Room Bindra-

Gwen could feel her stomach knot up as Graden entered. He was a such a powerful figure and his ominous voice shook Gwen's ears.

"Sir!" was all she said as she made her way to her locker, and gently placed Niki's manual on the top shelf. She sniffled quietly burying her face in her locker door, trying to wipe hide the fact that she was starting to tear up.

She quickly put her helmet on and closed the visor. That would atleast stop her from flooding the room. She wasn't ready...but was anybody?
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One person was ready. One person was more than ready. Djorn snapped to attention and gave his superior officer a sharp salute.

Graden's news brought a smile to the young pilot's face and a gleam of excitement to his piercing blue eyes. He practically lunged across the room to get to his locker.

Within moments, he was shimmying into his Normal suit. Halfway through the process he started to hum the Zeon national anthem, the sound slowly building.

He burst out into actually singing a moment before slipping his helmet on and the last few words were muffled by the closed visor.

"Yeah, Lieutenant, who are we fighting?" Djorn asked. "I'd hate to shoot down the wrong dirt grubbers."

Not that he cared. The Titans may have been the immediate threat, but sooner or later, the AEUG and EFSF would take offense to the idea that Zeon WAS going to take the sphere and he'd have to kill them, too.
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