Code Geass Knightmares of the Revolution RPG

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Code Geass Knightmares of the Revolution RPG

Post by Paul McCartney Jr » Sun May 20, 2007 8:52 pm

Welcome to Code Geass: Knightmares of the Revolution. KotR is a rule-based Role Playing Game that takes place in the Code Geass universe, and runs along a story parallel to that of the anime. Characters and events from the anime will play a significant role in the story of the game--and so will the players actions!

Knightmares of the Revolution takes place primarily in the string of islands South of Japan (Area 11) known as the Ryukyus--or Okinawa. Okinawa is occupied by the Brittanian Army (before the war it was technically a province of Japan). Okinawa is home to people of many different nationalities, from various Brittanian citizens, former Japanese citizens (Elevens) and Okinawan natives (Ryukyuans). The Okinawan islands are strategically vital to the Brittanian Empire, as they are midway between Brittania's outermost territory (Area 11) and their greatest foe in the area--the Chinese Federation.

With the Chinese, Brittanians, and Japanese all trying to warp the islands to their own interests, what course will the destiny of these small islands take as the Order of the Black Knights emerges and war once again engulfs the region?

Code Geass Knightmares Of The Revolution

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