Gundam - Ground Zero (OYW RPG)

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Gundam - Ground Zero (OYW RPG)

Post by Great Irishman » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:25 am

Exciting Gundam RPG with a veteran staff full of mangy old bastards who've outlived their usefulness and want to pass something over to the new generations of fans - their love of Gundam.

Prepare for dramatic (some would say emo) plot twists, unconventional warfare and freedom of choice.

Start your own faction?
Choose your own suit?
Decide your own rules?

Have a great time?

P.S. There's some rumbling about a Bar opening there as well where some of the "old" Patrons might be appearing.

P.S.S. The previous P.S. was a coded message to those familiar with the topic. Others disregard.

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