Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Crossfire

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Crossfire

Post by Redfox0400 » Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:49 am

A Universal Century RPG


With the population explosion, mankind was forced to emigrate into space. Within half a century, entire nations of human beings began to call the giant space colonies their homeland.

In the calendar year of the Universal Century 0079, the group of colonies furthest from the Earth, Side 3, took the new name "The Principality of Zeon," and began a war of independence against the Earth Federation Government.

After attacks on colonies with gas, nuclear weapons and biological agents, the Principality of Zeon turned their attention towards the nuclear weapon hardened Federation stronghold on Earth, Jaburo. They started an ambitious plan, Operation British, to drop a colony cylinder on the Federation stronghold. The plan failed, with the colony breaking up and the biggest piece falling on Sydney Australia, creating a large crater and altering the Earth's environment.

With their plans to force the Federation to surrender by dropping colonies a failure, The Principality of Zeon started on an operation to invade Earth. They overran a huge part of the surface, but spread their force too thin, and entered a stalemate.

The Federation, using the stalemate as an oppurtunity to roll out their own mobile suits, supplied a unit operating in the Ural Mountain region with several ground-type mobile suits, to strike back at Zeon interests to prepare for an operation to retake mining fields, codenamed Odessa.

Will an opposing Zeon unit, stationed on the other side of the chain, be able to counter the Federation's new technology?

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