Gundam seed legend rp (UPDATE 5/20)

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Gundam seed legend rp (UPDATE 5/20)

Post by Tiga » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:20 am

hey there

i'm looking for people for a gundam seed rp i'm doing =) i try to find some people that would like to join in ^-^ the story begin after 2 months after final battle of gundam seed,a groups of people decide to join up a mercenary/junk guild group cause the where tired of all the war between then.

In this rp we gonna do mission like the mercenary/junk guild raid,transporting and etc,of course we will have some enemy chasing after us....go figure XD we will have eaf,zaft,ord and also a unknow enemy.

this rp is not! a board rp this is a channel rp i will post the server and channel at the end of the post.

here are the rule

Here are some rules that have been set down by the ops to makes things a bit clearer. Some of the rules related to mech suits; such as which ones you are permitted and which ones you aren't, while other rules relate to general courtesy while roleplaying or chatting within the channel.

Main Channel Rules

Please keep all OOC fighting out of the rp channel. If you have a problem with someone, pm one of the ops and try to discuss it over in a mature way.
Do NOT God Mode/Power Game. God Moding/Power Gaming is the act of pretending to be invincible, unbeatable, etc. If someone is caught god moding/power gaming, notify the GM right away.
Have fun, it's a game, don't worry or grumble if something didn't go your way. Simply grin and bear it, and hope it goes differently next time.
If you are unhappy with a GM's decision, you are allowed to express your opinion but arguing with the ops and GM's is not a sensible way to get your opinion heard.
To keep the balance of the rp universe gundam aren't allow as starting ms You cannot play as a character from any of the gundam series, however you may use a picture as one for your character.

Mobile suit & Mobile armor setting

mobile suit restrictions: Freedom, Justice, Providence (these gundams are off limits due for there over powered and rarity stat)
Pre customized MS example: M1 Astrey gold, frame blue, frame and red frame, due to their unique equipment (though constructing a variant version is allowed but it would be not as powerful as one of those)
ms can be equipped with beam rifles and sheild but can have up to other 2 weapons and 3 suport equipement [ normal MS don't have transwarp armor (phase shift armor)

Mobile suit packs:

packs are optional equipment that certain kinds of ms can use like the sword pack example can be set on the long dagger and strike gundam but the dagger gundam couldn't due to it design
packs are always equipped of max of 4 weapon and suport equipment

Mobile Armour

Mobile Armour are weapons on well or jets as well as tank that were designed to take down MS during the war
MA can be equipped 2 suport and 2 weapons ( also misiles are equipped in units )

Gundam construction:

Gundam aren't found, they are constructed from blue prints data lost or stored (cannot start with a blue print )
As well Gundam need material to be build like the transwarp metal etc... (detail must be asked to gm wen blue print is found )
gundam take a long time to build so when mechanics start to work on the gundam it take 10 episode to build

Gundam customizing:

Gundams are built out of certain metasl that can channel the phase shift armor but also come with beam high quality saber. Due to ther tonnage they're allowed to have 4 weapon and 4 support equipment and can be equiped with support packs. ( phase shift armor dosn't count as suport since it part of the suit during the construction)
gundam starting equipment : see gm for info when the gundam is finish being built

of course you need to make a Bio of your character that mean no playing original character from the show...beside that is all ok ^-^...ooh right almost like you know you can't start whit a gundam so you need to start out whit a Ms

here the server and channel you can found me and my friend /server -m -j #Gundam_Seed_Legend if you got more question you can post there here...but if you want quick respond come into my channel ^-^ later days! by the way is a mirc rp =) more info post or pm me

here the site we have ... hp?act=idx i know is not much but we can have fun =)

just letting you know this is not a board rp but a chat rp =)

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sorry :oops:

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