Mobile Suit Gundam: Ice and Fire

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Ice and Fire

Post by Folken Fanel » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:47 pm

Yes, I decided to start up my own RPG. We don't have that many people, so please join up if you have the time.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the last great war of the Perfect Era came to an end. After over fifty years of fighting, the Earth Federation and Colonial Republic finally destroyed each other.

At first, each side used low tech mobile suits that didn't cause much damage. However, mobile suits quickly advanced into powerful killing machines, and within ten years of the war's start, over 3 billion people had died. However, mobile suit warfare was about to get much deadlier.

Soon, each side phased out its mass-production units and began to deploy massive amounts of "Gundam" types. The Gundams, originally high performance prototypes, were now common place on the battlefield.

After fifty years of fighting, the two factions had almost wiped out all of humanity. After all these years of fighting, only 10 million people remained on Earth. But the bloodshed would not end.

The Colonists dropped four colonies on the Earth, causing a massive nuclear winter to envelope most of the Earth, with the area around the equator becoming a hot and arid wasteland. The Federation retaliated and a huge nuclear strike wiped out all but three of the major colonies.

After these deathblows, the war ended. There was no one left to fight. The remains of the great Gundams slipped beneath the Earth, lost to time.

Eventually, the Earth was repopulated. Humans lived on Earth much as they had before the great war, never knowing of the millions of people who lived in the sky above them. However, they did discover mobile suits.

No one is sure how, but someone discovered the remains of a mobile suit and that was that. Using their new found weapons, they fought each other until one, dominate faction took hold. This new faction was known as the United Nations.

The UN ordered massive excavations around the areas where mobile suits were found and copied the technology of these ancient relics. It was much the same in space, with the dominate power being the Lunar Protectorate, a militaristic dictatorship that wasn't afraid to flex its muscle.

Soon after the rediscovery of mobile suits, the Lunar Protectorate decided to test out its new weapons by invading Earth. They met unexpected resistance in the form of the UN's own mobile weapons. After several small skirmishes, both sides settled into a stalemate.

The world ended once in fire. Will it vanish again as these two superpowers are poised to annihilate each other with the mistakes of the past? Will it end in the fires of war or in the cold embrace of time?
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