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All Gundam Universe RPG

Post by SmashHippo » Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:40 pm

All Gundam Universe is an email to forum roleplaying game. Members send the webmaster an email, whether it be to fight, travel, or shop, and the webmaster posts their action on the forum. Through out the game, members will gain EXP, Stat points, Abilities, and accessories, all of them contributing to their success in battle.

So far we currently have 12 enthusiastic members and are seeking out potential pilots to join our game.

The story of the game is created by the webmaster and has influences from many various Gundam series. Members will have a choice of joining one of four current factions. The Alliance of Global Humans (AGH) are an Earth based group that formed with the basis of the universe needing a monitoring force. This in turned caused many of the space colonies to form the Star Blazers. A devastating event that occurred on Mars by the AGH and Blazers caused a group of Mars migrants to form Red Being. The final faction is the Tribillion Army, the mercenary group that currently occupies the Moon. To read a more in depth back story visit the site below.

How does it work?
Members have a number of actions that they can do daily from attacking another pilot to attacking a space colony. Battles and Events are written by the webmaster and the outcome of each of them are determined by the character's stats, weapons and abilities.

You Are the Characters
The game is heavily story based and unfolds in the multiple missions for each faction. Each member becoming intricate parts of the storyline.

Sign Me Up!
If you're interested visit and click on the Joining Forum to find out what you need to know to start playing.

- Hippo

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