Alone in the Wind: Alternate Universe UC RPG

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Alone in the Wind: Alternate Universe UC RPG

Post by ZEON-4-EVA » Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:07 pm


(To visit the site please click on the link above... Please PM me if you have any questions)

What is it?
Alone in the Wind is a Post-by-Post(PbP) RPG. What is a PbP? A Post-by-Post RPG is a forum based mode of role-playing. The forum will have different categories within it which are used as different theaters of war or scenes. For example, one category may be labelled Side 3, this means all role-plays taking place in this thread are on Side 3. Basically a PbP works like this. One character will write up a scene where their character is interacting with the scenario's set up. Then the other person's character will respond to your post with their own written up scenario.

What is Alone in the Wind?
AITW is a alternate universe UC RPG. Alternate Universe- in the sense that it has its own established timeline and events that deviates from the canonical UC timeline. I still call it UC because the technology in regards to Mobile Suits is consistent with those used in the UC universe, specifically at the moment technology and faction structure is somewhere Post- Zeta Gundam and Pre-Char's Counter Attack.

Currently there are several factions: Neo-Zeon (Axis, Republic of Zeon, Zabists and Hamanists), Earth Commonwealth (Established after the collapse of the Earth federation) and the Monarchy of Orb. Neo-Zeon at the moment has launched an ambitious invasion of Earth and is battling it out with the EC in Africa.

It's Fun!
I have been on many PbP sites and I must say this is the first time I have come across a UC Gundam related PbP that holds true to the essence of the Gundam UC universe and yet at the same time allows for flexibility in creativity and development of your own characters.

Also everyone on the forum are friendly and really encouraging with your ideas. They welcome anyone who wants to just get in an MS and do some badassery. Whether you be a Zeon fan-boy like me or a Feddie loyal all are welcome to the site.

Who's side will you join?

Alone in the Wind (AU) UC RPG

Please drop by and have a look, there are people always on the chat

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