Mecha RPG based on Gundam Seed over IRC!

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Mecha RPG based on Gundam Seed over IRC!

Post by Jennuxia » Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:57 pm

The year is 2301 AD. We are at war. We have been at war for almost a decade now. Alliances don't exist between the three factions, and we're too far into the war to start now. Soldiers die, others take their place, and we keep on fighting until there's only one side left. At the rate things have been going recently, there won't be anyone left at the end.

That's why it's our mission to stop the fighting, no matter what it takes. And we'll damn well do it until we die.

It all started in the twenty first century. Advances in technology mid-century allowed for advances in medicine, specifically, genetics. Genetic engineering became the central focus of medical sciences and Humanity entered a golden age for fifty years.

But tensions had been building from the start. Those who had genetic enhancements and those who didn't started to diverge. With these new smarter, stronger Humans, technology was further advanced, but some believed that it was wrong to tamper with genetics. And those groups made their opinions known, killing Transhumans and protesting their right to live on Earth. A particularly rich Transhuman decided that he would put all of his funds into building an artificial Earth space station for Transhumans to live. The project gained popularity with the Alphas, and after the first was tested and many Alphas moved there, nine more like it were constructed. Soon after their completion, the few Alphas left on Earth were either killed by anti-Transhuman groups or went into hiding.

The two factions continued on, ignoring each other in a shaky peace. Humans and Transhumans didn't generally intermingle. That was until the Nations of the Earth decided that they would turn Jupiter into a giant wormhole. After much debate, the Transhumans allowed the plan, and a wormhole allowing ships to travel to the Kepler 11 System was created.

Humans had entered the wormhole in hopes of finding a system to colonize. What they found shocked them more than anything else. A spaceworthy civilization had already terraformed and colonized every habitable planet in the system, and in creating the wormhole, a moon was destroyed. The moon was home to almost two million Xanthers, and after a tense period breaking the language barrier with the new alien species, relations worsened and the two factions went to war.

The Transhumans stayed out of the conflict for a good thirty years, letting the two sides launch attack after attack on one another and hiding in the shadows. But one day, a nuclear missile was launched at one of the ALPs, destroying it and killing the millions of Alphas living there. That day, the Transhumans joined the war against the Humans, who had launched the missile, but the Xanthers were too proud to form an alliance. And so the three factions were at war. New weapons technologies made mechanical aircraft resembling the Human form possible. Unfortunately, the best pilots were found to be new recruits and young soldiers, as they were younger and more adaptable.

It's been ten years. And the flagship of the Transhuman fleet, the Phoenix and its several mechs has been assembled to stop it. It's time for this fight to end.

This RPG will take place over IRC! Space is limited, so be sure to contact me at and visit the website!
If you like RPing over IRC, please check out my mecha roleplay! I need people!

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