Super Robot Wars: OG Stars of Fate

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Super Robot Wars: OG Stars of Fate

Post by thatguyent » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:36 pm

My new RPG over at coloholics, set in the Original Generations time line of Super Robot Wars is in the process of being set up. I'm clearing up the rules and regulations, and setting up all the neccesary information for new members to join the game. Anyone interested just check out the link in my signature. Hope you guys will check it out and join up.

Oh, so far these are the groups which you can belong to in the game:

EFA: The Earth Federation Alliance, a group of allied nations and Space Colonies that work together to form the largest human military and political force in existence. While they don't have the most powerful technology in existence, they do have the fastest research groups, making them able to study and reproduce tech belonging to the other alliances at much higher rates.

The Shin Divine Crusaders: An alliance built upon the concepts of justice, and honor, the DC was first created to defeat the alien threat to our world by any means neccesary, since the loss of their leader Bian Zoldark they have fallen in to obscurity, until recently, when they have risen to help protect our world alongside the EFA against the threat of the Lost. Is their new goal of true alliance with the EFA a reality, or just another scheme in the long and deeply buried plans of Bian Zoldark, only time may tell.

The Lost: An alien empire fighting to conquer the universe in an attempt to stop the spread of the Horseman's power, and thus protect this reality from the arrival of their true leader, Apocalypse himself. Can anyone protect the world from the power of the Lost so that we might actually survive the onslaught that is Apocalypse, or are we damned to meet the same fate as the empire that spawned them? Only time may tell.

Kingdom of Langrann: One of the four chief kingdoms of La Gias, and that which Masaki Andoh fights for with his former DC member ally the fateful Lune Zoldark. What does the Horseman Pestilence have to do with the fate of this kingdom, and its protectors?

The Four Horseman: Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, four forces never before defeated in history, born from a former victim of the Lost's parent empire from a foreign dimension. They have now spread in to our world, as well as those of La Gias, and the Shadow Mirrors, what is their true goal? For now all our forces can gather is that they lay waste to all life in their path, until none is left, and that is something that we can not allow.
Come Check out my new SRW RPG at Coloholics: Super Robot Wars: OG Stars of Fate

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