Mobile Suit GUNDAM: Versus Destiny RPG

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Mobile Suit GUNDAM: Versus Destiny RPG

Post by RainesDelacreaux » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:16 am

Name of Board: Mobile Suit GUNDAM: Versus Destiny
Board Account: Raines Delacreaux
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Rating: PG-13+ (Strong language, violence, drug & alcohol references)
Races: Organics (Natural born), Enacts ("Superhuman" by design)
Time of where the RP is set in: 2117 AD
Story: After the long awaited apocalypse, the remnants of mankind resurface and rebuild their civilization. Led by their "divine" ruler, the Primarch, this new United Earth Sanctum works to promise freedom & prosperity for all. But what happens when a virus causes genetic alteration on scales which the world has ever seen? The Enact Purge. 3.1 million are forced to a life of recluse in space. Years later, after discovering mobile weapon technology aboard an ancient orbital fortress, the world is thrown into turmoil. Will the Enacts ever find a home on Earth? Or will the Sanctum continue their Purge?

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