Mobile Suit Gundam: Celestial Century

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Celestial Century

Post by OminousAlexander » Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:32 am

In times called the Celestial Century the Earth Sphere is in grip of fear as human beings with strange psychic abilities have appeared. Unleashing mass fear, hatred and violence, upon themselves. Through the corrupted ideals of Earth's leaders, these "mutates" branded infected, and religious heretics are rounded up as their psychic abilities emerge. They are forced into concentration camps and are killed s.

Eventually driven into space and ignored, the nations of Earth erupted into war and out of the conflict came the UNE (United Nexus of Earth), who attempted to take space in an oppressive manner.Creating plans for mobile suits to secure their potential new foothold in space.

A group of citzens ushered under the command of Edward Bjornsen, stromed the compound, killed, forced others to their side and eventually became the epicenter of "Spacenoid" revolution, adopting Mobile Suits as their own under the command of Bjornsen became DASA (Divine Arian Spacenoid Alliance ) ushering mutates as the next steo in human evolution as well as his promise to usher in a new age for those in space.

Constant battles were fought and eventually after killing millions through weapons of mass destruction via nuclear weapons and two colony drops, they signed a wartime treaty prohibiting the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Meanwhile, four heavily armed and advanced high performance machines have appeared, attacking both sides in the conflict, ushering a video message, for both sides to disarm or their attacks on military bases and production facilities will continue, the group is called Providence, they possess the mobile weapon Gundam and the divine will of god.

Join either as a fanatical member of DASA or maybe as a good soldier protecting his home. We have a customization system and we are currently finalizing a level system.

Join today, the admin of Celestial Century Alexander. ... hp?act=idx

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