EXO Vector

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EXO Vector

Post by Haruma » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:07 am

Name of Board: EXO Vector
Link to Board: EXO Vector
Link to your staff account on the Board: Nathan Sharp
Difficulty: For everyone
Rating: PG-13
Types of Characters/Creatures allowed: Humans, Enhanced Humans, NEXTs(Super Soldiers)
Time of where the RP is set in: Future


EXO Vector is an RP set in the future, it is 100 years into the NEXT Era. Several contries includiong the USA and UK have come togeather in an Alliance called the Union. The Union faces problems as the many middle east and asian groups have formed the United Militia Alliance. This alliance attacks the Union and other places of the world, why? Because of their religious beliefs. The Union believes it is something more. Is it be cause they are Radicial to the NEXTs being used as super soldiers? Only time will tell.

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