Mobile Power Armor: Shift

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Mobile Power Armor: Shift

Post by Nader » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:50 pm

Mobile Power Armor: Shift is a Gundam-based PPEM RPG. However, it is only loosely based on Gundam, as the Gundams and Mass-Produced suits are converted down to Human-scale in the form of Power Armors. The rpg’s theme is similar to that of a super-hero rpg in certain cases. You may join as a high powered PAs known as Gundams, or a squad of four mass produced mobile suits. Joinable factions are Rangers (Vigilantes), Law enforcement, Knights of Barcalow (Mercenaries), Rogues, and USMP (Military). The idea is, in my opinion, a needed fresh breath of air to the world of Gundam PBEM rpgs. If you want to join a Gundam RPG yet with a VERY different timeline and setting from 99% of the other Gundam rpgs, then follow the link:

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