Mobile Suit Gundam: Continuum

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Continuum

Post by Entropy. » Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:53 pm

I've been trying to try starting a mix and match franchise fan-series RP since about two years ago, but have never been able to garner the interest. A pity I never checked out these forums before now. I'm giving it another run. The RP is set five years after the events of Turn A Gundam, with an already tense situation being further aggravated by a temporal distortion in orbit finally spilling out the contents its collected since the events of the One Year War. Here's the most recent synopsis:
The year is Correct Century 2350. Five years have passed since the end of the last war, with Gym Giginham's junta disintegrating with his death, bringing a start to an uneven peace between the people of Earth and the Moonrace. Dianna Soreil has died on Earth while her double, Kihel Heim, has been marginalized, and then secretly exposed and detained. In the past four years, the Moonrace has grown diplomatically cold in direct correlation to their numbers swelling in the domiciles of Inglessa and Luzianna. In the last year, fixed elections have led to a total take-over of the government of Nocis City by pro-Moonrace parties; a domination of the new economy by the industry moguls come down with the colonists has led to an installment of a corrupt and dirty political machine to perpetuate this injustice. In Inglessa, the Earth natives have been effectively reduced to second-class citizens A new war seems inevitable, as the subdued Inglessa gradually builds momentum for war on Luzianna at the behest of their new masters. All hope is not lost, however. Laura Rolla, the hero of the last war, has eluded a dragnet intended for her. Meanwhile, the people of Inglessa have responded to injustice in their own way, many migrating further up into the colder northern lands, where rumor has it that the disgraced Lord Guin has begun a highly profitable excavation industry in 'Autoah'. And stranger still, large quantities of space debris of indeterminant origin have begun spilling themselves out into space at Equatorial orbit. Moonrace science teams have been sent to investigate this phenomenon, which appears to be a wormhole. The mix of semi-intact ships and mobile units, and sometimes cadavers, dates back far into the Dark Times, some pieces as far into the past as the fabled One Year War 3000 years ago.
I'm looking for people interested in filling roles canon to the Turn A series. I will accept characters and units from other series, but to avoid upsetting my own sense of continuity, I will refuse units or characters that are confirmed KIA in their own continuity, or too important to it to be easily taken out of it. This leaves people the option of claiming that their character was present in the canon universe, but were never important enough to appear on screen or in print for more then a moment, if at all. This also leaves the possibility for people that dropped off the radar of the continuity of their series to appear in our RP.....for instance, Yazan Gable drops off the map in ZZ Gundam after being embarrassed by the protagonist several times. He's never confirmed dead, however, so it would be possible for him to appear in the RP, back to full speed and armed to the teeth, after enough plot has transpired for him to explain how and why he's there. We won't see Shiro Amada from 8th MS Team, though, because though he drops off the face of continuity in the context of series further along in the chronology of the Universal Century universe, two marks against his use are (1) that he's the main character of this brief point in history and (2) it's well enough established in 'Miller's Report' that he ran off with Aina Saharin to live happily ever after when both were presumed dead. Similar eventualities in regards to other characters will be judged as follows, unless the back-history as to how they wound up in 'Continuum' is particularly well conceived.

Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors will be treated the same way. Just as Lady Cima is pretty obviously dead with the conclusion of her interaction with events in 0083: Stardust Memory, the Mobile Suit she's piloting at the time, the Gerbera Tetra, will not be appearing in the RP, as it was a one of a kind prototype that was passed over in favor of the GP01 for production, and was pretty thoroughly destroyed in the events culminating in her death. The same rule applies to other units. There will be no Operation Meteor Gundam mobile suits. Points against them: (1) They were integral to the plot of the series that they starred in, (2) they were all destroyed with the completion of the Endless Waltz corollary, and (3) they're more or less invincible, in comparison to the standard issue units of their series.

Any interest? If so, please ask, and I will send you a link in PM.

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