Please support my original sci-fi film "c"

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Please support my original sci-fi film "c"

Post by MechaGear » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:06 am

Hey everybody! I'm an occasional poster here and big mecha / sci-fi fan, so I hope you don't mind a small shameless plug from me that is potentially relevant to your interests.

I'm producing a short science-fiction film called "c" (aka "299,792 kilometers per second"). It features an interplanetary cold war, near-light-speed travel, time dilation, and relativistic kill vehicles. Everything about the film is being designed in an 80's, retro fashion, favoring hand-built models instead of CGI and in-camera effects instead of bluescreen.

The setting and story are something of an homage to Gunbuster and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, plus picking up a few cues from classic sci-fi literature (Haldeman, Heinlein). The plot details a mutiny on-board a ship capable of mass destruction.

I'm doing this film entirely on my own with a very small budget. I have already shot some test footage, the results of which you can see in a short teaser trailer. In order to fund the complete film, I am accepting donations through a site called Kickstarter.

Check out (it forwards to the kickstarter page)

This isn't a commercial film, it's a self-funded project, done purely out of love for technology-oriented science fiction. Any contribution helps, even just $1. I already have access to actors, camera equipment, lights, and studio space, but what I really need is materials to make more detailed models, props, sets, costumes, and everything else that will really complete the world of the film.

The finished film will be posted publicly online. Anyone who pledges $3 or more gets their name (or name of their choice) in the credits. Pledge $10 or more and you get a hardcopy of the film as well.

Here's an extended teaser trailer that shows more test footage:

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