Gundam Seed: Shadows of War

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Gundam Seed: Shadows of War

Post by thatguyent » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:42 am

Well all, the tag is already in my signature, hope you'll come check it out. I haven't posted here at Mecha Talk 2.0 many times yet though, so I haven't really gotten the Link spread around the page. I hope you guys will come check it out, because the game has a good premise, and we just need a few more players to really get things moving. I'm new to the game but I've recently become a mod, and we're fielding a lot of new ideas for the C.E. era, so I hope you'll come and take a look when you get the chance.

The current factions are:

ZAFT/POCO (a new group, known as the Protectors Of Coordinators Organization, created to develop new technology to defend the PLANT's populace against LOGOS and their forces)

Earth Alliance (Standard Forces)/Phantom Pain Special Forces

LOGOS/Blue Cosmos


Three Ships Alliance

Junk Guild/ or Serpent Tail/ or Neutral, kind of a freelance character or unknown allegiance bracket if you will.

So, until then, I'm still...

...That Guy! ;)
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