Gundam Saga Frontier

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Gundam Saga Frontier

Post by Max » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:04 am

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Gundam Saga Frontier

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Gundam Saga Frontier

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Maximillian J. Crawford

Board Description
Gundam Saga Frontier is a free and open turn based mecha strategy online role playing game board (RPGB) revolving around an original Gundam-based storyline with technology adopted from various Gundam television series.

It uses a unique text-based battle system with Statbox to keep track of your unit's status in battle, which includes:
- Hit Points (HP) & Energy (EN) indicator to determine how long a mobile suit or mobile armor may stay in combat for.
- Dmg & Ammo indicator that keeps track of how much damage is dealt and how much ammunition remains in each weapon.
- Special Power (SP) indicator which allows for use of various special abilities.
- Attack power, defense power, and many more features which will enhance and simulate a real battle experience.

The detailed machine design system enables users to completely build and customize mechs of their personal choosing and to their own liking. A variety of frames, armor materials, power supplies, propulsions, weapons, equipment, systems and unique items are available to choose from, each with unique abilities, characteristics, traits, power levels and attack ranges. Weapons of choice are divided into sub-groups according to their damage types, and allow for various methods of combat.

The character design system introduces a total of four pilot classes to choose from, each providing characteristics unique to themselves. Each character's attributes can be customized further by accumulating stats points to be allocated as you like. On top of that, there is a list of special abilities and professions which players can choose from. Game play includes voluntary missions, event boss battles, player versus player duels and more.

Join a faction and participate in battles across the universe, fighting for territories and conquer enemy bases to claim bounties. Earn reputation and climb your way up to be the top Ace and take control of your own faction as well as affect the whole course of the storyline. It's basically a game by the player, about the player and for the player.

Gundam Saga Frontier is a continually growing role playing game board, always accepting new members with open arms. Help can be requested both publicly or privately. Staffs are friendly and welcoming. If there are questions that cannot be answered, speak to the administration team and they will help you at any given opportunity.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit here. So, check us out!

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