U.C. Era Gundam... no twist

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U.C. Era Gundam... no twist

Post by Gary » Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:21 am

Welcome to Mobile Suit Gundam: A Time For War. Starting off in U.C. 0079, you will be able to fight your way through all of the major storyarcs, from 0079-0153. Consisting of an original side story, the RPG's first war shall be following the movements of General Revil's elite Federation 95th Independant Mobile Weapon Test Corp and the Zeon's 181st M.S. batallion, aka Ghiren's Fist. As the RP years pass, factions will change and characters will grow older and hopefully wiser.

With the use of Veterancy points, which shall be awarded for both in battle and out of battle rp excellence, you shall be able to get new mass production/limited production units assigned to you... mayber even be able to get your hands on customized prototypes. Don't worry... if your character is killed in battle or you switch to a new one between wars there will be no penalties to your V.P.s.

May the fates smile on your character... the U.C. era is a hard one to survive in.

On a side note, this board is under construction. However, feel free to join up. I plan on launching the war once each side has 3 characters so that we can form our first teams and launch a pre-war starter RP that'll kick off the OYW and allow the creation of the faction's units.

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