Rise From the Ashes - The Rebirth of Japan (Code Geass RP)

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Rise From the Ashes - The Rebirth of Japan (Code Geass RP)

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Long has the Holy Empire of Britannia held sway over the affairs of all countries around the globe. Absorbing land that may benefit them, and destroying that which does not, this corrupt Monarchy, led by Charles zi Britannia, plans to force all who may oppose them into submission. Though some still rebel against this establishment, and attempt to make change for the better, one by one, they are being eliminated. Those willing to be enemies of Britannia are few and far between, and the situation looks hopeless for any who hope for their downfall.

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope. A man, going only by the alias ‘Zero’, confronts the Britannnian forces and makes his intentions perfectly clear. The complete obliteration of Britannia is his ultimate goal, and he will not rest until this end is achieved. Though those who opposed Britannia in the past are overjoyed, little do they know that this apparent savior Zero is the exiled prince of Britannia, formerly eleventh in line for the throne. The tables are set, the lines are drawn, the pieces are in place, all of these phrases are true. However, be wary of the gray area between good and evil. Brace yourself for the impact of this battle, choose your side, and may your judgment and morals guide your hand. All facets of the battle need assistance. Will you lend yourself to Britannia, or to Zero? The choice is left to you.

From the Ashes - The Rebirth of Japan is a text-based roleplaying forum based on the universe of Code Geass. Starting from the very beginning of the events in the main plot of the series, all events that occur are left up to the roleplayers themselves. Original and canonical characters are both permitted, and the expansion and creativity of the plot are our first concern. Join on the action, leave your mark on the plot, and have a bunch of fun in between!

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