Code Geass RP: The Original Rebels:Hold

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Code Geass RP: The Original Rebels:Hold

Post by Zizi » Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:53 am

This is put on hold until I formulate a good RPG website for it.

This can either be a one on one rp, or a group rp. It can be fun!

Just look!

Zero, Leader of the Black Knights,

It cannot be denied that the Black Knights have been the key to awakening the force of rebellion in the heart's of those suppressed by Britannia. Is it however, Zero, the one goal the Black Knights have is to defeat Britannia? Do you fight Britannia or only fight for Japan? If your goal alone is to defeat Britannia, then we extend to you this offer. We are the leaders of the Red Eagles. We are a growing rebellion that has not have as much power over the people as the Black Knights do now. We assure you though, we are well equipped to be useful allies, and have rebelled against Britannia long before Area 11 was established. We will stand by you if you promise to fight for the freedom of all those suppressed by Britannia's rule. If we can both forget the old quarrels both our countries held against each other once and unite to defeat our common enemy, then we shall win!

Together, the Black Knights and Red Eagles can win!

Freedom, Liberty and Justice, Leaders of the Red Eagles

"A letter from Area One, eh? Seems that the Black Knights have awaken the beaten beast..."

So, yes, hoping to make this into at least a small group rp, to make it fun. I'll be playing Liberty, and then of course anyone else who needs to be rped but isn't picked out yet.

So, if your interested, just come right in and say who you want to be!

Fill out this small form, doesn't have to be too long, we'll get all the details in the rp.

Real Name:
Code name (optional):
Gender/Approximate age:
What side:
Other: (any juicy detail you want to throw out to us)

You can be anyone. Canon or original. And you can be Black Knights, Britannia or Red Eagles. Heck if you can manage it, you can be more then one character but only if you can manage it.

We can discuss possible pairings later, if anyone really wants to include romance in with the action.

BTW I'm pretty sure you can all guess what country Area One is right?


Real Name:Angelina Cooper
Code name (optional): Justice
Gender/Approximate age: Female/24
What side: Red Eagles
Picture (optional): ... ime-74.jpg
Other: (any juicy detail you want to throw out to us) Hates Britannia, but also harbors anger against the countries who did not stand by her country when it was being attacked so long ago.

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Re: Code Geass RP: The Original Rebels:Hold

Post by mcred23 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:13 pm

Yeah... you can't do an RPG in this section, and there is no point in having an ad for one when you don't even have a website for it. If you do get a board set up, PM me and I'll unlock this thread so you can have a proper advertisement, but until then, this will remain closed.
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