New Gundam RPG

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New Gundam RPG

Post by bowspearer » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:58 pm

Hi not sure if this should be here or in advertisements as either section seems appropriate (apologies to the mods in advance if it's in the wrong forum), but I recently started up a new Gundam rpg sset 2 years after the events of Gundam SEED Destiny on an online site called playbyweb (basically it's a free to join and use site hosting various PBEM - or in this case, play-by-post - RPGs).

The background story is as follows:

It is the year CE75. Peace finally seems to have come to the Earth after what came to be know the War of Destiny, although there are many problems now facing the planet.

The Orb Union is now ruled by a Cabinet headed up Cagalli Yula Atha- he Cabinet finally being free of the shadow of the Seirans, with it's military under the command of Genral Mwu La Flaga and Admiral Murue Ramius. In the wake of the Destiny

The PLANTS are now ruled by Lacus Clyne, who succeeded her father in an almost unanimous vote by the PLANTS' citicens. The PLANTS council also consists of heroes from both the Bloddy Valentine War and War of Destiny, including Yzak Joule, Dearka Elseman and Shiho Hahnenfuss.

Due to his previous role as Chairman Clyne's bodyguard, when She returned to the PLANTs, Kira was inducted into the ZAFT millitary and made a ZAFT White, a member of Faith and given command of the Eternal, now the flagship of the ZAFT Millitary.

Being allowed to choose his own crew, the Eternal now is home to Shinn Asuka, Lunamaria Hawke, and both their Gundams, resulting in the catapult system of the Eternal being radically reengineered to be able to lauchth impulse, while the ship was also fitted with a Deuterion Beam emitter.

Furthermore as a part of the treaty between Orb and the PLANTS, Athrun Zala has beeen stationed aboard the Eternal, which in addition to being the Flagship of the ZAFT millitary, has continued to serve as a peacekeeping vessel. To this end the crew of the Eternal under treaty are able to side against ZAFT or Orb should either be in violation of the treaty.

While this sits uneasily with many of those in high places in both Orb and the PLANTS, there are enough influential people in both the chief leadership and millitary command positions to make challenging this status quo unfeasible.

However while both Orb and the PLANTS are highly prosperous, trouble lurks both close to home and far from it. The Junk Guild struggles to rebuild itself after being nearly driven to extinction by both LOGOS and Durandal, while with the collapse of the Antlantic Federation and Eurasia through the course of the War of Destiny, much of the Earth is in turmoil, with many blaming Orb and ZAFT alike for their plight. While major cities largely remain unchanged, the state of the former Earth Alliance territories ranges from entirely unchanged, to remote, isolated and lawless DMZs.

Meanwhile many groups of soliers have split from their command structure, taking their mobile suits and refueling equipment and becoming warlords in areas which are now remote and in many cases, isolated from the rest of the world. While ZAFT and Orb help where they can, their resources seem incapable of combatting the widespread problem.

Yet there is another menace. On Mars, many viewed the defeat of Durandal and the rejection of the Destiny Plan as a sleight against them and became concerned that they might be next. However the real threat came seemingly out of nowhere.

A group calling themselves "The Disciples of Mars" sprung up almost overnight, completely destabilising the rigid Martian Social Structure and overcoming what little millitary resistance there was with types of mobile suits that had never ben seen before. With Mars under their control, they have now set their sights on Earth.

Where will you side in this conflict?

Players can be either Martian Coordinators, members of the Orb or ZAFT Millitary, soldiers of fortune on Earth, remnants of the Earth Military or members of the Junk Guild.

The game can be found here:

I'm hoping to get a fair few players, but for some reason, I'm not getting any nibbles on playbyweb. Figured I might have some luck if I posted here.

Also if I get enough players to get it up and running, I'm happy to have this thread as a place where people can discuss the game (figure that should make it fit perfectly here in the gaming section with no ambiguity).

Hope to see you all in the game.

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Re: New Gundam RPG

Post by bowspearer » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:51 am

Apparently some people here want to join but are a bit confused by the setup of how to do so. I was meaning to post this earlier, but this has not been a good month.

Basiclly once you sign up on Playbyweb, you'll see a series of links broken up into columns. On the very left hand column, just under logout, you'll see a link that says "characters". This takes you to your list of characters for any and all game you might play. You'll see an option for adding in the name of a characters with an "add" button next to it. Typing in the name of the character you want and clicking on the "add" button, creates your character.

Next to your newly formed character is a link which says "request to join". Click on that, then where it says adult, then where it says Gundam SEED: Eternity, fill out the form and you've joined. Pretty straightforwrd and easy.

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