Mobile Suit Gundam Negative Zero

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Mobile Suit Gundam Negative Zero

Post by Hono-san » Fri May 01, 2009 10:03 pm

If this seems lame for a first post, yes, I would agree that it is. But without further ado:
Gundam Negative Zero is a project I am putting together that was influenced hugely by the plot twists of Code Geass. GNZ is a alternate story line gundam that takes place in a seperate timeline from any of the other gundam story lines. GNZ is still in progress and I am in need to a story time that will be will be willing to work with me and help create this new kind of gundam story. By new I mean where some of the typical rules of gundam are broken. For further syonopsis and contact information, please visit the blog above which will be maintained and run by me. Thanks in advance!
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