The Mecha Fighting League -Crash's Mecha RPG

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The Mecha Fighting League -Crash's Mecha RPG

Post by crashlegacy14 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:09 am

exactly as the title says, the Mecha Fighting League or MFL for short is a message board based rpg centered around mecha combat.
The rule system used is of my own making and the engine is constantly being tweaked this way and that, I personaly consider the rules to now be in beta. I'll admit that there's Alot of outdated stuff on the board and I really just need to go thorugh the forums cleaning it out, updating and such. right now I'm pretty much the only member of management, so things get done rather slowly. any rate come check it out, give me a shout out on the Community Disscusion fourm, and put your two cents in.
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